1. Nate would’ve never dapped him in the first place. Chito was hugging it out like it was all love

  2. Most do after a fight especially if they thought they one. Clearly chito did and was pissed at the decision and wasnt feeling like it anymore lol. Nick Diaz dapped up Joe Riggs before the decision then fought him in the hospital cause he was pissed at losing.

  3. Yeah but Riggs was talking shit after the fight. Chito here was actually embracing Song like there was actually some love between the 2 and instantly switched after the decision.

  4. No I think its hilarious I just think its lame how fans shit on other fighters doing the same shit. Not everyone is a sportsman and people get pissed when they lose but some fans make everything such a big deal. Chitos wasnt as comical but its the same sentiment.

  5. Romero rematch in Bellator would’ve been 🔥🔥🔥

  6. True but thats about it, way more good matchups here

  7. Hard to deny that. Chimaev vs Costa is the one I want to see. Don’t think Chimaev deserves Rob yet.

  8. Yeah I dont love paulos chances in that fight. Tbh khamzat probs one win away from a title shot at MW and Rob would be his toughest fight imo so i dont see why not.

  9. Is he even the first? I tjought there were a few gay peeps in the ufc like mark diakese

  10. Well yeah like half of them are lol thats a whole other story

  11. They wouldn’t. It’s impossible to have good cardio and be that heavy

  12. Unless you’re a freak of nature like tyson fury

  13. Honestly could be every 20 seconds and I’d bet it would work well

  14. Interesting reason not to like a fighter but that’s your prerogative

  15. Im in the same boat. I like islam from what I have seen in interviews but not a huge personality. I will always be cheering against him tho.

  16. Sean brady was a tough undefeated uo and comer that nobody wanted to fight, belal gets credit for taking it. WB and Luque were both solid wins. I agree belal doesnt have a crazy stacked resume but its kore of a case of nobody else deserving it more than him other than khamzat who apparently isnt in division anymore.

  17. I domt give two shits about mark or even this sub tbh, and I think he kinda sucks. However, I think hes dealing with a crazy bitch just trying to make him look extra bad.

  18. I wouldnt mind it if they werent pussies about shitting on bad artists. For like 50% of the songs you will get a variation of “good at what they do, just not my thing” “this is great they just got a bad matchup this week” or if they are feeling ruthless “Im curious what else they have but this was a little strange” I wish they could just have it in em to be honest and say “this is shit” when it is

  19. Not only that, but he won a clear majority (51%) of a very large sample size (over 24,000 votes)!

  20. Tbf the ESPN MMA youtube has a poll with 47% Colby, 25% burns/mas and 22% Belal with 41k votes

  21. Yeah I even like Colby but you’re getting fucked here no doubt

  22. I'd agree but UFC doesn't award control time anymore and I think the land percentage was too wide for them to give usman rounds where he was on the fence for a minute and get outclassed for the other 4

  23. UFC definitely still rewards control time, depends on the judges but it seems like it is becoming less and less weighted. Usman had the control and the advancing but Leon was striking a bit more and a bit more damage. Was definitely a close one but right call imoZ

  24. They do, but they aren't supposed to unless all other things are equal according to the new rules.

  25. Yeah really depends on the position it seems. Thankfully cage control doesnt mean much anymore by the looks of it.

  26. Not a can, Gunnar and RDA are fucking good.

  27. I mean can for UFC standards, mike Perry level, maybe lower

  28. Miller might be the shittiest fighter in the UFC

  29. But the fight did make sense, rankings wise. I mean, he was coming off a win over Burns and Burns was ranked higher than Nate was, but he was still the first real known fighter that Khamzat had ever faced before other than Gilbert.

  30. It doesnt make sense to fight an old washed up fighter when you are contending and just beat a guy ranked above him and nobody on planet earth thinks he can win. Like I said the PPV did not do well so case in point, does nothing for the division or for his career.

  31. Going back to the original point, it was a fair chance at seeing if a win over someone as popular as Nate might have helped boost Chimaev's status even more.

  32. Ppv sucked, it wouldnt have. This aimt rocket science lol

  33. In history, it was DJ mighty mouse for a while

  34. Was he unmarketable or was it the division at the time?

  35. Being racist towards white people has become acceptable. That's the issue

  36. It aint being racist and no wtf it hasnt become acceptable ya sensitive fuck all you guys saying that shit are the biggest pussies on the planet lmao.

  37. I could not give less of a fuck I aint watching that shit

  38. So why no timeouts Colby but Kamaru gets multiple L

  39. Idk more obvious looking fouls maybe, if you really think he would stake his reputation because he like kamaru more than colby you are a dumbass lol.

  40. The eye poke seemed legit but the groin shot wasn’t but idc about all that usman called fake shots even in the Leon fight. It just pissed me off how Goddard catered to him and gave him timeouts and then when Colby got eye poked I’m pretty sure he stated no time outs and we’re fighting like that was so favoritism lol

  41. Idk I can almost guarantee he isnt picking favourites its just a judgement call and shit happens. Better to call a penalty that is iffy than to miss a clear one but when guys are constantly fouling and playing up everything its easy to miss them too.

  42. Does sound like something that will just get better with time, but if the nausea is really bad or isn't improving, it'd be good to see a doctor about it.

  43. Yeah I think you are right that it will just get better. Last summer I was working construction and lost over 20 lbs and felt the best I had in a couple years, so its definitely doable. I can walk all the live long day just running is brutal on the stomach and also the lungs, far worse than weight lifting. Ive heard the couch to 5k is great a couple times now so might have to give it a go.

  44. You should get checked by a doctor ASAP. Note any other issues you have that are new like pains that are new or sudden weight loss. Your symptoms sound like something else maybe going on.

  45. Yeah probably not a bad idea but it doesnt seem that serious just like I trained my stomach to throw up at the first sense of discomfort. It isnt every single time I do something physical either just majority of the time and more annoying than anything

  46. He probably sold his tibia and fibula's souls to the devil so he could go on the longest win streak in UFC history. That's why they snapped after getting KOed

  47. No wonder jones tested positive in the cormier fight and got the NC

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