1. You know I’ve been thinking. I’ve always liked the 5.7 round, as I think many of us do, but found the real world utility of it lacking. And to me guns are tools, no utility, no reason to own.

  2. Yes. Suboxone isn’t a normal opiate. Those restless legs and maybe runny nose ARE the WD symptoms. Buddy if you’ve made it 6 days you’re fine. Hang in there like another week and you’re home free.

  3. Just lightly hit it with some CLP. Do the rails, feed ramp, etc.

  4. So I’m a bit of a Critical Defense fanboy. It’s what I carry also.

  5. Also the bolt always has to be pulled into the “out” position to go back in right

  6. Man. Not only do I need a sight, I’m joining and like the cause. On it.

  7. My first firearm was a Shield Plus. My girlfriend has a violent felon ex and the climate with him got too dangerous. I got a Shield Plus thinking it would be the only gun I ever owned.

  8. This may be unpopular but I think something can be said for the destruction of the nuclear family. And it doesn’t even have to be the white, heterosexual nuclear family. Just having two parents where someone is always home would help a ton. A lot of these kids are either being raised by single moms, the system, grandparents, or a combination of the above. That’s a symptom of end stage capitalism and the drug epidemic (which is itself a symptom of capitalism.)

  9. Kinda agree here. That's why so many young men are seeing people like Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate as father figures.

  10. Yup. Like there are real issues to not having a father figure, and ignoring them and calling that fascism doesn’t help anyone

  11. To add...doctrinally, the Area Air Defense Commander (AADC) is typically the Joint Forces Air Component Commander (JFACC), who is almost always an Air Force officer. While the Army and Navy might own the assets, their use (other than for self defense) is controlled by the AADC. The Army doesn't just plop down a Patriot or THAAD wherever they want...their placement and integration into the Area Air Defense Plan (AADP) is not trivial or ad hoc. And depending on their role in theater air defense, naval asset locations may be dictated by the AADP.

  12. Sure. So maybe I phrased this wrong… But it feels like our airbases aren’t protected enough. Like a few Patriot batteries aren’t enough against a giant cruise missile salvo.

  13. In the modern day, the US military is organized according to the Goldwater-Nichols Act. The short version is that responsibility is broken up by area, not by service. All aircraft during Desert Storm were controlled by Commander-in-Chief, Central Air Command; even 6 years before there would have been separate Air Force and Navy commands.

  14. I’ve been looking at one of these. How ya liking it?

  15. The P320 is cool but too many people shoot them selves with them.

  16. I have one and it's great. My only gripe is the safety is tough to manipulate. A m&p compact or subcompact both have fatter safeties. They all shoot great, just my preference.

  17. It is, at least hard to manipulate quickly. That said if you shoot it a lot it does tend to break in

  18. The difference is that America barely has a functioning far left. That’s people like eco terrorists, Janes Revenge, etc. The far right is scarier IMO because they’re larger, more militant, and inherently want to destroy the system we have now

  19. This may be unpopular opinion, but I use palmetto state as my go to ammo shop. I’ve shot hundreds of AAC ammo of multiple calibers without issue and it’s pretty inexpensive.

  20. Why would repealing the Jones Act help anything?

  21. You’d think that, but what it’s done has made the entire industry so uncompetitive that you’ve got so much less traffic, that it’s a net loss. Instead of a large Merchant Marine, we’ve got low paid truck drivers.

  22. I think I remember reading once that during the Cold War, American counter battery radars were mounted on pickup trucks and would be extremely mobile.

  23. The actual doers moved on to groups like the John Brown Gun Club and Antifa.

  24. Very reasonable. Call em up, I promise you won’t be disappointed

  25. Yup good luck. Call ASAP because many of these guys are booked for a month or more

  26. Dogfighting is dead so it’s just added cost and complexity. If you’re anywhere near dogfighting, you’re dead. And it’s been that way for close to three decades, at least against peer opponents.

  27. Basically. Especially ditzy hot ones. We share nothing else in common most of the time.

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