1. It’s perfect if you’re trying to tap dat ass

  2. Crutchfield has advisors that can walk you through the wiring but it sounds like the connection to the emergency brake isn’t right. I had an Alpine with similar issues. Once I got the brake wires right I was good to go.

  3. How cum this isn’t being taught in school?

  4. I had the iLX-411 in my Tundra. The huge screen got really annoying after a few weeks and there was a lot of lag while swiping through the screens. I ended up returning it and went with a 7” screen on a Kenwood Excelon series unit. Better screen resolution, no lag, and surprisingly better sound than the Alpine. I was shocked because I’ve always been an Alpine guy in the past.

  5. As a southern white male reparations went a lot farther than I’m comfortable with.

  6. The JBL head unit is trash. I have a 2019 Platinum and was excited about it until I heard it. Switched that out for a Kenwood made a world of difference

  7. Which Kenwood? I have a 2020 Tundra and looking to put something better in.

  8. The good old days before all the fatties got their feelings hurt but continued to stuff bear claws down their throat. The whole time claiming this type of body was unattainable.

  9. She’s doing 1/2 the work of a full sized woman

  10. That math, physics,it's not right, legs are standing on the floor, and the push comes from 1/3 of the head

  11. Eat both at the same time and it’s like you’re the star of the orgy

  12. Did you buy it used? Sounds like a previous business owner may have put some type of “governor” on it for insurance reasons. Look under the dash or for any non factory wires coming out of your fuse box and trace them back.

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