1. Can someone link me a video of a good open arm bicep curl? I cant do the traditional curl due to personal reasons im not allowed to mention on this subreddit apparently. When i do the open arm bicep curl i have trouble extending my arm completely because the dumbbell bumps into my hips...

  2. Can someone link me a video of a good open arm bicep curl? I cant do the normal one (where you twist your forearm into the open position) due to a tendon problem in my forearm. However when i do the open arm bicep curl i have trouble extending my arm completely because the dumbbell bumps into my hips...

  3. Nah im not angry by it. Im in fact left leaning but i didnt like the line. Im not mad about it, it just felt wildly out of place to me. But thats ok, not every line can be great and its not gonna piss me off.

  4. Strip mining actually is entirely outcompeted by caving. But of course, you can still stripmine for the sake of stripmining if you want.

  5. I know, it already was even before the update except for diamonds. But i play minecraft to relax and i hate going into caves fighting mobs and stuff. Its the thing i disliked about stripmining before: running into caves and having to block them off and/or clear them out.

  6. What is the best lvl for minig diamonds? I heard -59, is it true? Its like bedrock lvl

  7. Jup its the lowest level where you dont run into bedrock blocks

  8. minecraft screenshots are uncompressed dumps of all the pixels on the screen. 30+MB sounds excessive, but depending on resolution that could be a thing. additionally they are saved as uncompressed.... .png files? or .bmps... i can't remember. regardless, you can open them up in any photo editor and convert them to compressed .jpg images, you can resize them, and easily knock them down to <200kb

  9. Yeah im aware of the resolution thing but the weird thing is, im running like 1920x1080, both as ingame res and screen size, so its totally bizarre. Also, it seems totally random lol. Some of my screenshots are like 2mb, some are 50+ :')

  10. well... what does windows have to say about this matter? right click on the image files and check their properties. what file type are they? what is the ACTUAL resolution? it's possible that your monitor and game are running at x1080, but the files are being saved at a different resolution...

  11. Im 99% sure its in the book 'resplendent' or 'transcendent'.

  12. I find him annoying but im 28 and im not his demographic. As far as i can tell he doesnt do anything wrong and if people like him and he brings more fans into the warhammer world then that can only be a good thing!

  13. Lol that cultist is about 0.1 second away from having his right arm pulled right out of his socket

  14. No. No you can't. Idc what you say there's no way u can kill 2 players with 1 ar clip.

  15. Then dont care about what i say and do it in training mode. If you hit everything and only go for headshots a single clip holds enough to kill two full shield players.

  16. Uh maybe if that girl is also 4 feet tall but otherwise, 50 is quite low

  17. The absolutism of the post goes a bit far but the sentiment isnt completely absurd. Lots of men buckle under the societal pressure to generally make the first move and be the primary bearer of the risk of rejection.Does that mean dating is easy for women? Hell no. Is it as simply as this dude describes it? Hell no. Is it reasonable to sometimes feel jealous about the fact (and it is a fact) that women have an easier time finding a casual hookup? Yes it is.

  18. I'm a tad amused by the mental image of a person commenting that two titan class engines is a bit weak, considering the Eternity Gate is indoors. They have two titans indoors. To face intruders, likely no larger than a humanoid.

  19. I mean come on, if something manages to fight its way towards the eternity gate youre gonna need more than warhound titans. If it reaches eternity gate youre talking about like 10 bloodthirsters or something of a similar level of power. Size has never been a problem 'indoors' in the palace so i'd expect like two Adeptus Custodes model emperor class titans or something.

  20. I don't think it works like that.... But I understand your predicament 🤣

  21. Hell if i know how it works, makes no sense to me but i didnt have a say in the matter. Preparing to come out to my parents. Interesting conversation thats gonna be! xD

  22. Now there is a sexuality that will finally bring conservatives and liberals together as a group

  23. Me: No, mom it's not just any woman with pink hair. It's a woman with pink hair AND muscles.

  24. Im a straight man and Vi made me a lesbian im pretty sure

  25. No worries, im sure she will be júst fine

  26. i suspect you might be thinking im making a point im not really making.

  27. Cannot quote the specific part from mobile, but it's the part from 'I see a lot of people jump Jinx'.

  28. Aah i see. Im not defending Jinx's bad actions in any way. I specifically meant people jumping her for supposedly not understanding Vi didnt mean to abandon her.

  29. Yes I understand what you are saying and what unconditional love is. But your parents disapproving of you for dropping out of school and your sister murdering your childhood friend or partner is...not even remotely on the same spectrum.

  30. I didnt compare them directly, i used it to point out that disapproval (no matter the intensity) is not the antithesis of love.

  31. How it's not based if Vi give her name to council. Vi isn't accepting her actions.

  32. like i said: accepting her actions isnt required to love her

  33. You won't find anything at that price. Even upgrading to a 2060 which is a couple of years old you would have to search for a used one and in a quick search I didn't see any in your price range.

  34. A friend told me something similar after i posted this. Apparently i completely missed the chip shortage... Well i guess im gonna have to wait a bit longer to replace then.

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