1. A burden shared is a burden halved. I'm sure you felt better after emptying your bag. Please reconsider, living is hard, but there's hope of a better tomorrow. That's reason enough sometimes.

  2. OP may be better off sharing all of this with their partner when they're awake. It'll be harder to do, but from this, I think they would benefit greatly from it. Going through it again, while their partner is actively listening and engaged, may be the breakthrough OP needs.

  3. This is showcased best with Freddy Mercury. Famously gay, even though he was with Marie Austin long-term and they showed great love for one another through their lifetimes. That man was bisexual, no doubt about it. But people see him as one of the greatest Gay Icons to ever exist, and refuse to admit it.

  4. Queen's Freddie Mercury never wanted to have an in-depth discussion about his sexuality with the public. However, it was well known that this icon of rock had had relationships with both men and women. At one point he claimed to be bisexual, but he may have been a gay man who got involved with members of the opposite sex because he was trying to survive — and build a career — in a very homophobic world. -Biography.com

  5. I feel like all of us bisexuals can be put in two groups. We either have the soft fluffy sweater weather, cuffed jeans adorable cherubs, or we have the sexy swaggering emo/punk hotties with plenty of piercings and jewelry. Typical bi too lmao

  6. Having your keys on a carabiner attached to your belt is a good way to get picked as potentially queer

  7. It is though. This is a biphobic ideology in the lesbian community

  8. I was reading multiple threads, I think I got confused... My bad, you're right

  9. I recall reading that he died within weeks. Too lazy to look up sources.

  10. You are very right on how it changed the planet and if anything, it should have showed us that we infact DO need to slow down and that life isn't solely about innovation and creation.

  11. The amounts of lifted smog across major cities was what hit me hardest, as I've never lived in a major city and never realized how bad the air is there.

  12. Repeat ankle cracker here. I've never rolled or injured my ankles so I'd say they're doing well, even though one loves to pop all the time. Hips are a different story, I have to crack and stretch them often to keep myself from stiffening up, but that's because arthritis set in before I began cracking them. Now it's like a sweet relief from the achy bones and muscles.

  13. Macaroni salad. I have no idea what my family member changed but theirs sucks so badly now. Smells like a crusty sock, tastes drier than lint, and it's always in the biggest bowl. Glad we got it off the menu this year!

  14. Depending on your environment (nature vs nurture, focused on nurture) you're probably picking up body signals that aren't sitting right with your preservation instincts. It sets alarm bells off in your subconscious which comes across as an icky feeling to your conscious mind.

  15. I spent all last night on hands and knees scrubbing my kitchen floor by hand because our mop broke and we hadn't replaced it yet. This isn't good for anyone but I'm especially not feeling it because of pelvic and spinal traumas. Then after dinner, my fiance's BFF talked him into going out to the movies as a foursome date night thing so we could meet the bff's girlfriend. Despite me not wanting to meet her right now at all. Despite me not even liking the BFF my fiance has. I didn't wanna be home alone on a holiday so I was stuck going and am now sat in a theater, bored out of my mind trying to watch a shitty film I never wanted to see.

  16. Yeah. When I was a teenager, my bf at the time told me I had saggy tits. Never really got over that. (Yes I’ve had therapy.)

  17. There was a boy in my highschool that got lucky with a girl that had huge boobs. He humiliated her by telling all his buddies about her stretch marks on her boobs. She was like a G cup in 11th grade, of course there's gonna be stretch marks!!

  18. What is it about stretch marks that some people are insecure about? A partner was super insecure about having stretch marks on her bum, I loved it, tiger stripes.

  19. It's not the 'ideal' we women are constantly shown. Same with cellulite. It isn't something that's portrayed or even just normalized on any bodies in any media. Everything is air brushed to be smooth, body hair is entirely removed, even "blemishes" like moles or freckles are removed.

  20. I took these photos, and he immediately got out of the box and started knocking everything off every table top he's allowed on 😂😂😂

  21. Uterus is not a dead end. The two fallopian tubes open into the abdominal cavity near the ovaries. This fact is the basis for endometriosis and some ectopic pregnancies, since some material can go between the uterus and abdomen in either direction.

  22. It's still a closed circuit though, since the ovaries and fallopian tubes don't go into anything else. From what I remember about sex ed, the ovaries empty into the fallopian tubes which drop the egg into the uterus, which is then passed through the vaginal canal and out of the body. I thought ectopic pregnancies were when an egg is stuck in the fallopian tube?

  23. Apparently not. I always thought that the ovaries were enclosed and only connected to the Fallopian tubes but apparently it’s more like a tap above a drain and a gap in the middle rather sealed connection so it can and occasionally does leak into the abdominal cavity

  24. It's still a closed circuit. The ovaries are only fed by blood, nothing really goes into them, unless you're unlucky enough to get a random mighty sperm cell in there somehow (was told cysts form this way, don't know how truthful that is)

  25. My fiance has plumber crack. I absolutely love to poke it every chance I get. That, or when he's least expecting, I'll latch onto his nipple and dead stare at him like 👁️👄👁️ lmfao He enjoys flustering me by flirting his ass off at me, or he'll start rapping really loud about random objects/people near us as we shop

  26. OMG my grandmother had the teeth thing happen! When she was pregnant with my oldest aunt, something happened where the baby sucked up all her calcium, and her teeth got soft and had to be removed. She was 20 years old with dentures! Scared me to death to hear that story.

  27. Same thing happened to my mom. She only had two kids but she couldn't breastfeed either of us past 3 months, and we used up so much of her calcium that she was toothless by 23 years old.

  28. Take a breath, Op. Just like on an airplane, you need to put your oxygen mask on first, then help others. Whether you cancel, order in, or cook, know your heart and priorities are in the right place, on partner and his father. If mommy dearest can’t roll with your circumstances, then it’s her priorities that are messed up, not yours.

  29. Thank you. After speaking with DH, we decided to roll with it and host here. His reasoning was he needs the distraction, he does best with stress under chaos lol Hopefully this smooths out my mom's ruffles for the moment.

  30. I would tell her that this year you and your husband are just too worried about FIL and his surgery to have any Thanksgiving on the actual day; how about she hosts? Or can she wait until Sunday or the next week when you'll have the brains to focus on a meal?

  31. I attempted this route since even though we hoped for the best, we were preparing for the worst given his age and condition. As soon as I told her he was stable and we were visiting him, she started in on me about the plans being changed to us hosting, and when we could pick everything up. No discussion, just "I'll be bringing everything to your house tomorrow, at X time unless you want to come grab it sooner"... She even tried to come over tonight, just an hour after we finished visiting FIL, saying she wanted to drop stuff off early. Luckily I set a hard boundary of no, not tonight, even though it angered her. I imagine tomorrow will be another slew of her pushing.

  32. We had a teacher that was known for his extremely short temper. He would go off at the slightest thing, start cussing at students, threw several desks across the room, and even got into physical altercations with many students (hitting them with books, punched one or two). He kept getting away with it because it was mostly poor kids with shitty home lives that he went after (the class differences between poor and rich are very noticeable in my town). This was back in like 2009 era, and he just got fired for similar actions a couple years ago when one parent had enough. The teacher had yelled at, publicly humiliated, and assaulted this student with a desk which, I believe, led to an injury.

  33. The straight-or-gay standpoint that's always made, even on fictional characters that are clearly bisexual. I stopped following several YouTubers and enjoying certain content because a bi person or character would pop up, not even be in a relationship, and be labeled as one or the other.

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