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  1. I mean, if some courier who got shot in the head was able to go into the antechamber, open his pod, then kill him with a golf club, is he really clever?

  2. So you will be berated for posting about this without searching the subreddit for this issue.

  3. Oh. Didn't know there was an issue with it at all. I am just now starting Haunted after a 3 week break from Destiny

  4. Recommend the search bar for anything you think you discover

  5. If you find out that there is a real clandestine organization that holds back the powers of gods and chaos how would you react?

  6. Warning class? What in the gosh darn heck is warning class?

  7. I'm waiting for a oneshot to use my kenku cleric who only talks in bible verses. GIVEAWAY

  8. A character idea I had would be a templar of the Raven Queen. Someone who not only would actively hunt the undead and followers of the demon orcus, but also have the knowledge and know how to perform the burial rites of all races GIVEAWAY

  9. Wait, how did you save the NCR president while going down the yes man path? The few times I've done the yes man ending and got to that point, I only get the "well, that's unfortunate the NCR hates you. Oh well, I'm sure the president dying will have no negative consequences" or something along.those li.es

  10. I went the NCR path just to increase my reputation and to boost my ego and be called a hero, and RIGHT before I go to colonel Moore to “get ready for the war” I went straight to Yes Man. Saving the president is one of the quests right before you accept joining the NCR to fight the legion.

  11. Well, I know of that quest (I have all of the achievements on console), but damn, I never thought to go that far with the NCR first before switching to Yes Man

  12. Some people enjoy the gamemode, get better :)

  13. I can't tell if you are being insulting or trying to encourage

  14. sounds like you should have got gud mate lmao expecting people to give you handouts is some next level entitlement.

  15. So, I am to assume you have no idea what mythic 2 in comp is, and leave at that.

  16. This is a fake/bot account. Seriously just use your head, and not the one down below

  17. I personally would have put Great Grey Wolf Sif and Midir up a tier or two. And the only boss fight I have skipped was the Ancient Dragon. Still never beaten it to this day

  18. Sooooo it's been 10 months almost a year... Did you guys get together

  19. I'd say Preservation. Lotsa dudes to kill. Unless you just want the completion, then normal Wellspring is pretty fast.

  20. I meant farming for the weapon drop, not kills for the weapon

  21. I know you got a bunch of answers already, but from what I gather, Ghosts are paracasual beings. Either other paracasual beings, or large/extreme force can kill Gjostst

  22. What, you telling me it's not normal to lift your foot above your head to warm it up?

  23. I like how a yeet Titan is considered heavy ordinance (which they kind of are)

  24. Without a doubt. Her parts in book of sorrows is so captivating and interesting to me for some reason. Can't wait to finally see her in game.

  25. I mean, she's a hive goddess of war, anything about her would be metal af. Heck, she probably has a "dead" ahamkara as a mount

  26. I don't know, if you throw titan armor at an enemy, it becomes a weapon

  27. But what about running Shaxx with Armamentarium? I mean he could throw a ridiculous amount of grenades, but he could throw even more with it. And the buffs/debuffs he inflicts with his shouting ability...

  28. Have you posted any of your comics online? If so, where can I find them?

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