1. Great post! this sub is generally full of garbage top 40 as of late. We can only handle so much steve miller, people!

  2. Make extra sure that you have a pack inop for added realism. Lose another enroute, and divert to Houston in August.

  3. Re-seat and verify all of your power connections.

  4. I've only stayed in one once and they got rid of it 5 years ago

  5. In a previous life I may have spent the better part of a decade at that trap. The thing that brings the bad feels back the most is the terrible hotel standard they maintained. Hopefully that has changed. We were seeing north America's gas stations and businesses parks, one by one. So, so, so thankful it's over!

  6. If you buy a historic cub, you’re going to want it to look historic. If you don’t want a historic one, you’re better off with a super cub or a carbon cub.

  7. The yellow cub represents the aviation legacy of many of us. Our mentors learn in cubs, and taught us in cubs.

  8. I hear this sentiment often, and frankly disagree whole heartedly. Northern latitudes are dark and cold in the winter. This is a cozy time to take in winter snowscapes on our forested paths, or spend some cabin time near our frozen lakes with a hot beverage and some warm layers. Having lived in tropical latitudes, I always miss the dark days of winter and hope to never move away from them again.

  9. Started a small Baptist church at the end of runway thirty six at the puddle jumper strip here in buttsville. I've been logging it all as pee icey because I'm the soul manipulator. I go pretty hard in the paint.

  10. Where is airport? I was very much drinking and forgot Where I left it.

  11. Screw it, let's build it back. Most of the bricks were probably used to shore up the lakefront, just fish 'em out!

  12. You know..this is actually a great idea. Much of Europe of course was reconstructed after the tragedy of WW2, and it restored the geographic identity of those places to a large extent. Milwaukee deserves to benefit from its rich past, while celebrating the history being made by current generations. REBUILD!

  13. Second to none in Milwaukee. Tenutas makes a pretty good one, though.

  14. I requested an absentee ballot last election. I was somehow "unregistered" and my ballot never came. The election before that, they removed my name and I had to scramble to find a paper copy of my rental agreement (proof of residence) or they wouldn't let me vote.

  15. The poll worker says my name is not on the list of registered voters

  16. Your post contains inaccuracies.

  17. Thanks for the correction. That was a quick copy-paste, so I'll leave it up so anyone else who does the same can see the correction.

  18. Im sorry for your loss. That love will live inside your heart forever, and leave your life forever better than it would have been for you both had you never met.

  19. 1st floor of City Hall Annex. Find out original name of street and address before 1930's reconciliation

  20. The Milwaukee address conversion book is available online. No need to make a trip.

  21. Best looking tripe i've seen. that cowl mod really ties the room together.

  22. So much history within those walls! Congratulations.

  23. Download a copy of the Airplane Flying Handbook. Use the sim to experiment with the theories. A also recommend a stick/yoke & pedals if you want to learn a skill to transfer to the real world.

  24. Using both, this has not been my experience at all. I've deleted the switch assignments on the throttle quadrant, so that I could use the switches on the yoke, and found that the assignments still exist somehow. I turn the master on, for example, on the yoke, and it won't respond until I turn on the deleted assignment on the throttle q. It's bonkers and deeply frustrating.

  25. I've owned both for over a year, and still have problems with the controller profiles on msfs. Has anyone seen any downloadable functional profiles for these? I have constant conflicts between the switches on the alpha and bravo after deleting the assignments on one.

  26. Plaster? You can try screwing it back to the ceiling, but that might be tricky and has potential to cause more damage if you're not careful. Put screws all along on each side of the crsck every 6-8 inches or so. Then tape and plaster as usual.

  27. Would you recommend pre-drilling the plaster to prevent the screws from causing addition cracking, or is this not effective with plaster?

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