Ukraine launched a website, fightforua.org, to assist foreigners that wish to join the fight (International Legion) against Russia. At the bottom of the page, there's a list of countries with their respective contacts and information. This is what happens if you click on Russia. I can't even haha

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  1. BTW I stream Hotstar, Zee5 etc. when connecting through the India-UK server, I get kicked out. Websites shows purchase amount in pounds.

  2. I use Express. Only their India-Singapore sever shows correctly. And I am able to stream etc. The UK server has issues. I have raised it with Express. But the Singapore server works fine

  3. You would need to install the VPN on the smart TV and spoof the IP address to the country where you bought the service, for it to work correctly. If not Netflix will only show home produced shows I use sometime surfshark or expressvpn

  4. Try SurfShark. Cheap if you subscribe for 2 to 3 years and does the job pretty decently. The price between Express and Surfshark is the same if you go for the monthly option FYI

  5. It is possibly due to the DNS address, even though your IP address is different, This happens to me also when I say connect now a days from Virtual India server UK, google is able to find out I am in UK and all services get listed in pounds, but when I connect to India server through Singapore, google thinks I am in India FYI

  6. 3rd party apps will stop working as the versions progress though

  7. The Virtual Server Ip address shows india. The problem is the DNS sever points out to Vienna, Austria.

  8. Boox: Same is happening to my Nova Air C s/p update to 3.2.3 Boox please help

  9. Best is Interactive brokers for all trading purposes and also for margin loans. Much better than Schwab, TD, Fidelity, Robinhood, Merrill in my opinion, and I have accounts in all of them. All these different accounts are open for diversification purposes. The chances of all of them going bust is very minimal

  10. I added “in my opinion”. it is my opinion as must be construed as such.

  11. I transferred from Gemini Earn to Gemini. Request day before yesterday. Got it all in today morning in to Gemini account. no hassles. At least it is FDIC insured in Gemini account even if it does not earn amy thing. Will wait and see. Though everyone’s experience may be different

  12. generally Apps > App management > enable google play; should be available on v3.2.2

  13. I wish it was! That was the first place I looked. Nothing there. Strange, no?

  14. That’s strange. I just ordered a Nova Air C, hope this is not the case

  15. So wait, because the country is displaying racism its okay for Russia to invade the Ukraine? This the real world so its hardly surprising that both sides have flaws. Look at WW2 the US, including the military, was segregated and they put Japanese Americans in camps. Does that mean you should said with the Nazis or with Japan?

  16. Listen, I never said it was right of Russia to invade Ukraine. it is abhorrent. period.

  17. While NBC is not the most reliable source I do agree that all kind of racism should be completely condemned.

  18. I do agree with you. If NBC is not reliable then no news outlet is, for that matter. In essence one Mad person has put the whole world in jeopardy. My heart truly goes out for the Ukrainian people make no mistake. War is the last refuge of the coward. That’s what Russia is effectively doing.

  19. Yeah my information is just rumor level stuff. I enjoy the one that I have but if they’re able to increase the contrast and clarity and you don’t need it right away then it will be probably worth waiting. However it may take them a couple of months to get it out if they choose to do it at all.

  20. I think supply chain constraints and the fact that the color screen in costly is constraining supply.

  21. Not FDIC insured and or insured by Gemini in the event of hack/loss is the biggest negative.

  22. If you are a personal investor, and are directly accessing their platform for deposits and such you are insured, as per Gemini terms. Issue is if you are an institutional investor, then it is murky, as Gemini wants the end company to ensure security and compliance. Thus the institution should ensure, who and what has access to the API given by Gemini and make it safe for their subscribers.

  23. Where does it say on Ledn that it is US based? The registered address on the website still shows in Toronto, Canada

  24. Nice. I read through the article and found it full of great information. Came back here and read your comment about how it stated your point verbatim and was confused when I recalled your point being about devices getting bricked. What? I didn't read anything about that... So, I went back and saw that it was mentioned in some comment left to the article from someone:

  25. Well this my opinion if you would call it such, but I did some extensive research on the net and what I wrote was a summation of the findings.

  26. I was considering buying a Max Lumi 2 from best buy and I am really glad I saw your post. I think I will order from somewhere else.

  27. The same as all Onyx platform. It’s a 7.8 inch reader. If you want bigger go for Note Air 2 - 10.3 inch screen.

  28. Nova 3 has been discontinued Now they have only Nova 3 color You can buy the Boox Nova Air instead. Same specs better design.

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