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  1. Thanks for the detailed answer! I do have the original raw image still which actually had much more of a green tint to it as I had forgotten to change the cameras white balance. I've been told I tend to edit my images to be more contrasty with warmer tones so ill take a shot at it with your suggestions!

  2. Took this handheld on a Nikon D5100 while on a stroller through the woods and later edited in lightroom. I have been trying to get back into photography so critique is welcome! Shot at ISO 100, 38 mm zoom, aperture f8, and 1/2 second shutter. I think it may be a bit over edited and I'm not a fan of the bluring in the foreground but I think it came out well overall.

  3. Bro, this literally just happened to me. I had a loud bang and loss of power but no smoke or anything. I have almost the same specs as you: gx850, 5900x, EVGA 3090, ASUS hero mobo. Built it in march 2021. Got any updates?

  4. I ended up replacing the psu with a hx1000 to get some extra headroom and everything is working normally now. Luckily nothing was taken down with it. I assume either that batch of seasonic psu's had an issue or they just can't handle the 3090 as well. When I pulled mine out a small chip from the board of the psu fell out so something may have popped off yours as well. I am still waiting on the rma unit to show up also.

  5. The build is just over a year old so i feel like the psu shouldn't have died that quickly but I guess its the only thing that can really make a loud pop

  6. Im down to try it! nano_157dy1ozj7u34yooe7otn7duuhbhrsix1z5ggw9wgsnuuo79w7coppgh6h5k

  7. I think I found the cause of my problem! I tried rolling back drivers like

  8. I’ve often encountered this issue when Rhino is struggling to reconcile the scale of a model. You should make sure the overall dimension of your geometry makes sense with your document properties. I would try 2 things:

  9. It looks like number 1 worked! I had some curves from cad blocks that I must've forgotten to delete significantly further from the model

  10. This can be exacerbated by being very having layers turned on with objects in your view that are very far from the origin or very far apart. Are you close to the origin?

  11. The model is about 3700' from the origin with drawings located at the origin

  12. For modeling I typically use Rhino 3D and Blender. When rendering I either render in Blender or export to Unreal Engine or Twinmotion with touchups in Photoshop. The programs I use are typically influenced by the requirements of the project. The image above was done in Twinmotion.

  13. Yeah that’s rough. I had enemies shoot me through walls, constantly igniting me on fire somehow. I’m actually sad I didn’t wait another year to buy this game. They need so much more time to stamp out these big bugs.

  14. Luckily it wasn't too bad, after a few seconds the game just teleported me back in front of the wall I phased through

  15. I am trying to render a scene using the sequencer but the particle system I have keyed in only activates once and then never again. I have auto activate disabled on both systems but they only seen to activate in one instance of the playhead going over an activation key, this occurs randomly whenever I play the sequence. I dont really know much about burst particle systems or how to control how often they burst so i tried to do it through the sequencer. Im not sure what is going on here but I was hoping that someone could help with this issue. The particle system is from this tutorial I followed

  16. I managed to aquire this eames molded plywood chair a couple years ago when my cool was going to throw it away instead of fixing it. Thw chair isn't in terrible shape, the only major damage is the detached back rest. I was going to simply epoxy it back on and call it a day but I was thinking it would be nice, and fun, to refinish the chair. The finish is scuffed and scratched in a few places and the wood is chipped near the shock mount holes of the back rest. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these chairs and if you have any recommendations on how I can fix and refinish it?

  17. I am trying to rig a character using the new control rig editor so i can animate directly in the scene, i am using the default script that comes with the free project and subbing in all of my bones. on all of the limbs with the basic IK node however, they get all warped. I tried manipulating the primary and secondary axes and the pole vector as shown in the demo stream but those haven't fixed anything. Is there anything else I can try to adjust either in the mesh or the editor? or would it be easier to just not use the basic IK node?

  18. This looks great, the barrel is really well done. For some things you can do to bring the scene further:

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