1. Hi Darkshreaders3! We've detected that you've posted fan art. If this is your own art feel free to leave a link to where people can find more of your art as a reply to this comment.

  2. You clearly aren't seeing the same WhiteWolfRPG I'm seeing.

  3. Yeeees, but everyone is on the same side since everyone hates it. If we are not mean to each other, it is good, innit?

  4. i mean everyone hates it meanwhile im planning on actually using it mainly as a good introduction since WOD5 is alot easier to explain then WOD20 i imagine

  5. Not a bad idea. I'd leave the maned wolf part on the cutting room floor though; while South American canids form a taxonomic tribe (Canini) with the wolf-like canids (Canina), they still diverged some millions of years ago and are incapable of interbreeding with gray wolves. They're also just, not very wolf-like other than being fairly large.

  6. which is kinda the point of his character since i was inspired by the fact that i looked at the lore so much which inspired the conspiracy part of his character since tbh studying the supernatural world would make you sound insane

  7. i love how everytime i discuss 5e werewof at all it eventually boils down to people clearly not reading the sign speaking their frustrations over a game that 1 hasnt come out yet and 2 doesnt have alot of info currently avalible about it

  8. The type of people who come into 5th edition threads to complain about 5th edition generally aren't the type to be able to read rooms or grasp context. They just see the '5' and react.

  9. Would love if his reverse flash is sabertooth and reverse flash call him saber flash or reverse tooth

  10. i thought of the reverse flash sabertooth fusion being called schrodinger since the imaginary experiment is kinda fitting for a reverse flash sabertooth hybrid

  11. I think that's one the most dangerous being ever created. Imagine Wolverine rage with the velocity of the Flash. Counting on his regeneration, you could blast half his body and he would crawl at the speed of sound to chop you in pieces screaming like a bear.

  12. and due to how fast hes going you probably wont even hear the roar properly

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