1. Lol. It’s sugar ray, but there isn’t a band called sugar row.

  2. …and a meat tree ‘n’ that..

  3. There was this comic strip right. It was called Rocky but no relation to the fictional boxer.

  4. Anon discovers no one actually had a source in the military:(

  5. Kan bekräfta, ser pensionärer ge pengar till tiggare utanför butiken varje gång jag är och handlar.

  6. På de som inte respekterar ett nej tack brukar jag köra klassikern "vänta jag ska bara X, häng kvar en sekund" där X är tex hämta en penna. Sen lägger jag bara ifrån mig telefonen. 7 minuter var det nån säljkåt snubbe som väntade.

  7. If "that" is smack, you're golden. Otherwise I wouldn't count on it.

  8. Cee Lo Green and BTO is usually Bachmann Turner Overdrive. No idea how they fit the clues though

  9. Loo Read. That works. Louvre R'eid doesn't work. It is shite.

  10. Jag gick förbi en igårkväll. "Förintelsen är en bluff" stod det på den.

  11. It sheems today. That all you shee. Is violence and movies and shex on TV...

  12. I love indian food. Palak paneer, butter chicken, jalfezi, chana masala, and most of all vindaloo, phaal etc. With plain/curry basmati and naan.Mutton or chicken or lamb. I used to do 3 main dishes and sides in 1 sitting. Didn't even gain weight. I miss being in my early 20-s.

  13. I can't leave the house the day after a vindaloo until I've shat . Too risky. My bowels go from "yeah bro, we're fine" to "alright Bozo, listen up. Find a toilet within 20 seconds cuz we're vacating this place" in a heartbeat. Yet I order it every time.

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