1. i will just fig stuff out as i go along by myself. yall have fun.

  2. i think you need to put more effort in your posts, because this is close to a coherent meme.

  3. here ya go guys! 8 days later, if you're looking to play PokeMMO I got all the roms from here:

  4. fyi for anyone else gets rude as fucked up shit. i am not on the discord nor was i told there was a server, all i was aware of was this reddit community and thats it.

  5. misspelled no one when its an easy af to remember that its two words not one, but ok

  6. the simplest answer i can give is yes, because anxiety like a motherfucker and other fucked up to shit lvl mental health issues.

  7. I hate people who think they can double dip. Like, if you like the ex, just go back with them! Hope your ok

  8. yea i havent been in another relationship since then, and its been about 2 or 3 years.

  9. Why didn’t you leave after she did it the first time, who the hell stays with a girl she cheated 3 times

  10. easily explained with the fact that i was younger and was more willing to put up with alot more than i do now. anyone else have a stupid question?

  11. they are stuck up cunts who think their shit dont stink and are heavily in the delusions that we should never stop having a crush on them and they are justified for having the delusions.

  12. yea, but im adopted so its not that big of an issue as if i was blood related.

  13. depends on the time of the month for me, first half usually is when ive got some. the second half you are s.o.l. if you expect me to he holding.

  14. For me it was usually a quicker turnaround. But I got paid weekly back then. Lol

  15. im on ssi, so the first (or last fri of the month if the first is on a weekend or a holiday) is when i get paid

  16. rather have a bunch of naked chicks be part of it instead of a bunch of cock and balls and everyone wondering if i smoke sausage or not

  17. they stopped using reddit, as in they wont reply to this since they wont see it nor want to see it. best to go to fb or twitter to ask that question.

  18. yea the sub is here to get answers for questions we have, no waste anyones time. reported as such, since you cant get the question answered

  19. well you cant get into this stuff without having an awakening of some kind. but just like with christianity, we have our weird left fielders like the love is light community. thats more of the "drink the kool aid" area of esoterics. they only fixate on the "light" side of esoterics and are kind of like the jedi (if they were hippies). and look at those of us who even think about using the darker side of themselves to help themselves along. well they look at them like they are somewhere in the middle. while those who are not afraid to spend a lengthy amount of time and can flourish in the darkness as sith lords. regardless of if they direct the flow to help them along in a passive way or not. best way to combat against those who are of the darkness, is to submerge yourself into it completely. but remember to come back out for air from time to time, and and find your own centre of balance.

  20. bringing kids to a place of religious worship, basically anyone under the age of 14 shouldnt be brought to any place like that. there is a reason why they love to get them to go young. its because the younger they are, the more impressionable they are. and then there should also be no religious exemptions for medical procedures. yes that means vaccines should also be mandatory or every unless there is a preexisting condition like cancer where they are immunocompromised.

  21. 1% means anyone who earns above 50k a year. Goodbye all doctors then because a Reddit commie said so 🤣

  22. not all doctors make that much around the world, like the doctors that are in the "third world" countries. also if you are a general practitioner that works for a "neighborhood" clinic, yea they dont make as much either, and usually have to work longer hours.

  23. i was on my longest winning streak on apexm since i got revenant and im high, so im good.

  24. the old spice antiperspirant/deodorant as long as its the blue stick kind, after that its up to the scent i want atm. the powder and actual gell sticks dont last as long since its not like the blue stick. also it holds up alot better the closer you get to the end, and works up to 48 hours like a beast.

  25. as much as i would love to be free of the bullshit hell that i have to live with that comes with this body. i would never force someone else to have to suffer from this living hell. so no, i would never switch bodies with anyone, and just accept this situation.

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