1. Would we be better off in terms of genetics? Yeah. Undoubtedly.

  2. Honestly I don't think anything is difficult to read. And I'm including Pynchon and Wallace...

  3. Making other people feel stupid using minimum verbiage.

  4. The politicians? Republican politics these days are pure theater. They know their base is now tied to right wing "news" sources that just flatout don't show them anything other than pandering. So pandering is all they do since they're insulated from the consequences of not doing what they say. All they care about is pandering the proper way for the cheap seats. Because they're busily rigging districts and elections against the other side to stay relevant.

  5. Depends, really. Making high quality suits is just as expensive as good CGI. So the math for side characters comes to how much four scenes of CGI suit compares to the cost of roughly four practical suits.

  6. The planes weren't loaded with enough fuel for long range flight. No fighter planes are.

  7. If I were in charge, I'm casting myself. And also casting myself if I'm not in charge... that said...

  8. Considering the texts were turned over the day the FBI was already raiding the house...

  9. Roger is a lover of the whole cuck experience. We learned that years ago.

  10. The huge pile of makeup people are putting on. They look like they spray paint that shit on. Especially the eyebrows. Like they want to have porcelain doll heads.

  11. Vietnamese. Portuguese. And to a lesser extent geordie.

  12. Easy cheese, Adderall, MyPillow slippers, Polaroids of his adventures with Epstein, and a picture of his dad to yell accomplishments at when social media goes down.

  13. MIDA is it, honestly. I wish I liked Synmetry more though. Honestly.

  14. The gravy seals will be displeased and that pleases me.

  15. Can I put this guys ‘fuck you’ attitude on the list of reasons memphis is shitty? I’ve never met so many people that think this way in my life- a big reason this city blows

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