1. They appear in Fizban's treasury of dragons, its the next step after ancient dragon. Normally after the dragon lived 1200 years and have a hoard worth millions, they go through a process of apotheosis (basically, ascends to minor godhood)

  2. I'm actually having her working toward becoming a greatwyrm as her end goal. I'm blending in some ToD and instead of raising Tiamat they're helping turn Iymrith into a greatwyrm dracolich with a big ritual. So the party will be trying to stop that from happening in chapter 12.

  3. Personally I think you're doing pretty well playing zelto as the intelligent military commander that he is. I'd say maybe go a step further into his evil nature, kill half of the dwarf hostages you have and put their bodies on the shield barricade or intertwined in the cable net. Show your players that zolto holds true to his word but that he has more suffering that he can cause. They've taken their time on The siege so he's going to exhaust everything he can to make sure that he completes his mission, even down to sacrificing his children.

  4. 7 and 4/189 of a barleycorn is 3/5 of a majestic rising eagle.

  5. I want to do something similar and I think the Lords Alliance is a weak link that could lead to infighting across the sword coast.

  6. This is a great idea, in my campaign the LA has a floating castle as their HQ where the various leaders can come to meet safely and secretly from across Faerun. I'll be having a council meeting like the ones in RoT conducted here. The party is almost to the EotA and once they get the info from their Harshnag will have them relay that to the LA. That'll be my first council meeting, the second will take place at the end of chapter 11 as they drive Iymrith back to her lair. I'm thinking while they're in that meeting War can attack the fly castle and destroy it, potentially killing the majority of leadership around Faerun.

  7. Invasion from Amn, Thay or a new nation. The Anouroch desert is expanding causing resource scarcity. A race to collect Netherese tech leads to battles. Evil druids lead nature in the destruction of civilization.

  8. With Iymrith being Death for this I like the idea of the desert expanding. With War being a red greatwyrm I was thinking he could do something similar by flying around and evaporating the clouds in an area on a daily basis to prevent any rainfall and killing off crops.

  9. Even the final fight has no sense of urgency, I had to craft a reason for my players to want to go after the bbeg after they'd sorted out Malestrom.

  10. It's odd because it was only within the last week that I started noticing this and I've been dming it for 3 years

  11. Earlier today my friend and I both logged into each other's steam accounts on our personal computers. And then logged into our own accounts and allowed sharing with each other steam accounts. It's my understanding we should be able to view each other's games in our libraries but that's not the case and I'm not sure why. Does anybody have insight on my issue?

  12. So, there is a direct crossover between the two stories that happens in Parnast. I believe it happens in horde of the dragon Queen at the very end? The party is going to investigate caravans traveling to parnast and it turns out the cult of dragons is massing wealth there in a cloud Giants castle. He's aiding them belt transporting it to the well of dragons. That particular giant is helping them because he believes the threat of Tiamat will stir the other giants from their complacency.

  13. Did you design these for campaigns that use flanking, where the heroes are more readily able to gain advantage on attacks?

  14. Without spoiling anything, your character could be interested in the origins of the giants and the various types; they could also be interested in the notion of the "true" giants (hill, stone, frost, fire, cloud, storm) vs the "lesser" giants (ettins, ogres, trolls, etc); the history of giantkind and their rise and fall (I don't want to go into too much detail but I'll say that giants used to be a lot more prominent on Toril); perhaps the location of giant ruins or artifacts... I'll add more things if I can think of some, but hopefully this list will provide a few good starting points so you can work with your DM!

  15. In the same vein, you could also look into the war between the Giants and dragons.

  16. Other than Harshnag, there are tales of goliaths that challenge a polar spirit around ice winddale. If they prove themselves they're granted it's gift of shape shifting

  17. I'm in my second campaign of SKT and first time I started in Triboar which lead to my players later going to take on Duke Zalto. This time I started in Bryn Shander and supplemented with RotFM. I wanted to steer them towards the frost giants this time but everyone ended up dying, they made poor choices and assumptions. Triboar leaded itself to the story very easily where Bryn Shander wanted so much more from the DM. One of the quests is to go around the ten towns looking for frost giants. But there's nothing really in the book for that area. Can't speak to Goldenfields but if this party doesn't have much experience with the game it sounds like a good place to start.

  18. Are you 100% sure she is telling you the truth and not slandering her baby daddy so you are OK with her cheating on him? Even if she is telling the truth, you should tell her if she wants to keep seeing you she needs to take steps to leave him. If she is unwilling, there is nothing you can do. It needs to be her decision.

  19. I don't have proof that I've seen. She didn't want to come see me the other week because he'd cut her lip hitting her. From my judgement it's not in her nature to lie about that. She says she still loves him and that she does and doesn't want to leave him.

  20. I feel this, I've got 4 players in my game 1 in LA with me and 3 in Ohio but we manage to keep up our 2 weekly games.

  21. We're The Odd Breakers, we're an odd bunch that just seems to keep breaking the odds and just about anything in our way. We have trouble with doors though.

  22. 29M here and I don't mind a little drive to have some fun

  23. Sure the new friend can join but the one who invited them without asking has to leave

  24. My players got over leveled and I ended maxing the hp on creatures so they wouldn't just one shot everything

  25. The Ice shield tribe lives on the western side of the high forest not wholely out of the way for the fire giants coming from Ironslag

  26. A rest of 1d4 hours is a minimum of one hour which is the length of a short rest. So they should be allowed to use hit dice to heal more.

  27. This is such an odd rule but it's definitely gonna help them out. It feels weird that a character in this state can spend hit dice but as far as I can see it's legit. Thank you

  28. I can show you how nice I can be if you wanna get naughty sometime 😉

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