1. Oh good, I’m not the only one. I’ve watched countless reactions to this show.

  2. And she has tatts. All she needs is piercings. Unless she already has some under her clothes....

  3. Somehow it gives me Tifa vibes, it suits her :)

  4. Agreed. Either big sister to both Ruby and Yang (While Cinder does put on a good show, somehow Yang is the most actually mature member of that family), or just Ruby..

  5. That's like calling people disrepectful for walking on someone else's sidewalk

  6. A lot of the ammo in-country has been destroyed or otherwise expended, so yeah they need to ship more in. However, they're now aware that establishing depots close to the frontline, where the artillery actually is, puts them squarely within HIMARS range. Which means that, if they're smart, they'd have to truck it all in from depots a lot further away, majorly delaying turnaround times and increasing the logistical burden if they want to keep up the firing rate.

  7. Stores....in Belarus. All nearby Russian stocks seem to have been depleted.

  8. I like the way TRex looks. Especially how the brow and snout are such a different color from the rest of it.

  9. Surely there are better ways of dealing with having such a tiny penis

  10. I’m not exactly sure with current league lore, its a bit different and with Vi its more focused on her being an enforcer and working with Caitlyn.

  11. Sigh.... I swear I can never keep up with their retcons and lore changes. For now I’m keeping with Arcane lore because it seems to be the most in-dept lore for her and Jinx. They dont rlly get that much deep lore content compared to Caitlyn or other champs from PnZ.

  12. I play LoR, I liked that comic (the bunny ending is canon. Fight me). All other lore I mostly know from Necrit and TB Skyen on Youtube. But I knew the Jinx part. And had a theory on how she'd get like that from where Arcane left off

  13. Almost every time I play a human. One guy got so bad I surrendered just to end the game (probably what he was going for). It's why I don't like PvP

  14. This comment implies that the debate is settled, when it certainly isn’t. We don’t have evidence that non mammalian synapsids laid eggs.

  15. Considering how often live birth appears in other groups (snakes, icthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, mosasaurs, sharks..) I wouldn't be surprised if it appeared in other clades of Synapsids. Such a useful adaptation is likely to pop up over and over again

  16. I have this weird headcanon that there is a sort of connection between her and Matilda

  17. Thought there would be stories about how lux team saved Gwen and jinx going corrupted. Is it in LoR if anyone knows ?

  18. LoR isn't doing stories anymore I guess. Kinda feel cheated this way to be honest.

  19. I could accept their heights varying between skin lines, but they do need to get consistent within the core, where it seems the problem is.

  20. Maybe go to Necrit's channel on youtube. He has some pretty good lore coverage there. Not sure about those specific universes, but worth a try.

  21. Spirit Blossom 🤞🌸 or Arcade 🎮👾

  22. It's pretty good right? Maybe they might encorporate this into the next season?? Or by the end of Vi's story line in Arcane: long hair, Claggors goggles..what'd ya think?

  23. If she leaves the teaparty without taking souvenirs, especially the goggles, I'll be disappointed

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