1. Kazuma and Rudeus could legitimately be best friends, they fit perfectly together…

  2. Ye, they both opportunistic perverts. But that’s why we love ‘em

  3. I'm a little late. But one anime that is super cool, has super good animation, and is pretty historically accurate, set in the Bakumatsu, and has good sword fights: "Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto." if you want to read a good manga set during the Bakumatsu, I'd go with "Kaze Hikaru"

  4. I feel like this Banner is very generous. I got both in 3 Spins

  5. And then there IS me with 70+ pulls No 4* :sadge: Gg tho and merry christmas

  6. Don’t give up bruv. I had a lot of shitty pulls as well

  7. God I wanted him to slaughter everyone in that village with the only exceptions being ramen guy and his family and Hinata

  8. If you can handle some popups, then the sauce can be found here:

  9. A good Adblock and VPN should take care of all Popups

  10. Honestly, the best kind of NTR is when the woman is a sadist and a nymphomaniac, willingly cheating on the cuck MC with a hotter dude (or like his bully or sth)

  11. i remember that one hentai, which part 1 is wholesome, but author make second part two versions,one is ntr and one is vanilla, and vanilla fans get upset about it, like dude, if you like vanilla just read the 2nd vanilla part, ignore the ntr part

  12. That’s cool, like a choose your own type of Story thing…

  13. I… was as Adventurer just like you, but then I took an Arrow to the knee…

  14. Most of them are way into cuddling and having their heads rubbed.

  15. Honestly, most of the time I'm more in the mood of snuggling, spooning, hugging, head patting, and lap/breast pillow laying, rather than anything horny...

  16. Wears 3 layers of shirts and a thick winter coat, but only a skirt and stockings below that...

  17. I call bullshit. It’s a colour picture. Everyone knows that the world was black and white in 1943.

  18. Fun Fact: The first ever photograph was taken in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce and the first ever color photograph was taken in 1861 by James Clerk Maxwell.

  19. German Timetraveller: “Great to see that nothing has changed since I left!“

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