1. They are hiring in Middlefield for packers at $17.25 / hour, 2nd and 3rd shift. That's the area I'm from but I currently live in central Ohio. I'd go work there for $17.25 if it was closer. That's $5 / hour more than I've ever been paid anywhere else to work in my lifetime just to package and smell cannabis. Sounds fun.

  2. Daaaaaaaamn hahaha I'm in canton and fuck ya it does haha

  3. https://www.pureohiowellness.com/rd/index.php/careers

  4. Especially when you can't get out the door without having your receipt due to being stopped by security who wants to verify you paid for your items every single time you go shopping.

  5. When asked for my receipt, I usually just say, “No thank you.” and continue on my way. 9 times out of 10, they just look at me and watch me walk away.

  6. Last year I told their receipt checker no and proceeded to walk out the door and he followed me outside and threatened to take his uniform off and assault me in the parking lot for disrespecting him,. Then I followed him back inside to ask him his name so I could file a complaint with Walmarts corporate office and have him terminated so I could continue shopping there. Yet I still get asked for my receipt every time I go there.

  7. Most products dispensaries carry attract zero interest from me. I only shop for bulk flower and if it's over $200 an ounce I'm not going to buy it. All the other products they sell, I'd never purchase.

  8. While patients in California are paying $50 an oz. Ohio has to pay up to $300 for a oz of shity dry as fuck flower with no taste or smell.

  9. I haven't paid more than $190 for an ounce at dispensaries in this state in over a year and today I grabbed 1.5 ounces for $255 of some Firelands and Grow Ohio.

  10. Ya I only buy halves and ounces.... and (1) 10th a year with the extra day they give you with the first refill period.

  11. I have 11 Walmart superstores within 10 miles radius of me.

  12. I've been on a Buckeye Relief binge for about a year now and sticking primarily with their Super Sour Orange....

  13. 23% off everything at Verdant Creations this week...

  14. What the law says, and what actually happens are often 2 different things.

  15. It only costs $25 to submit the paperwork to sue somebody and the time it takes to show up in court.

  16. And lawyer fees, and lost wages, and then you have to worry about the backlash from right wingers for suing over your child being forced to pledge.

  17. You don't need a lawyer. Lawyers are for lazy people who don't want to use the free legal library at the courthouse.

  18. Everyone asking who's adam (easily found his ig which is private but his tt isnt) my question other then that is who's the third person in the pic???

  19. Adam has a Facebook page and I find the first cover photo he posted in 2012 interesting.

  20. His current cover photo is weird too. What's with their eyes? That's freaky.

  21. I grew up in a railroad family where they had to drive to wherever the train was at and be there at a specific time or the train left without you because there were always at least 2 operators scheduled and if at least one of them showed up at the time the train needed to leave, the train would be ensured to leave on time.

  22. I'm curious what the rights are like. If someone is running SD on their local machine for example is it different than the DreamStudio license or the same? ex. The DreamStudio license says you don't own the copyright but all the images are public domain. It seems images can be used commercially for example but before I go slapping some art I generate onto a t-shirt I was hoping to be certain I won't get in trouble. Can others confirm or deny or clarify any of these points? Thanks.

  23. Artists using SD retain copyright to their work. The software is open source, the images it uses are open source, however, you as an artist creating with the open source software and images, retain copyright to your created work and also aren't infringing on anyone's copyright by using the software or images.

  24. I reside in Columbus but very very rarely ever shop at Columbus dispensaries. I have a much better experience and find better prices and products going to Newark, Marion, or London.

  25. This isn't a cough. Its a bronchial issue where the airways are closing and air cannot pass in or out, similar to choking on food and happens immediately after hitting the luster pod. Of course you will try to cough but won't be able to.

  26. Sorry, that’s kind of interesting that a full spectrum cart would do that to you, but sucks for you. Hope you can find something in flower that works.

  27. Ya I don't get it either. I have no issues with flower which is what I use but I had to go to a family picnic and figured I'd attempt to use a vape while there since they were on sale and seemed convenient but I had an instant asthma attack and was glad I took my rescue asthma inhaler with me. My asthma is controlled so I very rarely have asthma attacks anymore but for some reason these concentrates in the carts and pods trigger me to go into a full blown severe asthma attack where I can't get any air in or out or even cough.

  28. I've been smoking cannabis since I was a young teenager in 1985, since the first day of 7th grade. Both my parents and older step brother used cannabis.

  29. Not sure where you are located but all Curaleaf locations have 25% all inventory sale thru 9/5. Some really good prices. Lots of ounces under $200 and half ounces under $100.

  30. 1 hour should be plenty. I haven't had to spend more than 15 minutes at a dispensary in quite some time here in central Ohio. Most places now I'm in an out with no wait. Even Bloom hasn't had a wait since they got rid of their pickup timeslots and you can just show up whenever.

  31. I've been going to BR Super Sour Orange a lot lately.... Seems to have become my primary strain of choice but as far as new strains, I really like Pure Ohio's Skunky Jack (Jack Le Pew Locally Grown) and their Amarelo (Yellow Bud Locally Grown).

  32. The prices are going to come down as soon as these newly licensed dispensaries get up and running.

  33. I'm not sure. There's already a lot of product that just sits in inventory that never sells and prices don't come down. I bet some of these cultivators are hardly selling any product and just writing off losses until they eventually file bankruptcy and go out of business.

  34. 2.83g jars are for sampling unless there’s a crazy sale. For flower I always went for 1/2 ounce smalls or budlets, tried to go on sales too. Having the selection and peace of mind of being legal is worth the prices. As you said it sorta sucks to have to play the sales game, but if you can stock up on sales when it’s 20-30% off, we can buy 45 days worth in one trip !

  35. Pure Ohio Wellness has a daily 2.83g for $18. I like going and grabbing 10+ or them at a time.

  36. I just grabbed (2) half oz's of their Super Sour Orange in Newark at 20% off ($240 total after tax). The nugs were huge! Very happy with Buckeye Relief currently. Can't go wrong with 92 Cookies Lemon Do Si Dos either. Enjoy!

  37. They’ve definitely gotten better than when they first started but nothing great. I think the best exp I’ve had in Ohio so far was a bloom store in Columbus. Pre ordered, in and out in 15 mins, even with filling out the first time patient bs waste of paper… and the regular prices were slightly better AND they accepted debit cards. It felt like I was in the year 2022 or something. Crazy!

  38. Keep in mind that when you use your debit card at Bloom or any other dispensary its ran as a cash advance and not a regular purchase. They call it a 'cashless ATM' payment system. So you would be charged the same fee as if you used an out of network ATM to withdraw cash. This is due to federal banking regulation not allowing cannabis businesses to accept credit or debit card payments.

  39. Try Pure Ohio Wellness with their curbside pickup. I usually order the night before, choose the first available curbside pickup time, am always the first one in line and am there and gone within 5 minutes.

  40. Am I doing something wrong? I don’t see an option to look myself up. The website immediately prompts me to log in.

  41. You will have to wait until you receive an email from the registry that your patient profile and recommendation was put into the system by the doctor prompting you to activate account and login. Sometimes it can take a few days depending on what doctor you use and their work habits. Some do it immediately after an appointment, others do before the end of the day, others wait until after the weekend.

  42. Sorry you have to deal with this. Related ≠ relatable.

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