1. I just grabbed (2) half oz's of their Super Sour Orange in Newark at 20% off ($240 total after tax). The nugs were huge! Very happy with Buckeye Relief currently. Can't go wrong with 92 Cookies Lemon Do Si Dos either. Enjoy!

  2. They’ve definitely gotten better than when they first started but nothing great. I think the best exp I’ve had in Ohio so far was a bloom store in Columbus. Pre ordered, in and out in 15 mins, even with filling out the first time patient bs waste of paper… and the regular prices were slightly better AND they accepted debit cards. It felt like I was in the year 2022 or something. Crazy!

  3. Keep in mind that when you use your debit card at Bloom or any other dispensary its ran as a cash advance and not a regular purchase. They call it a 'cashless ATM' payment system. So you would be charged the same fee as if you used an out of network ATM to withdraw cash. This is due to federal banking regulation not allowing cannabis businesses to accept credit or debit card payments.

  4. Try Pure Ohio Wellness with their curbside pickup. I usually order the night before, choose the first available curbside pickup time, am always the first one in line and am there and gone within 5 minutes.

  5. Am I doing something wrong? I don’t see an option to look myself up. The website immediately prompts me to log in.

  6. You will have to wait until you receive an email from the registry that your patient profile and recommendation was put into the system by the doctor prompting you to activate account and login. Sometimes it can take a few days depending on what doctor you use and their work habits. Some do it immediately after an appointment, others do before the end of the day, others wait until after the weekend.

  7. Sorry you have to deal with this. Related ≠ relatable.

  8. After your Dr. renews your recommendation there should be a button on the website under your card here

  9. Looks like its down for everyone. I got an email from Bloom saying the system is down and anyone coming in will only be given 4 days worth of refills and they cannot accept any new patients.

  10. I accidentally used my Bittrex ETC wallet as receiving address, but sent ETH to it.

  11. Unfortunately, the only way they can recover them is by using their ETC private key and manually recovering them for you in their ETH wallet which is likely why they are wanting to charge you a fee to do it. That sucks. I've made similar mistakes but at least they are willing to recover it. Crappy way to learn to be more careful and check everything 2,3,4,5 times...

  12. Ok, thanks for explaining. 1000 USD is a lot. But I have no idea how much time is needed to sort that out.

  13. Anything that they have to go out of their way to do something like that manually with a wallet is going to be a significant fee. I learned that the hard way myself except for me it was 2014 and was Bellacoin / Belacoin on the same exchange. Fortunately crytpo was still cheap back then and the fees didn't sum to $1000s of $'s. LOL

  14. I spent 20+ years as a Republican and campaigned for several Republican Presidential candidates. During all of those years, I only found one Republican who supported cannabis use and legalization and that was Ron Paul. Most Republicans today want to keep cannabis on the list of schedule 1` controlled substances and need voted out of office.

  15. I've been trying to land some of this but they keep running out every time I plan to go.

  16. Doctors are weird when it comes to medical cannabis.

  17. I'd find a new doctor. Many doctors work for practices that have anti medical cannabis policies. You'll have to find a primary care provider or doctor who is ok with the medical cannabis program unfortunately.

  18. With it being documented it may work for you, but a lot of Dr's would require updated documents from your last three visits within the last few months. A condition from 20 years ago has surely changed even the slightest, you should probably go to the dr man

  19. You have to have proof of your condition tho, if not then anyone could claim to have a condition and get their medical card, I don't see the issue, get your ass to the dr if you have a condition man lol if you're in constant pain or have any of the other qualifying conditons and haven't been to the dr in a decade then you aren't takin care of yourself

  20. This is just temporary anyways until the state goes recreational, which the medical programs are just created to get us to that point. Those who don't see that are missing the big picture. I don't even think the MD's that are in this program take our conditions seriously and are only in it for the cash they get from us for the recommendation. Seems a lot of people get recommendations without any documentation at all.

  21. Won't be many independent dispensaries left at the rate they are selling to big canna companies. Doesn't seem like the states intentions to prevent this from happening was anything more than a quick profit for those they decided to grant the earliest licenses to.

  22. I never said it was okay? I'm not sure why you would imply that. Clearly you misunderstood my point.

  23. How are you surviving on less than 12 dollars an hour? You can work at McDonald's for more than that.

  24. My wife supports me. I haven't worked in over 2 years. Some of us are too sick to work.

  25. Not all vets are yes men by default, but I get what you're saying. Often military types are "good ol boys" with an R affixed. Some of us kept our souls tho

  26. Well when your advocate is chosen by the Ohio Speaker of the House, who happens to be a Republican, how else are we supposed to view it?

  27. Actually to be truthful, I think some of us are somewhat afraid. I lived in fear most of my life that I'd be locked up in a cage for doing something that makes me feel better since I was 13 years old and that in itself has contributed to many of my health problems living being paranoid all of the time. The stress it put on my mind caused terrible problems for my body.

  28. Cresco does seem to be putting out good quality products. I wasn't a biggest fan of their flower early in the program but they really have stepped it up lately from what I've seen. Hopefully they keep it up and stay consistent. It would be nice to see them lower prices or sales like POW did (at least at Sunnyside location). They're one of the growing numbers of brandswho have vertically integrated so they should pass some of those savings on to patients

  29. If they could just get behind home grow they'd be the one of the best cannabis companies we have in this country. Until they do that their morals are questionable but I love their flower. I think due to being mandated to grow in Ohio and having to build a facility, it took them some time to get their Ohio flower up to par with the quality of their flower in other states.

  30. Honestly they've had a pretty bad track record in at least one other state with homegrow. Columbia Care, curlaleaf, Cresco, etc were all members of a NYMCIA who were against homegrow in other states. I really don't believe most of these LLC's actually support homegrow until they actually work towards helping get it legalized. I think it's just marketing tactics. I still think some of these companies can show they actually care about patients and possibly have changed stances by offering patients better prices. At least the ones who own some of their own dispensaries like Cresco, Columbia care, Verano, etc.

  31. I've been getting better deals buying at Sunnyside because they seem to have 20%-30% off discounts more than other dispensaries but your right, the prices are still too high.

  32. No, but it was $130 so maybe? I wouldn’t say it’s popcorn honestly, just extremely fluffy. Like fall apart fluffy which is why I call it larfy.

  33. I found Rollins popcorn halves for $109, little lower in THC% than yours, 24.22%. I placed an order.

  34. The smoke is a bit harsh but the effects and smell are great!

  35. Thats how I like my smoke. Why I wanted to grab some after reading your cure comment. I like a short cure. Thanks again.

  36. Do they still have medical patients in an adult rec market?

  37. Why would anyone pay for a medical card when they wouldn't need one?

  38. I thought they catered more to medical patients to be sure they had their medicine before allowing recreational users to purchase their product? I thought Illinois was like that, not saying Ohio will do that.

  39. Well in California the medical cannabis program was always just a façade to eventually move to recreational. It was never ever about medical patients there. Ohio was a bit different because it was actual medical patients and MD's who did most of the work. So our medical program is a little better aimed at patients than in some of the other states who only did it to get future support for recreational.

  40. More Nonsense! An the wife didn't smell fresh weed n the closet. I've tried to hide it for yrs. Nearly impossible n same house, an I smoke n building not my house. Still reeks if it's any good Lemon Stripes sucks! U need sum good cure Slap Wagon

  41. To each their own. Id rather save $200 an ounce.

  42. Slap Wagon on sale day vet discount like 120$ 14 grs. More Nonsense save 200$

  43. I'm not a vet. I thought you were talking about a Klutch strain but see its Columbia Care. Looks like the same terpenes as lemon stripe according to the botanists menu. What are the terpene %'s?

  44. Also, the genetics of clones get weaker and weaker over time. So if they are cultivating from clones, the clones will produce less and less over time. Some say this is a myth but from my personal experience, there is some truth to this. Its due to the high frequencies of new DNA sequence mutations that are only found in clones and not found in the parent plant.

  45. I wasn’t saying they are all the same, just that I hadn’t seen any genetics that had all small buds.

  46. It happens. I grew for almost 20 years and have seen a lot of plants that for some reason or another just wouldn't produce big flowers anywhere other than its top cola. Then other plants would develop nice cola's on all of the top branches. Often times they were cloned from the same mother and grown under the same conditions.

  47. They have sneak peaks in NE Ohio for like 90 bucks, not bad when the 5ths are 80+

  48. See, what is bullshit is that Buckeye Relief initially did Sneak Peeks at $130-140 for 14.15g.

  49. https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/ohio-cannabis-clinic-llc/menu/larry-cake-8-49gm

  50. Meanwhile the Larry Cake sneak peaks that they dropped several months ago are still sitting at $109 / 8.49g because people don't want to pay it.

  51. We ARE the state. Just an FYI... My 5th great grandfather surveyed Ohio and the rest of the NW Territory for George Washington. I'm pretty sure the state is US.

  52. I'm going to need to renew my card in December instead of January if its only extended thru the end of December. My registration ran from January 21 thru January 22 so the extension doesn't help me unless I renew early.

  53. I just took all mine to wash up and then use for all kinds of small parts and stuff laying in the tool box and junk drawer lol....

  54. I'm sure it has different effects on everyone. But mycrene is typically known for its relaxing/calming, pain, sleep, etc effects. Mycrene is just the most common and usually dominant terpene in cannabis in general. We really need more research before we know for sure alot about terpenes and even cannabis. But some of the data we've had has supported mycrene being associated with the couch lock effects of indica and indica dominant strains.

  55. I may not have ever had anything over 1% Myrcene. Seems I prefer stuff with very mild terpene profiles.

  56. I think alot more plays into the effects than just terpene content. I think there's alot we'll discover about other parts of the plant in the future. I've had strains that were barely 1% terpenes and 20% THC with better effects than some of the 30% and 4% terpenes.

  57. Luckily still potent and doesn’t have any sort of off taste/consistency. Honestly hard to tell it’s not new with maybe a little less potency

  58. That will stay good for years if you keep it cool and dark. The only real concern with tincture is stuff growing in it over time but the medication itself will be good for a long long time.

  59. It won't matter. It'll still work just fine :)

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