Trip to McDonald's (1989)

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  1. If it was released brand new today maybe. But always sunny, South Park, family guy are all considered highly offensive to many and they haven’t been cancelled yet (not for lack of trying), and if anything the office is vanilla compared to those 3.

  2. Family guy was canceled multiple times when it originally debuted.

  3. Bingo. That's exactly what I do, too. Perks, then weekly gun. It takes longer for me to get all of the patterns, but I always get there eventually.

  4. Just LFG it (official destiny app). No mic needed in 90% of posts.

  5. I love Dennis' evolution from seeming to be the default voice of reason early on, then progressively, hilariously revealing himself to be the possible sociopath we all know and love today.

  6. I remember as recently as the Wolf Cola Boko Haram episode, my buddy and I discussed how Dennis’ plans/schemes are usually the most sound of the group but the gang always finds a way to fuck it up.

  7. She appears to be a teenager like how Link and Zelda are usually depicted in games. Y’all realize this is a Japanese game right? Their culture is more permissive of under 18 sexuality.

  8. I just use companions that are not allowed to die like Serana, Mjoll, Frea, etc.

  9. I think it’s more likely the climate (sand storms) are why clothing in the Middle East is very covered up for both men and women for thousands of years.

  10. As long as it’s not a duplicate I’m sure he’ll be happy to get it.

  11. I really would be terrified to witness an alligator on shrooms. In fact, that visual haunts me...

  12. There’s alligators on occasion where I live, you sometimes see them moving from one retention pond to another. I like to go biking on acid and one night I came across a minimum 6 ft gator while tripping balls. Night to remember that’s for sure.

  13. Yeah, we figured out that the problem was crappy stock soldering on the company's part, and heat-gunned the mobo's GPU and it got back up and running afterwards. Eventually I gave it to another person after it happened again, since it seemed to have diminishing returns on how long it could go without the GPU detaching from the mobo.

  14. Wasn’t fully the company’s fault. EU regulation meant they couldn’t use lead in the solder balls. Sony used lead-free solder balls in all units of the PS3 including the US which had no lead restriction however.

  15. Origins takes place during Christmas and chronologically is the first one (Batman has only been Batman for 1-2 years).

  16. Pretty much. The only person who has a rational fear of death threats is someone like Salman Rushdie.

  17. I remember those duck tales happy meal toys. Surprised to see they had salad options then. I thought that got added much later.

  18. this guy is a snake oil salesman, hey buy my book of how to escape the matrix! I haven't been able to do it but trust me i know what I'm talking about.... lol

  19. If you read his books he states he doesn't have all the answers and you should take all information with a grain of salt including his.

  20. The part in Chardee MacDennis where Mac confirms Charlie wrote a particular card because it was signed "Trundle" which was Charlie's attempt to write his own name. Charlie tried to play it off as he was going by "Trundle" at the time. The whole scene had me in hysterics.

  21. “Charlie! I checked Dennis and Mac’s laptop and 2 terms kept popping up on their search history. ASIAN and CREAM PIE. Charlie, I think Dennis and Mac are trying to corner the Asian pastry market!!!”

  22. That’s how it was presented and it looks like a woke writer came along and decided to make them gay (see Iceman in marvel comics as an example).

  23. No. She’s supposed to be much hotter and an actress and super model. That interpretation of MJ is not in vogue right now so we got a slightly woke version instead.

  24. The 3 you listed are heroes and technically Spawn is not a demon (as his arch villain Violator points out) so I’m not sure if only heroes can be picked. If NOT, then my favorite demon is Mephisto from Marvel Comics.

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