1. One thing your should highlight is definitely the significance of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Without it, detante is unlikely to occur, or not until later. I don't know the knock on effects of this, but no doubt they will be significant.

  2. Another thing to note is that it's unlikely that Krushchev would have been couped without the Cuban Missile Crisis. While he had many failures, thr Missile crisis was the biggest one and certainly the most publicly damaging one. So I wonder how a longer Krushchev USSR would be

  3. The way you’re phrasing this as a question suggests that the AI did this on its own, which is absolutely bonkers if true

  4. No, we can see that the player is playing it in the 2nd Pic, though I don't know why op phrased the title like that

  5. So weird even for me, that I was born in 2005 and now I'm 18

  6. Weird question, do you happen to remember what site you got YouTube Vanced from? I'd like to have it but I'm pretty sketched out about the websites lol

  7. You can use the internet archive to go back to an older version of the Vanced website and download from there. That's what I did, after I got a new phone.

  8. As an Indian, I'd like to disown whatever the fuck Velma has become. Maybe give the Mexicans a chance.

  9. It's a mod made by swimmy or isp for their games and as far as I know it isn't available for anyone to download

  10. AFAIK TFB is available for the public to play, and maybe if they develop the mod enough they'll have TFV too available for the Public

  11. ....that's why they used HF? I thought they specifically used hydrofluoric acid every time they melted a dead guy down

  12. While the OP might be wrong with the Acid, HF is an even weaker acid compared to HCl or H2SO4, and so his point stands that the acid dissolving is a plot hole by the Writers so that the story might be more engaging

  13. Actually something I learned about chemistry as a result of this situation, HF is “weaker” in that it doesn’t give its proton away as readily, but factors like the size do make it remarkably corrosive. The analysis goes deeper than “pKa higher therefore weak.”

  14. While yes what you are saying is true, it is generally known that acids with lower pH (ie more strength) have a more corrosive nature, simply due to their ability to dissociate and thus break down the matter of whatever they touch.

  15. The erotic escapades of an eccentric entrepreneur copulating copiously with certain cetaceans.

  16. I'd love to see an episode where Scooby and the Gang investigate a haunting, only to discover that the CIA is conducting experiments on American Citizens.

  17. The people that was killed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were civilians, people completely innocent and Who were as much prisoners of the japanese regime as anyone else

  18. They were not innocent completely. Sure they did not have a direct part in the war and its crimes but they surely did not discourage it or be completely ignorant of the crimes. And Japan had plans to use every civilian available to slow down and attack any allied soldier in case of a direct invasion into Japan.

  19. That argument makes you responsible of every warcrime comitted by the united states in your lifetime.

  20. War crimes? You mean spreading freedom and trolling the civilians?

  21. https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP85M00363R000601440024-5.pdf

  22. "The CIA drew no conclusions about the nutritional makeup of Soviet or American diets"

  23. Isn't FDR dead before WW2 in this timeline? Considering America's history with antisemitism at the time, maybe whichever President that took his place was less willing to allow Jewish refugees to enter the country, and thus people like Albert Einstein were forced to remain in Nazi Germany. Given the Nazis' willingness to use slave labor in our own timeline, I don't think it would be impossible for them to force Jewish scientists to create nuclear weapons for the Third Reich.

  24. Hitler considered the science itself Jewish and thus subhuman. And scientific discoveries are seldom made under slavery. Slave labour is used for menial and hard labour, not scientific discoveries and advancements.

  25. Anyone who says it's anything other than Blue is a psychopath

  26. It could go either way. People who say yes definitively forget about the past, with Vasily Arkhipov and Stanislav Petrov, but those who say No definitively forget that it was because these 2 individuals were present. If anyone else was there, the response would have been much different.

  27. I kinda did both. In like 8th and 9th grade I was bullying guys pretty hard, with some other friends. But I was also getting bullied outside of school in a tuition centre. I'm glad that I was able to get out of both though.

  28. Dihybrid is pretty easy as well. The real deal is fucking polyhybrid crossing where they expect me to use “basic” math

  29. Monohybrid cross involves the crossing of only one trait. Dihybrid involves the crossing of 2 traits, and trihybrid involves 3 traits and so on and so forth.

  30. The Powerful Ruling Champions Vs The usurpers using the power of friendship to win.

  31. I don't think so. Hitler had regarded nuclear physics and atomic physics as Jewish (a lot of prominent nuclear physicists were Jewish iirc), so there would never have been any way Germany would have developed nuclear weaponry.

  32. Hitler had a guy named France Holder but unfortunately he didn't use him to hold France. Probably why he lost.

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