Water inundation in Naples, FL

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  1. "I'm just going to ride it out at home. No need to evacuate."

  2. Typical Floridian speak. My parents live in Florida. Moved there from jersey. And I swear it dumbed them down even more than they already were

  3. Wow what a sweetheart of a child you are. They must be so proud.

  4. Yea. They regret having me. It’s all good.

  5. I came here to say this. I failed in being first. 😔

  6. The doors you receive are decorative only. I use them for false closets, pantry, unknown rooms, ect

  7. I got my fingers crossed we're getting neverland one day 🤞🏻

  8. I can picture Aladdin and scar both being in the plateau. Already kinda deserty

  9. Or we can use the existing map. I just finished all the quests and started redecorating. I put all the houses in the plaza and meadow. All the other biomes are completely empty. I’d say we have enough room lol

  10. I love this show. And this made me love it more. Great marketing, also, finally someone is marketing towards the dead. They need entertainment too

  11. that's where I'm at too. selling pumpkins, buying furniture,and giving companion animals treats make up my day in the game til we get some new content goin'! I'm happy to no longer grind for clay or iron.. my fingers get a small break XD

  12. I would still grind if I were you. Wait until they add new characters and they ask for 200 iron ingots to craft a statue 😂

  13. This was me yesterday!!! Than I instantly spent 3 hours decorating my plaza with furniture and stuff I already had in my inventory. This will keep me busy for the next three weeks until they add scar. Can’t wait for that too!!

  14. I finished all the collectibles. And I have 70 Pixar balls left. Should I use them for moon stones? I was going to save them for next months Pixar path. Not sure what to do now.

  15. If you haven’t yet I would buy everything, I could be wrong but if this works like other battle pass type systems the event currency won’t carry over. I’m assuming the next event pass won’t even be Pixar themed so the event currency probably won’t even be the same.

  16. Sounds good. I’ll trade in all my balls than. Thanks

  17. There is a song by G-Easy featuring Jack Harlow called “Moana,” I play that song on repeat.

  18. Remy and Ursula always slee at the same time. Something I’ve noticed. I feel like every character has a set time. But both remy and Ursula do seem to sleep the most throughout the day and night.

  19. I turned my music down all the way in the settings and play music through the Amazon music app in the background on my Xbox. Perfect game for something like this. And I was also growing old of the same 3 Disney tunes. They need to add more music

  20. Love your clothes btw. Looks awesome. Don’t think I have that yet.

  21. So much talent from the community. This is in my top three I’ve seen. Might steal some of this idea for my village

  22. I only have the Minnie Tower from hell one left. So much clay and iron 😭

  23. I got the clay done. But those iron ingots are wild. Struggling here

  24. How long did it take you to get clay and did you just dig? I have 194 left to get

  25. I went into the editor and cleared the glades of all trees and bushes and everything. And I grabbed a digging buddy and dug for about 15 minutes. It adds up quick. And it gives you 2-3 clay everytime you find it.

  26. Can’t you just ask the gardening to hang out instead of locking them in a box?

  27. Locking them in a box makes them not give you the crops bonus they harvest. So you can harvest all your crops stress free. Than after you’re done, you let the character out of the box and they burst out all the bonuses. And instead of picking them up one by one, you can just run over all the crops and auto collect. Makes everything a bit faster.

  28. You build a fence around them in the open. And when you do that, they don’t give you the bonuses. Than pick all your crops, and remove the fencing. And they burst out all the crops. Makes it easier to grab everything they give you. Watch that abdallahsmash video I mentioned earlier. It’s worth it.

  29. Is there a chart that shows which gems give the most friendship points? Would be nice to know. I have a lot of gems stored away lol

  30. After leveling both Ariel and Ursula to 10, you unlock eric and have to do a few quests with him to give Ariel legs

  31. What’s the fastest way to get them to level 10 without being able to make them follow you around.

  32. Press x and it gives you the full sex description and “how to use” guide

  33. I JUST POSTED A QUESTION SIMILAR TO THIS, although I didn’t realize that about Elsa. But I need more snowballs but there’s no ice blocks for me to break ):

  34. Dig in the frozen area. You get snowballs

  35. They can call it 'Eve' since she is the one that nurtures the plant in the movie.

  36. Or they can add eve to the game and have her do all the gardening. Planting and watering. Problem solved 😂

  37. Wow. Love the plaza. Might steal your idea of laying all that brick around it. Looks sharp

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