1. Comments like this is why he’s doing so well. You are the one that truly looks stupid if you think he is dumb. He’s literally taken over all of social media, do you think it was an accident or intentional? I bet you couldn’t do it.

  2. In fairness he went on camera saying he’d move to Romania because law enforcement is weaker and he’d just buy his way out.

  3. You can do stupid actions without being a stupid person. But then also we have no idea how much is calculated and if it was stupid in the first place. I’ll not get into it here because I’m not sure of sub rules but fake sexual assault claims do fucking ruin lives, I’ve seen it first hand. Guilty or innocent the second the claim is out in the world people change the way they look at that person. So getting out of the uk for that when you are constantly around females makes sense, especially when you have something to lose.

  4. For goodness sake man he’s in jail in Romania after saying he can pay off Romanian cops.

  5. Ireland has 14 straight wins at home? Seems a lot since we won there in 2021?

  6. There are two assertions in the sentence you quoted.

  7. I refer to the figure in general, not the difference.

  8. No this is clearly wrong. I remember when Johnson visited the Culham Science Centre in 2019 and he said that Britain would be exporting fusion plants within "a few years". So presumably that got set back a bit by Covid but it'll be happening in the next year or two obviously.

  9. I liked him better when he was in the 95th Rifles tbh.

  10. Yeah, the pair of them borked it for themselves. Johnson's fall felt inevitable, he was just such a chaotic oaf. Truss oversold herself in the Tory leadership election, then appears to have become so enamoured with the smell of her own farts that she thought she could get away with ignoring advice from outside her bubble.

  11. Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments from you all! And have half a mind to file a complaint with Google translate for the pronunciation 😂 maybe someday I’ll get to go to the land of my ancestors and learn it properly. Until then I’ll just be here making more clothing lol.

  12. Fair play to you for a very interesting video and costume.

  13. I believe there's a bit of a bug and some people that block you come up as unavailable. Copy and paste the url into a different type of browser (that you sent logged into) and see if the comments come up.

  14. I guess I can open a new private window to achieve this? Otherwise it seems like so much effort.

  15. Yes seems to work and I reckon this is mostly autobinning. I think comments below a certain length get disappeared automagically.

  16. I'll be interested to see how it would deal with someone like

  17. I wonder what three new departments will be created from the department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

  18. Departments of Big Business, Small Business, and Inbetweeny Business.

  19. Pretty much has been the line from the start for everyone though right? If only people believed in Brexit it will cure the country of all its ills and lead us to the sunlit uplands.

  20. There's been an awful lot of magical thinking, I guess because it's easier to promise a panoply of wonderful opportunities than to actually put the work in to identify them, establish the necessary conditions for success, then follow through on implementation.

  21. I don't think he knows about second Brexit...

  22. Milk? My goodness, what an idea. Why didn't I think of that? Milk! Matt, there are four places.

  23. It'll be a shame to miss JGP. Murray did well but I thought Casey was a bit off.

  24. Very optimistic view, but I like that he proposes a two-stage referendum process.

  25. This is why the “technical recession” definition is meaningless.

  26. Numbers have also been all over the shop for some time. Lots of revisions to previously published data.

  27. Such a happy baby in the opening sequence!

  28. Good idea to encourage domestic ownership of govt bonds.

  29. GFA is predicated on ECHR, so there’d have to be an opt-in for NI.

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