1. Bill Burr has been on to something for the last ~10 years

  2. No, no he wasn't. He was good when he was able to actually play, but dude was always hurt

  3. Honestly, his bluntness can be a turn off sometimes, but was seriously refreshing to have a president who was upfront about all the wrong we've done

  4. That bluntness is the single largest issue that lost him the election. If he would have tweeted about half as much he probably could have won.

  5. No the last two are from the same day. 1st one from a different day. Still haven't released the video from today's practice. None of the "fights" in this video are even remotely bad though.

  6. It seemed to me that #48 was the issue in 2 of those. 70 plays hard and after the whistle, but nothing bad I'm seeing

  7. 1st part of the clip was #98 Payton Turner, 2nd clip was special teamer #48 JT Gray, and last was #50 idk his name lol

  8. I thought it was 48, but I see it wasn't now. Yeah, fighting different people everytime isn't a great look.

  9. Maybe not all that controversial but training camp is not a great indicator of performance, I don't care what anyone says I just can't believe Mason is a starting QB. We've seen what he is, he isn't good enough. Nothing against him personally, it's extremely difficult to just make it to the NFL. He could kill it in training camp, but we've seen what he can do during an actual game. Mitch or Kenny need to be the starter no matter how bad they look in training camp imo. He simply can't compete when put into a real situation. Wish it wasn't the case, he seems like a decent guy and he really doesn't deserve so much hate. But it would be a huge mistake by the organization to take his performance he gives at training camp as a sign that he can start. Genuinely hope if he gets the job he proves me wrong, but after his past performance I really doubt it.

  10. Was it Mason or was it the OC? We saw Ben with that same offense with weapons and it wasn't any better. The OC was so bad he got fired. We don't truly know what Mason is capable of.

  11. Willful ignorance is still ignorance.

  12. I don't have a left pectoral muscle.

  13. Wrong they need to hold hands and kiss each other like le redditors who bacon at midnight would

  14. And the Steelers organization is fantastic about keeping their people’s attitudes and egos in house.

  15. I don't even know if this is an insult or a compliment

  16. How dare these new fans enjoy this sport! I'm old and all I care about is how things have always been and any change is stupid and dumb!

  17. That’s the University of Kentucky football stadium as well it’s been pretty well received from when it was changed from Commonwealth Stadium

  18. Cincinnati is basically Kentucky anyway, so they would have another thing in common.

  19. I’ve never understood this comment. Is St. Louis basically Illinois? Philadelphia in New Jersey? Buffalo and Detroit in Canada? El Paso in Mexico?

  20. Because Cincinnati sucks and Ohio doesn't want it. All jokes aside, I actually like the city I just like to annoy Bengals fans and people who live in the city.

  21. To start a competing league with the NFL? They have, several times.

  22. The difference is those attempts were for players who weren't able to make it in the NFL or were just looking for a chance to show what they could do. This is essentially the same EXCEPT this attempt would be able to pay more than the NFL could.

  23. How is that different than the Jim Kelly era USFL or the Al Davis AFL directly competing for NFL level talent by paying more? Are y'all really that young you don't know why the AFC exists?

  24. Considering that the AFL was founded more than 60 years ago, yeah, most people on reddit's parents were just born.

  25. I didn’t think you were in any way, I was adding fuel to the observation you made! A lot of good people were leaving and joining, Tom just bested the others. I still remember the first head-to-head game that Ben won against Tom as a Rookie and how pumped I was about it. I was delivering pizza, listening to the game on FM radio and very pumped for the future.

  26. And then, about 3 months later, all that elation was immediately killed.

  27. Being lactose intolerant is being view by many as a ”white thing” that’s why I brought it up as a stereotypical white thing.

  28. Except it isn't? White people are LEAST likely to be lactose intolerant. That's more an African and Asian stereotype.

  29. I feel like she misspelled Alum Creek because I remember a story recently about a body being found there

  30. Damn dude. What about Reggie White and Mike singletary?

  31. Both are great, but prime JJ was probably the absolute best defensive player of all time. He had a 4 year stretch where there were no other players even close to his level.

  32. I don't really know. Najee maybe? I haven't seen much out of training camp about Mitch. Pickett is next to Cam and Connor Heyward, so maybe them for him.

  33. This reads as her being sarcastic and making fun of the crazies.

  34. „The Flyers, do they even fuckin exist anymore? Bunch o’ goddamn pansies! Never won shit since fucking Gerald Ford was in office! Why don’t you just get the fuckin Ice Capades down there, you assholes? You probably wouldn’t even notice the difference!”

  35. His rant in Philly is, in my opinion, some of the best shit of his career. All totally unplanned and still fantastic.

  36. He totally freestyles it and says the most hilariously creative shit.

  37. I am one of those people. My personal fave is "You fuckin one-bridge-having piece of shit city that no one gives a fuck about. The terrorists will never bomb you people because you're fuckin worthless and no one cares about you." I use variations of that to my friends who are fans of Philly teams.

  38. We're getting closer every day to normalizing pedophilia. I thought that was just a joke.

  39. They weren’t senior citizens during the Killer B’s era, they were just bad

  40. He's saying they would have been decent in comparison to senior citizens playing the position.

  41. Fuck that stupid ‘B’ I have never hated a logo more than this one. It’s so stupid. We aren’t the B’s. Bring back the fucking tiger head.

  42. For real. It feels so weird just seeing a boring "B." That tiger head logo was actually clean

  43. SB 36 because I hate how that skyrocketed the Patriots (and how they beat the Steelers in the AFCCG). Or one of the Ravens wins because I don't want them to have anything nice.

  44. I’m not lying this is the first hostile/aggressive Bills fan I’ve ever encountered

  45. He must be an imposter because every Bills fan I've ever met is just super chill.

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