1. How are they going to know who's tried an Lost over 20 times? maybe ill get lucky🤞

  2. I wanted it but wasn't able to get it it was already sold out

  3. That sucks but hey it's probably not many like it my stickers were mint when I got my shoulder bag this week finally.

  4. i went with tts and got my size 13s i love them and only use them around the house

  5. Tried ordering on my computer. Tried a different browser. Tried ordering from my phone. Same error message

  6. i ordered a size 13 and recieved a size 12.5 and their just way too tight to even wear fs ft i only tried them on lmk if you want them and make me a offer

  7. That’s what I put. I have pretty much just accepted that if some shoes that even a few people are interested in I have no chance.

  8. his crazyass sideways faces always has me crackin tf up i cant take him seriously at all ANOTHA ONEEE

  9. I buy my shoes to wear and I 100% support buying reps the Nike SNKR app sucks and its damn near impossible hitting on something you like/want.

  10. I just hit on the fire red3s and the yellow toes fairly easy on SNKRS. I wouldn’t pay double for the same shoe but if it’s no more than 20 or 30 above retail, then I would rather pay that opposed to buying reps .

  11. yeah if there not much over retail then i would cop but like the hype stuff thats a couple grand nahh i would cop a rep pair.

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