1. I don't remember when the misery lifted for me but I recognize the suffering you describe and I am not in that same place, now. 7 years sober now at age 52. Started trying to get sober at age 20 and had many stretches of sobriety from 6 months to over 3 years.

  2. I don’t really think it’s fair to gatekeep sobriety. Everyone’s journey is different. When we say things like “oh they didn’t really have a psychological addiction to alcohol, it can be damaging and cause those questioning themselves to think they don’t “need to quit.” We see posts here all the time “Am I an Alcoholic?” and reading that they aren’t “enough” of an alcoholic can make people second guess themselves. I don’t consider myself to have a psychological or physical dependence on alcohol. Quitting has been easy for me. Does that mean I should have kept drinking? No. Just my two cents. I’m sorry you’re going through it. This journey is deeply personal.

  3. Stop buying it! Make it. Nearly all these ingredients are common larder stock and if you buy seeds not powders last a fair while,

  4. I use expired things all the time. I look at it, if it looks OK, I sniff it, if it smells OK, I try a tiny amount, if it tastes OK then I use it.

  5. Yeah, it looked ok, smelled ok and tasted like it normally does. So I'm using it. If it was just for myself, I'd probably just risk using something like that, but I get a little wary when the food is also for my partner and our 4-year old daughter.

  6. This happened to me a few months ago. Pain in the ass. I tried everything. Uninstalling programs one by one. Reinstalling drivers. Registry repair. You name it. Didn't work. I just backed everything up and did a clean reinstall of windows. Fixed it.

  7. I’ll try that, I didn’t realise that the memory clock was already so high, I thought it was like the core clock. But I’ll try to do some more overclocking.

  8. Yeah, you won't get much more than +40 on the core clock. I'm +45 core +500 memory. I could probably get a bit higher on the memory. But it's not worth it.

  9. Yeah, crank the power and temp up to max. Your GPU is smart. It will reduce its clock/voltage when it reaches the target limit. In other words, it has many safeguards to stop it self-destructing.

  10. You're best getting a quote for the damage from a PC repair shop. Use a USB keyboard and mouse in the meantime. Most Laptop keyboards are modular, and can easily be swapped out. Price is dependent on laptop make and spec.

  11. 99.9% isopropyl alcohol. Spray the stuff on. Don't be shy, give it a scrub. It's electrically non-conductive and won't leave any trace. Don't leave it soaking for ages though. Alcohol can damage plastics with excessive use.

  12. I misread, you should have done this first.

  13. Right, quick update. I had the feeling that my performance issues and stutter was caused by the use of a 2 x 8GB single rank kit. Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600 MHz. cmk16gx4m2d3600c18

  14. Ok, how about load? can you monitor the load on each of them (CPU, GPU)?

  15. To be honest, I've now been reading that a lot of people are having a poor time with Dead Space 2023 at the moment - stuttery AF.

  16. You remind me of a young Dolph Lundgren. Especially with the hair.

  17. Any amount of alcohol is detrimental to the human brain.

  18. QHD still looks good at 27". You will definitely notice a difference going from 60hz to 165hz and based on the specs in your flair, it looks like you should be able to run it no problem. That being said, it is totally a personal preference. Buy from somewhere with a good return policy and try it. If you don't like it send it back.

  19. I'd probably Switch out the PSU first if you can.. don't worry about the wattage. Your system won't be under much load from just booting up.

  20. alright - will be hell of a chore though haha, I've cable managed it neatly and will take a while to dismantle.

  21. Nah, that's the best part tinkering with your PC. I find the building part therapeutic. :-D

  22. Any how, let us all know how you get on, we're all on pins & needles here. :feels_bad_man:

  23. Try keeping the release tab gently depressed with your left hand at the same time as gently pulling up on the GPU with the right hand. (Or vice versa if left handed) Pull up directly in the centre of the GPU, not at the left or far right side of it. Don't force it though.

  24. Have you tried Nefazodone yet. It really has helped me and was of the few that did anything for me. Have you looked into ketamine. There is a new med called Auvelity that recently came out. You could think about TMS or ECT, later this year there is a new protocol for TMS that will be available called SAINT that is supposed to be much more effective. Also there should be another new medication out shortly called Ruoxinlin (ansofaxine). You could also look into MAOI's, but those do have more side effects.

  25. No, but the doc has probably not prescribed me that one as I have a history of alcohol abuse and Nefazodone can, in some cases, cause liver damage.

  26. Try another antidepressant. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for years and it took three tries to find something that worked for me and now I feel so much better. I'm on Paxil now and not only did it help with what I knew were issues it completely got rid of my social anxiety which I thought was just a personality thing. It can take some time to find what works best but it's worth it. Drinking will not make you feel better, not only is it bad for your body the guilt isn't worth it. You can do this, you just need the right tools to help you. Support groups, therapy, meds, you don't have to do it alone, very few of us can. I hope you find something that helps, stray strong, you got this!

  27. Yeah, I'm sorry, I should have stated properly.

  28. I'll try to answer your question. I started trying to quit drinking when I was only 22. I've had several periods 1 to 3 year periods of sobriety interspersed with years of drinking since then. Each time my recovery was different.

  29. Thanks for the information. I think the main reason for quitting was because it was about to end my relationship with my partner. I was drinking lager, then spirits - even hiding the gin bottles. After nearly losing my job with an argument with the boss and I then almost sent him a threatening email ( I didn't). I had the sudden realisation that it was going to destroy me. I'm 41 now. I didn't want to be 51 and still acting this way. It's such a horrible substance. It's just so engrained in socially acceptable society it's hard not to crave it sometimes.

  30. Well done, Friend. Keep it up. I've been struggling myself as of late, but I won't drink. It won't beat us. IWNDWYT.

  31. Yeah, I definitely need some of that! 🤣

  32. I think maybe I should play the original again now, to give me greater perspective of how the game has improved visually from 15 years back. 🤔 Screw it, let's fire up Steam!

  33. Let me know if you need any help with picking out the correct cables from us, happy to assist. :)

  34. Will do, thank you! I'll have to take the side panel off to double check my PSU. But I'm pretty sure it's a Corsair RM850 (black label)

  35. You can get 6 in there, I have one mounted in the HDD rack at the top and you definitely can put one on the bottom!

  36. Cool, great to know. I've only got two 2.5" SSDs, 1 M.2 SSD (on MB) and one 3.5" HDD in the twin bay. So I'm hopefully good for a while yet. 👍

  37. Have you tried loading bios defaults? See does that solve it?

  38. We have exactly the same day count and exactly the same problem. I haven't been able to sleep in about a month. That includes holidays or workdays. After the pink cloud faded my anxiety levels are about as high as some bad withdrawals used to be.

  39. Yeah, my anxiety is through the roof also and I feel like I'm in a constant state of derealisation/depersonalization. I started taking 20mg Escitalopram about 6/7 weeks ago, too. It's not having much of an effect on my depression or anxiety tbh. But I'm hopeful that my brain will correct itself with more time sober.

  40. Well done friend. I'm on 114 days now. I'm struggling at the minute because of my mental health - I've not felt right since I stopped drinking.

  41. Well done friend. I was also worried about New Years Eve, I even managed to turn down an offer. We got this.

  42. You're only human. Don't beat yourself up. I've said silly things when pissed, too! I'm white by the way.

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