1. He continued to serve in the USAF Reserve until 1968, retiring as a Brigadier General.

  2. Great info. That was quite a length of time.

  3. In for-real life? Sheesh….

  4. Photo taken by George Schutzer during the 1955 studio recording of songs from Rogers and Hammerstein's musical Carousel.

  5. Darlin’ just soars….Carl Wilson’s voice is so soulful.

  6. more soul than I’ve ever seen…

  7. The original range and sound of Brian was without match. As time went on, Carl did a good job in taking leads, such as “God Only Knows,” but many consider Brian the stronger voice during the early years.

  8. This is the left half of a larger photo that appeared some time ago, taken at the Cannes Film Festival. This side of the photo, we see Jackson, Maria and Tarantino. To the left (our right) of Tarantino was seated Bruce Willis (whose large foot you can partly see). To Willis’ right were Uma Thurman and John Travolta on the far right.

  9. Someone posted it further below….

  10. Don’t be long….for I may be asleep…

  11. Where are Josie Lawrence, Sandi Toksvig, Michael McShane, Paul Merton, and John Sessions? That's OG Whose Line... Not to mention a gentleman by the name of Stephen Fry?

  12. Don’t forget to remember!

  13. Perhaps I shall have something to keep me busy for the next few weeks…

  14. Mostly true, with the exception that several other voices were used as well, including Kayden Green, Debra Winger, Steven Spielberg, and others. Wikipedia itself gives further detail on the E.T. entry.

  15. This is good not sure if I’d put Walrus in there if you have Strawberry Fields and Isolation plus WCH makes it weighted a bit to POB. What about Hard Days Night and Norwegian Wood? And maybe ending with Number 9 Dream?

  16. Like the amended run-down suggestions; might suggest ‘Hard Day’s Night’ or ‘Norwegian Wood’ instead of ‘I’m Only Sleeping’, which I enjoy personally. Would perhaps drop ‘I Am The Walrus’ and perhaps insert ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ on the Beatle-era songs.

  17. This appears to be a re-sequenced version of “Kum Back,” as it has all the songs from that release, albeit in a different order. “The Ballad of John and Yoko” was not on that release, and (as noted) several are listed under an incorrect title. One online source lists the release date for the LP as January, 1970. No guesses on the release of this 8-track.

  18. Interesting shot. Did you take others?

  19. Looks nothing like the batmobile. It looks more like an American hot rod.

  20. Unusual sight, even if not the bat mobile…

  21. Quite an interesting comparison shot!

  22. The return of Brendan has been most welcome in recent months.

  23. Interesting live clip from the era. Featured here is: singer/guitarist Peter Green, dressed in white shirt with beard; in front middle, guitarist Danny Kirwan; to front left, playing maracas, (with guitar on neck), Jeremy Spencer; on drums/percussion, Mick Fleetwood; mostly not visible to rear far left, bassist John McVie. Fleetwood and John McVie have been members of the group continually since this time period, through all the various personnel changes.

  24. Closed from 10:30-10:45 am each day for coffee break though

  25. Do they serve decaf during the break?

  26. "You don't need to be a weather man to see which way the wind blows" is the original source of the Weather Underground name.

  27. There was an-Academy Award-nominated documentary directed by Sam Green that covers this group. It is quite interesting viewing.

  28. There's a recent podcast made by two of the founders' (Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn's) son called Mother Country Radicals. Very interesting series with lots of interviews.

  29. I will have to seek that out; thanks for the info.

  30. Such tests should always require some folks in lab coats, holding clipboards and recording results…

  31. What is “share bouncing?”

  32. Can recall hearing the song, but never saw the video…

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