1. Epic transformation from before and after. Only advice i have is to find a sweet spot for when its good enough and move on. It should be somewhere between when you stop learning new things and when you spend ages on just polishing it. I follow a couple of indy devs and they often struggle. Even this one guy, he has worked on some famous games in some of the leading tripple a companys. He knows the drill but from what i can see he will either burn out and quit or never finish the game.

  2. Really cool animation ! However the silk look like it's coming out from hers legs, if you want more realism and have time to upgrade animations : 1 - Make some legs reach the silk from her butt and roll the prey with it or make them "pass the silk" to the front legs 2 - Some spiders have a silk trap ready and hold it in front, so they just have to wrap it around the prey it corresponds better from your current animation, you just need to add visible silk in the spider's front legs

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