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  1. The waitress puts her hand towards the guy (to stop him?) as if he is the instigator.

  2. That's the first thing I noticed as well. I had to scroll way to far to find someone who pointed this out. Absolute BS to treat him like he is an agressor instead of the woman creating a scene.

  3. Holy hell I had to scroll way to far before I found this answer. Hybrid theory was the first cd I could listen from beginning to end. Absolutely loved every song.

  4. That mission blew me away the first time I attempted it. Same scenario me and some buddies in a cutless black killed the ships outside the 890. Mission wasn't complete, so I read the details again and it clicked. They wanted us inside the ship as well. I opened the side door, took a few steps back and launched myself into the void not knowing what would happen. The feeling of being some elite space SWAT team breaching and clearing a ship like that was so damn cool.

  5. I got the second one figured out, that first one though...

  6. Any anime episode in which the main character is required to go to school for no reason. Child prodigy pilots mechs with the power to destroy nations? Yup still has to go to public school. I can deal with a lot of BS from anime but this one instantly kills a show for me.

  7. Just curious, where did you pull the data from for each ship?

  8. Even cooler still is that speed of an object with mass affects this as well. As an object approaches the speed of light, the objects relative time slows down. So from the objects perspective, it is traveling faster than it really is. Of course it's only noticeable when you start to reach ludicrous speed

  9. Sir we've never gone that fast before!

  10. I had an issue where my mouse didn't even show at the main menu. Turns out I had to disable my comodo antivirus and that fixed it. It sounds like you might have a separate issue though.

  11. I’m very much a life long card carrying Horde member but I’m really leaning to wanting to play Alliance in Classic. I kinda have that been there done that experience with the Horde. Only thing holding me back is IRL friends that want to play Horde. Im not confident in them sticking around for the long haul like myself. So I might say f it and go alliance. If I do I plan on Dwarf Paladin.

  12. I'm in a similar boat. I have always played alliance but I have some friends that want to go horde. I have no problem rolling horde but I don't want to roll horde to play with them just to have them give up after a few months. I prefer the appearance of alliance, and how their armors fit them. I guess the biggest thing holding me back is that I've heard the horde pvp que times are nasty. I hope it's exaggerated, but we will see.

  13. I've never played horde before. How much AP does an orc get from blood fury racial? I believe the skill says 25% of base AP. So it wouldn't factor in gear correct? At level 60 how much AP does an orc have baseline?

  14. I know what the tooltip says, but on private servers it does in fact scale better then the base AP. Nude at 60 on warrior it is 101 AP, but with a full set of blues it is 157 AP. It appears to scale base AP + AP gained from strength, but not AP gained from +attack power gear.

  15. I'm planning on running a war and a second class. I'm leaning towards a resto shaman,so I can take advantage of windfury totem. However I really like the thought of running war and paladin for those awesome blessing of freedoms. I plan on doing both pve, and pvp. Do paladin buffs/freedom win out against shaman totems?

  16. I imagine some horror movie where all you see is the line violently shaking for a brief moment, then pulling bloody legs back out of the hole.

  17. Congratulations! I picked up mine one year ago, and couldn't be happier. This car is a monster and should be treated with respect. Have fun!

  18. Standard supercarriers have a +5 bonus to warp core strength per level of racial carrier, for a maximum of strength of +25 (show info -> traits).

  19. Awesome thank you. What about webifiers? Will those still work on a super to keep them in the bubble longer?

  20. Webs will help for sure but there are several different factors in play.


  22. Kraken would be an awesome team name!

  23. EDIT: Sorry, missed your multibox part which I don't have any experience with. Below is based on group comp in general, which I think was a fun exercise.

  24. Great explanation for the setup you choose! While having 3 cloth wearers could prove difficult in gearing, it shouldn't be a big deal. Not having an agility based class in the group means I lose out on that gear, but again not the end of the world.

  25. Great point about loot/gear splitting, I hadn't considered that!

  26. Yeah having multiple classes is very challenging. I basically set it up so that when I hit the 1 key, it's a similar ability for all classes. I try to group cc abilities, or healing abilities, to the same key. So when I need big healing on my tank, my main healer and any off healers all start casting on the tank. I use a lot of shift modifiers to execute the correct ability when I need it. It's not optimal by any stretch, but it is a lot of fun!

  27. I hate that politics is leaking into every subreddit. Sometimes I just want to read about technology and look at funny cat pictures.

  28. I feel your pain, I've just started removing any sub that starts posting politics from r/ all. It's taken some time but if you keep at it your Reddit experience improves drastically.

  29. 0.1 percent by weight should get you where you need to be. You don't need very much benzotriazole because once it has saturated the copper surface, any extra will remain in solution.

  30. Well inhibitors are typically used at ppm concentrations... that's all I've got.

  31. Just to say i mixed my own and ensure that my coolant is as pure ad I can get it. I've read that certain brands have problems with corrosion, or gunk build up. I will most likely end up trying a pre mix . Seems the easiest path. Thanks for commenting =)

  32. sometimes i've played against CV players that uses their fighters to support their strike squadrons. basically, not engaging enemy planes unless their strike planes are threatened, treating them like armed scouts if you will. this strategy basically means that they are unable/refuse to protect their fleet from the opponent's strike. if the other player (me) have the same idea, well here's a

  33. I guess I didn't convey my idea well enough. I want to remove fighters but buff AA to compensate. I would also tweak damage numbers so that unopposed CVs don't dominate the game.

  34. Thank you for your response. I like the thought of having a dispersion buff for allies. That could be fun. Would you have it work with any aircraft in close proximity?

  35. Since it's difficult finding a job in aviation while in college full-time, I like to find dirt-cheap flights in order to be around aviation. On this particular day, I lucked out and found an incredibly cheap domestic US flight on a 787-9.

  36. As a flight line mechanic who works on this bird, it's satisfying to know people are excited about it. We hear how the airlines enjoy it, but rarely do we hear from everyday people like you. Made my day, despite being stuck at work!

  37. Me and my wife just deleted ours tonight. I texted her to look at buying us a training pad holder for our puppies. She said Facebook had already started spawning ads for said item. She hadn't even looked it up yet. I'm ok with getting ads after I Google search something but reading my text? Nope.

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