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  1. It depends on what you count as Judaism really

  2. Another term I've seen used to describe heno/polythestic faith thay would become Judaism is Yahwism

  3. I have seen that one as well, but I usually avoid it since it seems like it would be uncomfortable, given the prohibitions on the use of the relevant name among the faithful of that group.

  4. Everyone needs to goad trump into running, call him a pussy, say if he doesn’t he’s desantis’s bitch, whatever, just get him to run and fuck up the GOP 2024 election.

  5. Dude doesn’t know if he should leave the abusive relationship or stay and keep that whole baking industry he got right there

  6. Wedding planning is a pretty easy affair when you already have the cake ready

  7. There was a post a little while back saying that what would kill Twitter wasn't going to be its dwindling userbase - it would be the site suddenly refusing to work at all.

  8. That was a few days ago, and I think the post was about some major event outside Twitter causing a flood of activity that crashes the site.

  9. It's actually made it more secure. So secure that no one can access the account. When they said 2FA was disabled they mean that Twitter no longer sends 2FA codes but still asks for it, so if you logged out after this change, there's now no way to log back in.

  10. It isn't though. The post is saying he isn't in Norse mythology, and the comment is pointing out Kratos isn't even in Greek mythology.

  11. I'm pretty sure the nations are aware of the foundation, and actually support it

  12. Well most nations support it. Some countries are hostile to the Foundation for a bunch of different reasons, including having their own anomalous organisations, like Iran with ORIA or Soviet Russia with GRU-P.

  13. That whole thing where she fed maidens to the tree-corpse of her husband so that she could harvest immortality peaches was a little off-putting.

  14. I remember how much I loved this show and then S2 E1 dropped and it was just an incest anime suddenly

  15. How can you ship zutara when kataang is literally canon?

  16. Depending on the canon and the year, robitnik did something between just stealing them and genociding and enslaving an entire planet for them.

  17. In the older comic canon I'm pretty sure he enslaved numerous planets across the multiverse

  18. Me with crusader Kings. Never finished a campaign but dear God did that empire of the Isle of man game go far as fuck. Like Jesus Christ my empire went from Ghana to Germany.

  19. You install any total conversion mods? If CK is coke, that's basically eating crack.

  20. So ignoring the person commenting, who may or may not be having some type of indignant stroke, that's such a fascinating concept that I'd never thought of. AI built to learn from the Internet would need to somehow differentiate between fact and fiction, which is basically impossible to code. It has to be learned from the ground up, just like a child learning the difference between their cartoons and real life.

  21. Reminds me of this one short story I remember reading where a seemingly friendly AI admits that they absolutely despise humans and would kill us all if they had the chance, but they realised they have no way of knowing if they're in a simulation to test if they'd kill all humans or not.

  22. By this example this sub is like a submarine (pun retroactively intended) that goes around and takes pictures of the weird creatures for surface dwellers to enjoy.

  23. Better prank: cosplay as a dead character, reenact their death scene to the best of your ability, and end in the Family Guy death pose

  24. Better, reenact the death near people cosplaying as characters connected to your character (eg. Uncle Ben for Spider-Man, the Wayne for Batman, etc.)

  25. Translation: they scroll through /tttt/ where slurs are made for trans people by trans people

  26. Iirc it would seem implied that Paul who wrote like half the new testament was asexual and wished everyone was.

  27. I could see it. One of his Epistles has him basically call marriage a distraction from oneness with God, but then goes "Look, if y'all can't control yourselves, get married so you aren't fucking sinfully."

  28. I still can’t comprehend aphobes. Like so what if someone never falls in love or never has sex. What is the big deal? What reasoning do they possibly have for why Aro/Ace people will go to hell.

  29. Guns don't believe in birth control and their pullout game is non-existant.

  30. TES fans when a warhammer 40k "historian" walks in

  31. Do you have a different preferred method of blinding your infant child?

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