1. Two wolves inside you, One wants to be a woman and the other wants to be a woman.

  2. has anyone ever asked Cis Men why they pick female avatars

  3. Cis men are agp, cis women are agp, trans women are agp, trans men repress because they're agp.

  4. I already did transition. Best choice I ever made. I don't have agp but Blanchard would consider me one though.

  5. Wait, so they get married without ever having seen each other naked? Evangelicals would be proud.

  6. Im an MtF only attracted to women and I've gone through you're exact mental crisis but in reverse.

  7. Why the fuck would you be glad to be born with a body that makes you dysphoric? I just can't relate to any statement like that. Sounds like something a lot of cis people said to me "but you wouldn't be the person you are today if you were born cis". Damn right I wouldn't, and life would be so much easier for it.

  8. Haven't you heard the news my dear young fellow? Transgenders don't need dysphoria any more!

  9. Why think this? You might end up sabotaging your relationship. I understand these kinds of pains are hard to overcome. But it would be better to think that you're their dream come true! Best you can do is roll with it.

  10. This is why just being single is best. Especially if you're gay.

  11. Yeah Im "centerist" or "apolitical" for lack of a better term. Both right wing and left wing are on the same dumbass bird.

  12. I have always heard "transgender" here in Arizona. I don't know what to tell ya. People around me have used it, along with strangers I occasionally speak too. For me really transexual was something new for the last few years. Don't know how that worked out but that's what happened.

  13. I agree with you. Its easy to fall into the trap of thinking transsexual is some sacred word that automatically sets us apart from the larpers. I have found myself using "trans" and "transgender" more even though I still hold transmed values.

  14. To be fair, I first thought he was a trooner so he's doing alright

  15. why can’t i just be normal why can’t i just be normal why can’t i just be normal why can’t i just be normal why can’t i just be normal why can’t i just be normal why can’t i just be normal why can’t i just be normal why can’t i just be normal why can’t i just be normal

  16. Blame the people who turned the trans culture into a woke snowflake movement.

  17. For many people here, you are just like an unicorn, a dream come true. I theorically suspected that many women like you would exist, but I've only see one woman remotely similar to that and it was online (though I did see her on skype). I've also known women who have the potential to like this, but that's only after long conversations.

  18. Unicorn? ...its not THAT rare dude. I guess thats what happens when you get your views from subs like this one

  19. I am a highly passable lesbian transwoman. Lesbians do appreoach me, and don't give any indication of knowing Im trans without me telling them

  20. Why would I want to become something I'm not? I was born male and meant to be manly with a muscular and masculine figure. AGP is more like a mental disorder that makes people think they'd be better off as a woman thanks to the sexual gratification they get from imagining themselves as a woman.

  21. What is the reason why you don't want male testosterone secondary characteristics?

  22. Why would I want to look like a sweaty burly guy with thick hair growing out my face, rough skin, deep set eyes, a disproportionally tiny waist, 10x the BO when I could look like a pretty lady instead?

  23. Trans activists treat AGP as a category, and not as a symptom (as it should be). If you treat it as a symptom, it raises a lot of question about their dogmas, if you treat it as a category, it is easier to dismiss. Hence the categorization (==hate).

  24. no one transexual has a female essence... female essence its like unicorns...

  25. Seriously, why would you want to be a woman? Don't romanticise.

  26. Give passability potential to everyone and 80% of guys will transition.

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