1. Focus on myself whether it is physical, mental, or emotional. Doesn't mean that my wife and child are less important or that my other responsibilities take a back seat, but rather I take this time to better myself everyday.

  2. Funny you should say that as my 5 y.o. was sent home from school for vomiting on himself and in the classroom. My wife went and picked him up and she found that 20 others students around the school are out due to to stomach bug. He came home threw up for a few hours and is now running around like nothing happened. However, he does seem to have seasonal allergies which every change of season he gets a slight cough and sniffles. His diet is poor even when we try to supplement in stuff, but protein is not a problem on his part cause this kid will eat more chicken in a week than most people eat in a month.

  3. Currently in the process ourselves with out 6 y.o. and we have a lot of help this time around, we tried when he was 3 y.o. and it was an utter failure that cost me an Xbox in the process. His kindergarten teacher and the program he attends after-school are helping us out and all three are working on potty training by following the same program. The honest thing to ask yourself is whether or not your child is ready? Are they recognizing when they need changed? Do they have any other difficulties with pottying: Withholding, Digging, etc.? Once it seems to have clicked with them that they are ready is when you will see the most progress.

  4. I've noticed over the years of watching Mark that he will not immediately upload games that he has been working on one after the other. Is it annoying? Yeah kinda, but I have been watching him for years so the content must be worth it. He'll get there eventually to finish the games so long as he is interested in playing them and he has the adequate time. Personally, though I enjoy the podcasts, I think he us stretched pretty thin with time especially if he is still doing his "internship" with that other channel.

  5. That chores while still being a chore can in fact feel good once they are completed and not just a burden. Now I do chores and it relaxes me a bit kind of takes me put of my own head. If I'm angry...find a chore to do. If I'm bored...find a chore to do. It makes everything seem less chaotic at times.

  6. I can't say that I do that exactly, but I listen to enough podcasts to tune everything else out and find that when I am not listening to something then my mood will shift towards the negative.

  7. That is a question that I have been asking since the initial diagnosis. Being a parent to an only child I can't say for certain about any of the behaviors. What I have come to do instead is that everything he does is not separate from being a kid to being autistic, but rather focus on each thing as if neither were factor. I'm probably not making sense with this, but for me it makes sense to observe, interact, and react accordingly to anything that he does.

  8. This topic can carry with it a deeper discussion than I believe that any answer could be sufficient to be considered adequate, but in the long and short of it I am a live and let live kind of person.

  9. Everything you described is what my own son exhibited at that age. He is now 5 and with lots of patience and help with his teachers and workers that were a part of the Early Intervention program, which I highly recommend seeking out your counties Early Intervention/countries equivalent as they will work with him on Speech Therapy (ST), Physical Therapy (PT), and Occupational Therapy (OT), as well as, prepare him for kindergarten. Once he aged out of Early Intervention we were able to find another program that uses Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to help him progress with specific goals. Now, fair warning you will find plenty of nay sayers for ABA because it has a not so good past, but I can attest that my son has progressed immensely with the use of the program he is in and the early intervention he was a part of as well. He is now in Kindergarten who his teacher is ABA certified and she not only teaches normative Kindergarten expectations, but gears it towards each individual student she has which is only like 5 kids currently with another 2 or 3 assistant teachers.

  10. Has your son been seen by a doctor for seizures? I just want to get a better understanding of what you mean by he's sick and his whole body shakes.

  11. He had a Febrile seizure last year and ever since it scares me he’s going to get another one

  12. My wife has had epilepsy since she was a kid and even with her going to a doctor and explaining the symptoms she was feeling they didn't test her for it until she had a huge seizure. She has to take medicine every day in order to make sure she doesn't have any seizures. Due to this and knowing that such things can be passed through genetics we monitor our son as much as possible for any signs that she used to feel or exhibit. With his lack of verbal skills due to his autism if he was experiencing anything in that regard he wouldn't be able to tell us. I would recommend getting your son checked by a doctor with a focus on seizures. I know you were looking for at home ways to help with the situation, but if it is seizures then there likely isn't any remedy other than medication that will help with it.

  13. I got this movie for Xmas last year and it was one I had watched as a kid. When OP was giving the description I could literally see this movie in my mind.

  14. "Have you ever seen a dream walking? Well, I did!"

  15. Oh I can't wait to watch this today! I typically throw the older clips on when I am having a bad day to give me some great laughs!

  16. I've never homesteaded at all. My father later in life decided to have an extremely large garden that he and my mother took care of and still do, but was off in college when they started to do such things including canning. Now at 36 I for whatever reason have the itch to try my own hand at it. Big issues around it right now though like the current economy and the state of our credit score (my wife and I). Knowing that you are attempting to do this at only a few years in difference between our ages gives me some hope that it can still happen. I look forward to seeing any and or all updates you may provide.

  17. Find hobbies that you can do by yourself without having to rely on others to add to your life. Sometimes adding more things for you to experience is enough for example you can build something, grow veggies, expand your physical side through activities like hiking, kayaking, or learn a language. If none of these interests you then it's not the end of it, but the point is to not be complacent and to find those experiences yourself. I say this as someone who has a wife and a child and one thing that was a big lesson to learn is They are not responsible for my happiness that relies on Me to make it happen. Best of luck to you.

  18. Yes and no. I work nights and she works the early shift for her company. Typically I sleep when I can through the day and she sleeps at night when I am at work. On the days that I have off we share the bed and there is some odd moments in the first half hour, but then we both fall asleep. We recently did have to get separate blankets though because the one she likes is different from the one I like which does help when in the same bed.

  19. If i can find it to be useful now then I consider it to be a good gift, but when I was younger I was given so many gifts that I was interested in for a short amount if time and then in a similar amount of time me to even forget that it was a gift.

  20. It was an honest toss up as to whether I would lose two toes that I don't ever really think about or whether the world would lose Australia and the many venomous and dangerously huge animals that lurk upon it. In the end I chose my toes.

  21. Any and/or All, but the one that really chapped my ass in regards to the bad guy not winning was Law Abiding Citizen because the amount of work and effort that the bad guy went to and the fact that his goal was actually more relatable than most would have been nice to have had a bad guy win for it. Overall, it is nice to see the good guy win, but a good surprise win by the bad guy would be welcomed.

  22. I know it wouldn't be good to have happen and likely would have to be CGI because i doubt they would allow it to happen for real, but when Gage comes back in Pet Semetary and confronts Judd there are so many dark and just genuinely messed up things that he says to Judd that sets just how metaphysical the Wendigo reaches. As Gage knew things that he shouldn't same as Billy Baterman, but to hear it come from someone so young and who previously was innocent was so jarring and unsettling to read that I think had it been done in the movie(s) it would have made a larger impact.

  23. More than I care to admit honestly. However, the more routine the day is the less screen time available. With school and an elective program that my son is involved with he doesn't even get back home until after 5, then he eats dinner usually with screen time, then he gets 1 or 2 books read to him depending on his mood, then we go to his bathroom routine, and then he is free to play or watch TV as much as he wants before falling asleep which is typically between 8 or 9 at night.

  24. 1st book was indeed the best one among three. I would not feel the way I feel right now if the supernatural elements was to be there in the book as well. About Holly, she clearly under Autism spectrum, and knowing that alone, I like the character to be honest. And with that in mind, her character growth fits. My own son has Autism.....wonder if that has anything to do it. I do agree with you, this was not the worst of his books but indeed a difficult one to finish.

  25. My son is 5 y.o. and has Autism as well, but that doesn't automatically make Holly likeable in my eyes. She was a decent side character, but I preferred Bill more. Once she became the the more prominent character that he was going to lean on I would be hesitant about reading other things that she was written. That being said I can say the exact same for other characters of his books that I don't mind them, but when they pop up surprisingly, like two characters from IT popping up in 11/22/63, it was a nice little nod to how connected the universe really is for King, yet when Holly arrives in The Outsider she as a character attempts to steal the show and the other characters we had seen from the beginning faded towards the background kind of like how I can't remember their names as well as hers. Hopefully this makes more sense.

  26. The first sentence and I forgot about the books. My son is 4.5 as well. Another thing we have in common.

  27. Never thought I'd see an Archer reference in the Supernatural subreddit! Great call back! Still a shitty choice by Sam.

  28. Drinking alcohol and outrageous spending. I wish I had been as worried about money and the future as I am now. I don't think it's too late to make an impact on saving for the future, but it won't be as good as it would have been if I had started sooner.

  29. Didn't watch it when it was originally on TV, but was able to watch the whole show on Netflix and it wasn't a bad show, but if I hadn't been able to continuously watch it without having too many breaks like the show originally did with only being on one night a week and season long breaks then the title of the show would have been exactly how I felt.

  30. My son is 5 y.o. No issue with walking into the bathroom and either standing in front of or sitting on the toilet isn't an issue, but using the toilet successfully has only been achieved a handful of times. He can do all the steps: pull pants down, pull pull up down, sit on toilet, flush, wash hands, dry hands, and exit...but usually he doesn't go in the toilet. He does withhold pooping and it can bad. We have him on a daily prebiotic regimen to aid in his poops and a lot of times it helps, but there are plenty of times that he will forcefully hold it and then we have to resort to Miralax or Chocolate Laxative in order for him to have a successful poop. As it stands I would give nearly anything to have him just be comfortable enough to poop.

  31. We did miralax for two months due to what we thought was withholding but then figured out he has a dairy sensitivity. Stopped giving him milk and his constipation issues were completely resolved. It was hell, though. Our whole lives revolved around hoping for a daily poop. Luckily now he's really good about pooping daily. It's just getting him to sit is a constant fight. And he never pees of his own volition.

  32. We thought it was a lactose issue too, but having him off of dairy products for a bit did nothing to stop it. In fact yesterday and today was another bout of refusal with the Miralax he finally did poop, but he was still fighting it and it definitely gets hard to see him fight something that should feel natural.

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