1. Damn you’ve been busy! You sound like me when I first got into FF. Honestly respect for going back and playing the psp/ps1 FF remakes. I love those games.

  2. The whole FF7 Remake plot belongs in FF8 if we’re being 100% honest.

  3. The cast in this game was so forgettable... it's kind of criminal. What are you playing this on?

  4. FF origins ps1 disc digital copy. The greatest versions of the FF1 and FF2 remakes/remasters.

  5. Is it really the best versions? Huh. I had both of those for the PSP as well. Never beat those two or Tactics but would love to.

  6. Oh yeah! The music is remastered, the worlds are completely Re-done from the ground up with a very nice color palette, as well as the addition of 2D/3D environment models/textures.

  7. Couldn’t fit your dummy thicc ass that’s for sure. Congratulations to you though! On the ass and the marriage!

  8. Eleven makes the better Eleven, she adds to the narrative with this cool thing she does. Talking

  9. Lol chill man. Its easy to figure what everyone's favourite FF is with response like this. I didn't say it was bad just reckon it does have flaws.

  10. My response wasn’t unchill 🤷🏼‍♂️. FF8 is # 2 or 3 for me i like 9 and tactics a lot.

  11. Nah I love 8 man but it's better if you limit your ability to draw imo. Makes the game too easy to break and so you have to put limitations on yourself once you understand how to use stat junctioning. That is a game design flaw.

  12. For sure but then the whole thing needs to be reworked, but I see your point. I’m not really arguing the draw system is amazing, but I do like aspects of it.

  13. I don’t get the upvotes, this is explained pretty much at this point in the show by Tien.

  14. Damn why have I never used that as a pickup line?! Been doing it wrong

  15. Really? Auron all day. Jecht is a sloppy angry drunk 😂

  16. Minus doom you and I are very very similar

  17. Not really 12 was the best main line entry since for me. Haven’t played Zodiac Age yet but I’ve heard it makes the experience even better.

  18. I’ve almost beaten every FF. The 2 I haven’t fully finished are 3 and 5. Happy to help guide you if needed.

  19. I think they know how popular it is already. Gonna guess a sequel is not on the way

  20. Replayed Still fell flat. I hate that even when you’re outside you’re locked in a hallway.

  21. Liking 8 is weird but everyone has their personal favorite. Some people even like 13 for some inexplicable reason.

  22. 8 is awesome if you invest time and understanding into it.

  23. Nope one of the later ones actually FF9

  24. He is the best artist for every style thrown at him. There are others that specialize in styles that could beat him at that specialty, but DJ is hands down the most versatile artist on that show. Period.

  25. Yup hate him or love him he kills tattoos and flash challenges

  26. “Aerith is pretty much safe now” that gave me a nice chuckle.

  27. I love 10-2 to this day, but yeah. That game was very hyper sexualized lol

  28. Paine asking me “Are you turned on?” After a battle…

  29. All of X-2 for me because all of X-2 is awkward

  30. Any tips for me? Can’t get past the first dude in the Novigrad tournament. All those stupid spy cards

  31. Decoys nab those eye cards that give you 2 more in your hand

  32. Just because the canvas idea was selected does not automatically make the outcome tattoo a successful pinup. The same content could have been made into a different tattoo that fit the challenge better

  33. It’s a male pinup for sure it’s just not your average pinup.

  34. Is it the single best non-master canvas? Maybe not. But doing a male pinup with a car on an older canvas with very wrinkled skin? That's why I say given the ask this is the best tattoo anyone has done.

  35. I’m having a hard time disagreeing with your masterful logic. I yield my time

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