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  1. Play with flying enabled it’s way more fun imo. Don’t have to waste time simply walking back and forth. It does ruin some things but overall it sounds like you’d like it more. It eliminates a lot of tediousness of the game

  2. Can you share pictures (in a new post)? I'm genuinely interested in a 50h halfway through T6 build.

  3. Well its more like 52h but i was lucky enough to find 1 purple slugs and 2 yellow slugs and 4 blue slags while going to oil nodes so i used overclocking for the thing that i want to progress in but is 52h really that short?

  4. Wait it has? I just saw the update now.

  5. Dude check itch io thats where the dev releases for all platforms

  6. Your wrong there. Unless its fun for you to lose every match in SD, when you reach 800+ trophies every single brawler you see hard counters him. Primo, shelly, stu, crow, winning is really hard.

  7. And the worst thing is: People teaming on him when they see him in showdown

  8. put a #️⃣before the sentence

  9. Hello here. i am Freddec, french dev of

  10. Hey, this is actually really good advice. Thank you!

  11. 25 percent in a single shot is a good trade if you ask me.

  12. Who do you main then? Sounding like a toxic edgar main. And I was playing crow numb nuts, there’s basically nothing on my profile to indicate I play anybody other than crow

  13. Whats wrong with edgar huh i like playing him and im not toxic...

  14. Hi nice work Btw i wanna ask how should i credit u in my game if i use ur packs?

  15. You're likely fine, but if you're concerned, see the earlier advice.

  16. All of them are open-source, so they're safer than any other product you might be using on your computer.

  17. What does open source have to do with security?

  18. Oh thanks for the explanation :D So i shouldnt worry when downloading open source projects

  19. I'd say Godot. Open-source, great community, lots of updates, no licence fees, easy to use.

  20. Nah i only gonna publish on windows/android/ios

  21. There isn’t any mods for split screen, I don’t think it’s compatible for doom, although you might consider playing the multiplayer on 2016 or eternal

  22. Not sure how many hours i've put in. I am ready for cilinder update :p

  23. well im at simulations right now am i close to completing the game?

  24. I like games that have just enough security on the save state to discourage 99.9% of users from trying to hack the saves. Then I like to hack those saves, make 5 years worth of progress in an hour of gameplay, then go read forum posts from people who are literally wasting their lives grinding away hours and days and months and $$$$ on idle games.

  25. i also feel the joy of being able to hack game's saves but my problem is that im on mobile and its hard so i just grind :D

  26. Personally I'm a sucker for a good story. One of the first ones i played was spaceplan and it pulled me into this genre. For me an incremental game doesn't have to be infinite.

  27. well yeah most incrementals have to have an ending or people will get bored of it not having a final goal

  28. They aren't linked... not yet anyway.. if you're on pc, just click the sector you want to see stats of, and at the bottom theres a button u can click (I forget exactly what its labelled as right now).. if u click, u can see all ur stats.. nice addition in v7 is that it shows you exactly where your imports and exports are coming from/going to....

  29. When you click on a sector a button with a “i” will appear, click it to see info about the sector. The two planets are not completely linked, the reason why serpulo also has shielded walls is because the recipe used to be just phase and surge so it was accessible to both planets but anuke then made those walls only for erekir which is why they have beryllium, he might remove shielded walls from serpulo sooner or later

  30. What about for society?? I'm stuck at e32 runes and I'm pretty stuck

  31. dude thats society 1-2-1 means in 1st tier i did the first option second tier i did second option third tier i did first option...

  32. Oh sorry, I meant creations my bad lol

  33. u should try getting 1 artifact the rest put to idle and follower gain if ur gonna use 1-2-1

  34. Not currently but I have talked to the guy who makes Exogenesis and Advancements and he said he's trying to update them to work with the latest version. If you want I can ask him again and see how it's going so far

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