1. Does anyone have a Travel spell ( a spell to travel where you want ) ?

  2. I don’t have any advice I just had to say this is super sweet and she probably really appreciated it

  3. I loved it. There's only 2 cons I can really think of

  4. I loved freakshow it’s definitely in my top faves

  5. Maybe do a lying down pose applying Chanel red lipstick looking down

  6. Coven I just feel so at home watching it and I love like every character

  7. Fiona and Elsa Tate and Kai (idk why but I feel like Kai and tate would totally not get along it could I be a while ass comedy show )maybe jpm and Kai cus I feel like jpm would totally mess with him And of course Ali and Lana And sally and Karen And I would also like to see mamie and Lana (they could talk aliens ) There’s probs a lot more

  8. Cult. It was too political for me. And I know that American is in the title, but Cult was even more American than the other seasons, to the point that as an Australian, I just couldn't relate to it at all. I found the entire season alienating, like I wasn't the target audience at all.

  9. Exactly I would of hoped cult would of went a more Charles Manson kind of cult route

  10. Basic but Sarah Paulson and Evan peters 100 percent also Jessica Lange but she hasn’t really been in it for a while

  11. Hayden (Murder House) and Alex (Hotel). I also think Jimmy Darling kinda sucks

  12. Ikr I almost forgot about Hayden she’s def my second least fave

  13. Kai sorry I know many people simp I’ve thin but he’s the type of person I hate and Even evan playing him with blue hair won’t change it

  14. Aye same top 4 (just with different orders but coven is my top season too )

  15. Piggyman gang where u at?! 🐷 sorry but the pig men freak me out sooooo much!

  16. Also the theme I loved the theme of 1984 it really set a great tone for the season !!!

  17. With the season producing the iconic Liz Taylor I really can’t really see why people hate it

  18. Cult I hated it still can’t get into it or of course Death Valley

  19. Murder house - as much as I love violet and tate definitely addie with tate at a close second Asylum - sister Jude Coven - either misty or Fiona Freakshow - ma petite Hotel - definitely Liz Roanoke either Sophie or Shelby (cus the line poor Shelby ) Cult - ivy unlike the others I hated her was happy she was killed so that’s why it was iconic Apocalypse- Madison 1984 -Montana Red tide - Doris or Karen

  20. I’m Thinking a housewife in the late 1800s -1900s (maybe 1910 or 1920?) kills her abusive husband

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