1. Should I even bother watching season 3? The way the last season ended was so fucking bad. I just have zero goddamn motivation to watch that shit.

  2. Not worth it my friend, feels more like the lackluster Book of Boba Fett than it’s Apex Mountain of Season 1.

  3. Which is also why Malone/Stockton PnR was virtually unstoppable because they would isolate on one side of the court, throw the other 3 players on the other side standing around and defenders still weren’t allowed to leave then because they would get called for illegal defense.

  4. If you read all these responses one after the other, it sounds like a Russillo monologue lol

  5. I didn’t put my net worth on it but I paid my mortgage for a month 💰

  6. Swished it from the logo my guy I was like “woah is jdswizz having a moment?”

  7. Phil (Bradley Cooper) in the Hangover strikes me as a Simmons and RR listener. Also Matt Damon in The Departed.

  8. I think it’s something physiological around the jaw, teeth and upper respiratory system. I will cite the low hanging ears piece as an indicator of a potentially larger issue regarding his cranial constitution. He seems to have a lisp that takes on different sounds and comes and goes. The noises are something I’ve noticed but thankfully am not bothered by, but will probably notice more since reading your thoughts on this phenomenon. Thanks for the laughs but also sorry to hear of your struggles.

  9. "I heard Russillo say 'Wait, what?' and then I was like wait, what?"

  10. There are too many Jalens in the NBA! Like 3 new ones are joining a year. Stop!

  11. Tell Silver we need an embargo on Jalens! Stern would do it, he just would!

  12. An underrated PIECE of why the Kings have been so good (at least in main stream NBA media) is the fact that they actually run a consistent, tried and true system on offense. The Princeton offense runs so well with them because of all their shooters and well rounded offensive players. Not claiming to be an expert by any means, but for how much folks speak out against iso ball and the "heliocentric" offense, I don't hear enough praise for the offense Mike Brown runs. It's just: "The Kings are good! They Just are! Look at the stuff Fox and Sabonis do! They're clutch!"

  13. Everytime Ryen says it is like the first time, you can feel the incredulity, you just can!

  14. I nominate "super-duper star", I actually don't mind the arbitrary number piece.

  15. We won’t know for sure until Bill and Ryen revisit the 2019 AD trade in 2034 to see who really won it.

  16. To me it’s his game that’s kind of boring and not appealing to me. I don’t really like his shooting form or drives, and that contributes to my disinterest with him.

  17. Well, the fact that you are disinterested in player because of how they look when they shoot says way more about you than about Tatum

  18. Of course it does, I just don’t enjoy watching the guy play so much. Of course he’s great and I can appreciate that when watching the Celtics.

  19. I think the loud bang just gave the owner a little jump scare and that's what set him off lol

  20. Tarantino would actually fit in at the Ringer. Always talking about "here’s the thing alright?"

  21. Portland will draft Bronny James, and LeBron will come to Portland to play with him. Portland will finally chip with a Bron/Dame duo, Bron will promptly retire, team up with Phil Knight, and purchase the Blazers shortly thereafter.

  22. Why do you think people often misinterpret or take shit out of context here?

  23. Ryen has got to be committing to the bit at this point. Incredible stuff. It’d be so damn easy for them to arrange for a dinner with all of them, or drinks, or top golf. It’s hilarious

  24. I wanted ol Billy to call Draymond the right arm of the organization when Jacoby gave him that layup, instead he called him “the punch”.. Really enjoyed this episode all in all

  25. Get someone who loves you as much as Bill loves “Jacobes” 😂

  26. Ahh I was waiting for that hug of a MAHNK since he went off on LAC the other night 🤣🤣

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