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  1. Should I coat to tip or the metal of the watch? Thx by the way

  2. The instrument you are using. Of you are in doubt; go to your local watch seller. $5 is better than scratching your watch. They can pop it open and hand it back to you, and you can close it whenever you want.

  3. No. This looks to be a snap on case-back. But as I've mentioned: if you are in doubt, have a professional do it. The cost is so low compared to the aggravation of scratching and/or damaging your piece.

  4. You've gotten great pointers to stores who sell flags, but more importantly; what are you celebrating? :)

  5. Merk at dette primært gjelder nord for moralsirkelen.

  6. Nice man! Also, good on you for embracing the learning here (rocks, wet, etc.). We all start somewhere. Fly fishing is about the most addictive thing I’ve ever done. Plus, you get to go see some beautiful places. Enjoy your fly fishing journey, it’s something that is never truly mastered.

  7. It was never supposed to be there. Please see the rest of the posts, and enjoy your day!

  8. And if there are no pharmacies open for you today, you might get some relief from Samarin sold in all grocery stores. Works nowhere near as well as the pharmacy stuff, but might be a quick fix until tomorrow.

  9. It is located by the vitamin dupplements and such. White and red box. Good luck!

  10. Water and electricity? Goes together like a house on fire..

  11. Yes. Exactly that one. I have 2 out of the three you posted, but I always gravitate to the f-91w. It's amazing. Alarm, stopwatch and absolutely no fluff. Cheap as dirt and will last you a lifetime.

  12. Damn bois, I thought that this post will help me to buy fast a watch, but now I got stuck for life in choosing one😭

  13. When it all boils down to it, you're the one buying. Get the one you want my dude.

  14. Small shops like mentioned by others usually sell these.

  15. Found in biome 3. The level has several portals, and one will always lead you to an outside platform with a chest containing a key. This room spawns 1 of three possible enemies, where one of them is the malformed automaton.

  16. Great! Being empty of fp on that last hit must have caused some panic..

  17. I figured, but had no idea they lit up. Looks amazing!

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