1. Fall Guys since it went free. I'm not very good, but it's fun.

  2. Currently reading Forsaken Fae: Book Two by R.A. Steffan (m/m, Paranormal).

  3. Work has been overwhelming - I'm giving my notice Monday now that I have some interviews lined up because they forced me into a raise/promotion and are throwing important responsibilities I was never trained for and am not qualified for at me. So I've been playing Rune Factory 5 to just chill. Might buy Horse Club Adventures as well because it seems relaxing.

  4. Rune Factory 5 is fun. Also Dragon Age series is on my list to play because of the romance options.

  5. I have this game for PS4 but haven't played yet. Looks like fun, might be the next or the next game I play on PS4.

  6. Cool. I've always had a Playstation but the Xbox Series S and gamepass seem like an awesome deal so I've definitely been considering an Xbox this generation.

  7. FF7 Remake (taking so long for me to beat, only have a few chapters left now), Rune Factory 5, and Faircroft's Antiques: Treasures of Treffenburg (hog).

  8. Awesome image! Hope you're enjoying the painting. :) I started working on my first diamond painting today, it's a lot of fun so far.

  9. Thanks for this. I want to buy this game for Switch but was hesitating because of the reported issues/bugs. I think I might just have to take a chance on it.

  10. 1 or 2 are my favs, they all look great.

  11. My laptop isn't really built for gaming but I'm still tempted to buy Dragon Age: Origins UE and Loren the Amazon Princess. And I really shouldn't because I already have a large backlog but now I'm thinking about adding PowerWash Simulator and Wildermyth to the cart as well.

  12. I've played a few hours on the switch. Other than some occasional longish loading and very slight stuttering a very few times it has performed well. Definitely not taking away the enjoyment of playing.

  13. I'm playing Grow: Song of the Evertree on Switch and am really enjoying it so far.

  14. Starting The Good Life after work this evening.

  15. I'm going to continue updating my first, launch day story. I'm also, when it's polished, going to start posting one other serial on Vella. I am going to hold off on a few stories that I was originally going to add to Vella and try submitting them elsewhere, maybe try Radish. I think if Vella would have had a better launch I definitely would have gone all in but for now I'm still in - just more cautious about adding content until I see more readers.

  16. I'm very sorry for your loss. I know it's hard but try to cherish the good memories you made with your friend and remember that the best is yet to come in your life. Keep going. I hope you enjoy your birthday and stay well.

  17. Same. Other than family no reads at all yet.

  18. Yes I completely agree, that would be very beneficial for all.

  19. I'm thinking about getting this, but not right at launch. I have a basic laptop and have wanted a gaming PC for years. If this can play games like Baldur's Gate 3 and I don't have to fork over as much money as I would for a decent gaming PC I'm in.

  20. I'm excited! My Paranormal Romance is live on Kindle Vella. Planning updates twice a week going forward and have some other stories in the works as well.

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