1. Yeah! But the company didn't got enough support to carry on so we got a long rushed epi 5 to finish it. Of course there was supposed to be a third ending too.

  2. Which is why I don't think the current architecture is going to be what generates AGI, even if scaled up. When you reach bottlenecks like this it generally means a new architecture is needed.

  3. Some of you guys on here have such a cultish mindset. I am just describing my thoughts as someone who has a computer science degree and a lot of experience with machine learning.

  4. Jeffrey Pelt: "'ve lost another battalion while trying to cross the same river?"

  5. Google indicates that Russia only planned it this time but did they go for it again?

  6. You can get this data from the

  7. Wow, people didn’t like TC? It’s my second favourite under the first

  8. For me personally, I just didn't give a shit about these people in their one-horse town struggling to deal with their small dramas. A big issue is that they made Gabe your brother and told you to care that he died.

  9. Age old problem, different people have different definitions of AGI. They're each potentially correct when characterizing gato in relation to their conception of AGI.

  10. It's literally what's financing this war. Europe is giving BILLIONS to Russia. Stockholm syndrome is real.

  11. Europe will also take atleast 150 billion dollars off of Russia this year in their economy. The most important thing is that nothing is imported to them.

  12. Nobody is saying this, nor should poll numbers be trusted in a country that openly punishes and executes people for dissent. Do you think Russians voted for this war? No.

  13. In hindsight Germany should have been punished more. The actual punishment came at the end of the war.

  14. Hybrids are the worst of both worlds. You are carrying a bunch of dead weight for no good reason.

  15. The battery density actually isn't such a big deal now because you can compensate by flying higher. You of course need some energy density to climb but we have that. The design has to ensure things like cost and safety but then it's good to go.

  16. There are hybrid solutions that can improve (reduce) co2 output significantly. Eventually battery tech will get us short range electric commuter flight . But international multi hour flight I think will always require fuel unless you want to use solar power and take 5x longer to get there

  17. Not 5x longer, maybe twice as long at worst, possibly only 50% longer. Because new things such as higher flight altitudes will be implemented to compensate the energy density.

  18. True, but Putin still owns the Republican Party in the US just the way he owned Trump. A majority of office holding Republicans are indebted to Putin because of the “contributions” he has funneled to them through shadowy third parties. It’s amazing to think but, if Russia were to declare war on the US, a significant number of Republican politicians would side with Russia.

  19. We have to remember that Russia funds internal conflict. So be careful not to play into Putin's hand by making unnecessary enemies.

  20. The giant Russian flashlights used to light up Finland will be switched off, casting all of Finland into eternal darkness.

  21. Quantum computers could possibly help design and build nano mechanical computers, the most energy efficient classical computers possible without reversibility.

  22. I see. I wouldn't say I ignore physical limits, but yes, I do think that they are fairly negligible, or in other words: once we get AGI, it won't take very much to get ASI/The singularity, if there is even a distinction.

  23. Actually this didn't deserve any down votes. It's absolutely true.


  25. Everyone talking about communism/fascism/democracy in the future when those are only tier 3 governments. It's time we start debating between between the tier 4's: synthetic technocracy, corporate libertarianism, and digital democracy.

  26. It is interesting to me that there are communities like us that understand AI will be here very soon. I am disturbed by the thought that the majority (talking average Joe) of people not only believe they won’t see AGI but that it is impossible.

  27. People do know it's coming through increased surveillance and automation. They just underestimate the significance of the occasion.

  28. There is no climate crisis. Mammals happily roamed the earth when Antarctica was a lush forest. Mammals also lived when the Midwest was covered in a mile of ice. It's such a mystery to me why we think the mean temp of 1900 is the only and best possible temp. Human are causing climate change, it's true. It could raise sea levels and be tough on costal cities. Widespread AI would mean material abundance. We could easily move, build, etc as we saw fit. If your super into keeping your 1900 temperature, this instant, we already have numerous solutions if we so choose. Decarbonize the economy would be number one. Other more direct and easy with AI methods, seed ocean with iron, run planes releasing sulfur to block sun, launch a bunch of sun blocking satellites since our GDP will be nearly unlimited. Personally I am moving to Mars and we will tell our AI we need more global warming.

  29. Folks just have a problem seeing how big a jump AGI really is, all the big AI developments are cool though and will definitely accelerate science.

  30. On the flipside people underestimate what can be achieved with tradititional artificial intelligence, both in terms of development of artificial general intelligence and in science and engineering.

  31. Christians and Transhumanists are both equally beholden to beliefs about life beyond (or after) the body. Christians have "the second coming" or "the rapture". Transhumanists have "progress" or "the singularity".

  32. Why don't singularitarians and ML fanatics figure out how to automate radiologists and truckers away (like they promised ~5 years ago — exactly how far 2028 is from the future right now) before talking about turning humans into paperclips?

  33. You don't know what they laughed about. Could have been the "totally" word there. Infact, by misleading Trump might have reassured Europeans of their position on energy. If you want to send a message make it truthful.

  34. I suspect most solar power will be off grid and not stored but used instantly. It's simply the most efficient way. It's a big shift in the operations of many sectors.

  35. They're all fake. Like, Eliza fooled people into thinking it was a person and it can be implemented in a few pages of BASIC.

  36. You're really traumatized by Eliza. But surely you can see why it was a weak way to test the program.

  37. But can you understand that other setups aren't just pareidolia tests, they eliminate the pareidolia by having 2 participants.

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