1. I have never had psoriasis, only joint inflammation and sausage fingers. They found out I do have psoriasis genes and psoriatic arthritis genes though.

  2. There is fasting also in Roman Catholic Church and this is the information about fasting from our Ministry of the Interior website:

  3. Bloody hell all these years on this planet and never knew people did that! feel a bit stupid now. I knew about Lent but didn't realise people actually followed it to the letter

  4. I probably wouldn't know either, if it wasn't for my grandma. She also follows the Friday fast and never eats meat on that day. I think that it's mostly really religious people who follow it to the letter in my country.

  5. In Spanish we say it "Orión", more like the Greek version but with a stress in the last O.

  6. In Slovak we say it Orion just like in Spanish, but with a stress on the first letter.

  7. what the hell was the engineer thinking ?

  8. The railway is a cutural heritage. It is a historic forestal railway originally 130 km long, in 1908-1982 it was used to transport wood from the long valleys in the Carpathian mountains. In 1944 it was used to import supplies and ammunition to the mountains for the anti-nazi partisans in the Slovak National Uprising. After it was closed in 1982, the football stadium was built. In 1992-2003 it was used to transport wood again and now it is used as a tourist attraction. The football players and fans don't mind it.

  9. The thing with not wearing tie you mentioned did happen in Spain, I saw it in the news a few days ago. They will also not use AC in places like cinemas etc.:

  10. Same! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I started at 8 AM and finished at 10 PM, so 14 hours of reading with almost no pauses.

  11. The Common Czech language, which is different from the Standard Czech.

  12. There's two main reasons why people don't like it:

  13. I'm not sure if the translating in your head problem is caused by constant translating back and forth, at least not in my experience, it's been the opposite. I am still in the initial parts of a few languages and I am already starting to "feel" the meaning of sentences in the TL instead of needing to translate them. At first I take the meaning in and then I recompose the sentence in my head to translate it to English (which is not my NL) for Duolingo. Sometimes I translate it also to my NL in my head, just to know how the meaning feels in my NL, how we say those things, what words we use, what is different, it helps me feel the TL better. The translating is making me actually better at switching languages, like professional interpreters do. But maybe it's just me? I don't know.

  14. My two favorite space movies are Interstellar and Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks. I have loved it since it came out when I was a child, it's still such a great movie, recommended.

  15. Also in Slovak robiť and in Czech dělat both mean make/do.

  16. Som ateistka a antiteistka. Neverím v žiadnu formu života po smrti, je to oxymoron, lebo život je presným opakom smrti, navzájom sa vylučujú, ako svetlo a tma - tma je neprítomnosť svetla, smrť je neprítomnosť života. Existencia vedomia podľa mňa priamo súvisí s existenciou a aktivitou mozgu a keď žiadna nie je, nemôže byť ani vedomie. Keď sa ti rozbije mobil, tiež si z neho už nezavoláš, lebo existencia a fungovanie jeho softvéru závisí od existencie hardvéru. Predstava, že by som po smrti mala ešte nejako existovať, pravdepodobne do nekonečna, ma práveže desí. Pred narodením som tiež neexistovala a nijako som to nepocítila, tak očakávam, že so smrťou to bude presne rovnaké, aj keď to pravdepodobne nikdy nezistím.

  17. Život a smrť je kolobeh, ktorý je vzájomne nevyhnutný. Ostatne to, že žijeme, je tiež len vďaka smrti iných tvorov - nielen živočíchov, ale aj rastlín.

  18. Áno, aj smrť a vznik nových buniek, aj smrť a vznik nových rastlín a živočíchov sú súčasťou kolobehu života. Ja však hovorím o smrti jednotlivca, o náboženských predstavách života po smrti. Pre jednotlivca sa to smrťou končí. Ja mám vedomie na úrovni človeka, nie buniek alebo celého živočíšneho druhu, takže moje vedomie zmizne spolu so smrťou môjho tela.

  19. V pôvodnom príspevku v komentoch ľudia písali, že toto je iba trolling od Rusov, lebo západ ich vraj chce dekolonizovať na menšie samostatné štáty a táto mapa je odpoveď na to, aké absurdné by to bolo. Vraj.

  20. I would suggest to learn whole words, not just endings, and even better learn collocations or phrases, at least two words together.

  21. IDWT$ (I don't want the money) from the new album, Careful What You Wish For from their previous album. Also the song Dark by Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Noah did the vocals.

  22. This is great, thank you! I didn’t realise there was so much nuance and variability in the meaning of pozrieť. Thanks!

  23. No problem! Also, not in textbooks, but in everyday life people are sometimes using wrong or lazy grammar, so in informal situations you may hear some people say things like Pozrieme film? without si. It's just lazy grammar, speaking casually.

  24. More along how do we know looking a certain direction is towards the beginning of our universe... like what if its the other way?

  25. Imagine the universe as an onion. The inside layer grew as first, then another one, another one... We are in the outer layer and when we look into the universe = inside the onion, we will see the "center" of it from any point we are at, every look across the universe/onion will be a look into its past when speaking about time and "center" (not literally) when speaking about space.

  26. I was taught to knit by my mum, because I wanted to learn it. We learned some basic sewing by hand in school aged 9 or 10 and also learned to darn a sock with a wooden mushroom. Both boys and girls, it was in the 90s.

  27. We use the latin names, but in the past there were also Slavic names, these are from the 19th century (in times of Ľudovít Štúr):

  28. wow. it's striking how forest centred these are compared to other languages !

  29. True, I didn't realise it. Slovakia has lot of mountains and forests (41%).

  30. Co sa ti nelubi. Preco by sa mal odhalovat pred malymi detmi? Ty si tiez pedofil?

  31. I'm not sure what you mean about "the" being random, unless you're confusing American and British English.

  32. My guess is that OP's native language doesn't use articles, just like mine. There are rules for articles in English, but it's not like if you learn them, you know how to use it everytime in every situation. It's quite complicated for a non-article mind and sometimes it really feels like random. When you have enough exposure and input, you mostly go by 'what feels right'.

  33. Sounds like the clerofascism ruling in my country, a puppet state of Germany, during the WWII. Our president was a catholic priest and even paid to Germany for taking 70.000 Jews to the death camps.

  34. Why does this sound familiar? It also reminds me of a couple things, like maybe a cartoon animal dipping its tail in ink... to sign something? Ugh, this is gonna bother me.

  35. In A Little Princess there is a scene where a mean girl in class dipps another girl's hair in ink, but doesn't cut it.

  36. Wow, I haven't seen that movie in a couple decades. I vaguely remember that.

  37. I've seen it lately after almost two decades too, it was nostalgic indeed!

  38. I did, fluently and multiple languages, even the ones I was barely on a beginner level or the ones I had never try to speak. Everything is possible in a dream, I don't take them seriously.

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