1. Failure of a husband and father. But keep clinging to your handgun to make up for substandard house, leased car, etc that led you to begging for advice on ducking Reddit about your failed life.

  2. Failed life? Lol. Not Cars paid for. Brand new house. Married 23 years. Piss off loser.

  3. Bitch you literally posted about not enjoying your life because you are a failure of a person. Across multiple subreddits. Again, fucking clown shoes.

  4. Spent all that money on guns and none on landscaping for his shitty house.

  5. Just leave a 1 star review online for any business that does that shit. If they get enough negative reviews they will stop scamming people.

  6. There is no amount of cost savings to make it worth suffering through that place.

  7. No announced plans at this time. Right now the issues are getting the trail from ICARR to East Butler Rd.

  8. I REALLY hope this happens. I bought a house directly on that line with the intent on having the trail coming by my house.

  9. I’m on E Butler so you and I are in the same boat. Let’s go Swamp Rabbit!

  10. Thank you considerate person. Wish more people had the common sense to realize their animal doesn't want to go out to the bars on a Friday night.

  11. I spend close to $15,000 a year in daycare per child. Shut is expensive these days.

  12. Fuck you billionaires. Build your toys with your own damn money.

  13. Yea. Why would someone hate a non-democratic relic of an oppressive time that still hoards obscene amounts of money while abandoning mentally handicapped family members and protecting child rapists?

  14. Your schools are in more wars than Baghdad worry about how you can control that before talking about a European Royal family. Most of you worship colonisers and treat your outdated gun laws as freedom lol.

  15. The UK is the end result of too much inbreeding and everybody with any genetic predisposition to greatness or bravery leaving that failed island centuries ago.

  16. I would pay double to not have people in front of my on alpine coasters. Almost every time I go on one I end up behind someone who is basically too scared to be on the ride. :(

  17. The only one I can really get behind is the lack of good vegan options. I wish we had more of those.

  18. Mauldin is affordable and doesn’t have the traffic problems that Five Forks has.

  19. It certainly does have traffic. Butler, Main, and Ashmore Bridge backup like crazy in the morning and around rush hour. I lived off Ashmore Bridge and if I went to Conestee (less than 10 minutes down the road) with the kid in the afternoon before rush hour, sometimes I would have to take the long way around and it would take me almost 40 minutes to get home. I live near Five Forks now and I can say it’s almost just as bad.

  20. That is a good point. I would not suggest anyone move to Ashmore Bridge rd.

  21. The camera person must have followed them a round the airport for hours.

  22. They are. I was able to confirm they do cremate the bodies. However, is it any more appropriate to "recycle" cremains than it is to recycle bodies? Surely, there is a better answer like a quiet spot in the woods or in the lake or something.

  23. I took my three year old son to a drag show/book reading event. He loved it.

  24. My dog doesn’t bark, jump fences or dig. She is a well behaved pup. My current neigbors actually pet sit for us and are quite fond of our dog.

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