1. season 1 & 2 are always left out 😢 but i guess the runners up were perfect placements

  2. you should watch them there so good, like season 3 but more extreme, everyone was real so it’s not scripted, wish they were still like that

  3. It’s definitely on my bucket list- ppl said s2 was very good so I’ll give it a look for sure

  4. Apparently, Jordan said on Tiktok that him and Zara agreed to fake their "relationship". Did anyone here see this?

  5. This subreddit claims to be better then twitter, but they’re really not. The only difference is, they know how to word stuff nicer then twitter.

  6. Ima stick with third cos I loved Dami and Indiyah (Tandrew>>>>Lemma tho)

  7. BFRFR no one is getting a brand deal this season.

  8. Nothing to the level of s8, but I’m sure a couple will get small deals

  9. Deji eating popcorn>>>>>>>>>> all of em eating popcorn

  10. Tanya said that she is only doing one interview because most places judged her before hearing her side. As she should!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  11. Have a feeling it’s gonna be SHIIKANE- they’ve had her back through thick and thin

  12. I'd be very interested to know what side we haven't seen given that Shaq also admitted to his sister that Tanya has made a lot of mistakes. She certainly "backs herself" as they love to say on that show. Personally I'd at least pretend to eat some humble pie á la Olivia's forced PR exercise. If she's happy to (rightly) call out Martin on his disgusting misogyny then she should hold herself accountable for her treatment of Shaq.

  13. The way I see it, the only people she needs to show accountability to is Shaq and his family- from what she’s said, his family have accepted her and they’ve all made peace. I don’t think she needs to explain herself to the thousands of people dog piling under her posts

  14. He didn’t have to sit down for days thinking of a response. I believe Remi

  15. We all know Jacques didn’t write that. He got someone on his PR to do that 🤣🤣🤣

  16. No I believe he wrote it based on how incredibly stupid it sounded and the lack of punctuation/formatting. What PR firm is going to write like a 13 year old boy in a Fortnite lobby AND essentially confirm the scandal they’re responding to happened?

  17. This might be a personal thing but people predicting which couple will last the longest/shortest (or worse, hoping that a specific couple breaks up) is really weird to me and just seems like bad karma. I think they're already under a lot of pressure and speculation from the public and comments like those make it worse. I think there's also so many factors and a lot of luck into what makes a relationship work or not and a lot of that is out of their control.

  18. I find it weird how people feel like it’s appropriate to discuss how long they think LI couples would last. I don’t think they’d be very happy if people said these same things to them and their partners

  19. At the end of the day if the islanders are happy in their couples, why should our opinions matter?

  20. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tanya this season but I agree the hate for her went wayyy to far and she’s handling herself very well in the face of it. I doubt they will but I really hope that in the coming season they’ll actually do something to prevent that sort of hate on islanders social media’s because no matter what a person does on the show they don’t deserve to come back to death threats or racial abuse or any of the vile stuff she’s probably had to deal with over the past few days.

  21. ITV were quick to respond to the public when chloe was getting lots of hate from the public early in the season. They also turned off toms comments and deleted some of Olivias. Why couldn’t they have done it to tanya when she was getting it a million times worse?

  22. She was definitely entertaining but she was borderline abusive when she got back from Casa, which isn’t a crime, but it’s going to prevent me from enjoying her couples content with Shaq. Basically how I felt about Jacques and Luca from last season. I hope everyone who feels the same way leaves her alone and simply ignores her rather than feels the need to tell her.

  23. That’s the right thing to do. As a fan of hers, I can’t ask people to support and like her if they don’t want to. But regardless of how someone feels about her, I will always tell them to never resort to online abuse

  24. I’d be too scared to make eye contact, let alone do what these guys did 💀💀

  25. The islanders themselves said there was one and I think the issue with no addressing things leaves a lot of comments made kind of fester and not resolved will result in those default groups were as in other seasons they mingled more.

  26. They’ve been together 24/7 for 2 months straight- if they weren’t able to make up in the villa, doubt much would change on the outside

  27. I think the divide of the villa will continue post season, sucks a lot of things weren't properly addressed and confronted but not surprised. I give it a few weeks before the heat on certain islanders die down, blink and it's a new season.

  28. I don’t think it’s necessarily a divide, but certain couples/islanders are gonna be closer to one another then others. I don’t think it’s realistic that a group of 40 so people are all gonna get along and be friends till the end- it’s just how life goes unfortunately.

  29. 🙋🏾‍♀️ Can who's on social media someone please tell me what she's wearing in her lips? Liner, lipstick and/or gloss? This is my idea of nude perfection!

  30. Not sure if this helps, but this is the makeup artist who did her makeup

  31. She is gorgeous like unreal but I hope she got a hair stylist to help her with her wigs

  32. Tanya and Lydia slayed tonight- 100% the best dressed girls

  33. It’s funny how fiat500 are so fixated on the way tanya/Olivia behave, yet are in denial to accept that Jacques has been horrid to people multiple times and has now gone as bad to ASSULT someone. KMT

  34. And this is the same guy fiat500 we’re preaching “be kind 🥺” to???

  35. It’s not a bad look, but the black cut out dress has been so overused this season it doesn’t really stand out to me anymore

  36. Her fashion has really been underrated this year. The girl knows how to dress and do makeup 😭😭

  37. I love how unbothered she is and respondig to the haters with kindness

  38. Good for her! Why would she give the weirdos in her comments the satisfaction they crave

  39. No just stating facts it’s a boring video and lazy content. Yes she looks pretty but the video is shit. FACT.

  40. It’s a tiktok 🤣🤣 do you expect her to be filming an award winning short movie💀💀 actually get a grip

  41. As long as they give us a good show, I could hardly care less. Ekinsu went on the show with like 300k followers, and she’s now regarded as one of the best islanders ever.

  42. I don’t really know the best way to find out if someone would date black women/only dates black women. Also preferences don’t make you bad but we aren’t born with them and there’s a reason why they seem to go one way more often than the other. Personally, I would find it weird if someone openly stated a racial preference because the two main factors of attraction are physical traits and personality traits and people of the same race don’t all look the same and they don’t all act the same so can’t really rule anyone out.

  43. Lookout at their Previous relationships, the type of girls they follow on Instagram can give a good indication. Everyone’s entitled to a preference , and there isn’t anything wrong with that. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean the producers have to cast so many men who have the same types- and no, a hair colour preference isn’t diversity.

  44. I don’t go on those sites so had no idea ppl were hating on her. Why? What’s the reason? I think she’s a cute funny little girl I doubt she’ll marry shaq but what’s ppl’s problem?

  45. Well the main reason is cos of what happened in casa as well as movie night. But there is a decent handful of People who’re using this backlash as an excuse to spew their racist/misogynistic hate to her. Calling her racial slurs, slut shaming, calling her ugly/body shaming her is taking it way too far. Nothing she’s done deserves this type of slander

  46. Oh no! Isn’t calling me ridiculous a form of hate and bullying? I guess I don’t get the same consideration as Tanya because I’m not on reality TV. Love you 😘

  47. Out of all the negative things said about them, I hope Tanya takes the worst style ranking to heart and takes Shaq shopping haha. They look good tho!

  48. If there’s one thing ab tanya, the girl knows how to dress. Her IG pics are just 😍😍

  49. I love them together and hope theyll get through all the public negativity

  50. Hope they know despite all the horrid slander, there are people who genuinely believe in them and want them to do well (me included).

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