1. Very very nice man I wish I had some of that shit man it looks so good. Dispo top shelf shit too rich for my blood only on a nice pay day maybe.

  2. Revels all the time same with AR think they just change the strain, kief and oil when I had it it was forbidden zkittles.

  3. Which did u try? I've had ancient roots hashtroids but not revels.

  4. Op, I got the same one how u like it? Def gonna need that base, now I've had one mishap with it fell off the kitchen counter didn't crack or anything she is strong. The fall was bout 40in. drop, yes only thing I could do was say, OH FUCK!

  5. How that is standing and not tipping over is beyond me. Some light glass

  6. It can be a little top heavy if ur not careful need the base for it for sure tho or yea it could be problematic.

  7. I'm on Ohio we call that a run or running never heard of anything but.

  8. Get some scissors and go to town take all those big ol'sun leaves off there any that aren't directly coming out of the buds. Did that answer ur ?

  9. Maybe someone else can answer, do the outer flowers like that normally rot? I thought it started from within the bud where the humidity is higher. First time seeing it on the top like that

  10. This wont be a popular method but has eradicated the grow room that was infested with them. But get a tobacco leaf(s) soak in water in a jar after twenty four to thirty hrs spray water on plants for 2 days also pour water around base of the plant. Make sure it's tobacco leaf not snuff or rolling tobacco.

  11. Super juicy dab here. Looks like the rosin I used to get from FS before I realized how overpriced it was. Flavorful and rich with a ton of mood boosting courtesy of high limonene levels. Nothing stoning here but not a shot of espresso- nice uplifted buzz which has been great to wake up, work out, and just hang out on.

  12. They say this the best thing smoking for certified, not sure how true that is cuz I've had a few things that are some of the best smoke I've had since getting my card. Like right now I got a 10th of dirty little secret which has been an elusive strain for me I got the first time back in March. After that every time I'd see it would be gone before I'd be able to grab one. But screen name says alot heaviest runtz cross I've ever had. Gazzungas, greasy runtz to name a few from them.

  13. Weed keeps me from doing harder shit as well man. I even quit drinking all I use is medical cannabis legally paid for with my name on it. Idk after doing so much dirt it feels good to clean so to speak i guess and health wise I feel better than ever. I really pray this nation wakes up one day and realizes what a fantastic medicine Mary Jane is! Peace everyone

  14. Bro couldn't agree more, I've had bad bouts with addiction I've also been sober for long periods of time well 3yrs then relapse. Still I've always ended up back on the shit man. Till this last go around started methadone and couldn't get my take homes till I got my mmj cuz I have always smoked but really just wasn't into like I once was and like I am now. So I got my card so I could take homes at first had no plans of ever going to dispo. Shit after the first time I was like this is def what I've been Missing. Now at the time I was off and on Fetty while on methadone and I mean I was atleast 2gs a day. Mmj came along and I quit stuck with methadone got serious about getting clean and it was while I was baked this was the way for me to get clean and stay clean. Like you for the first time ever the only drugs I'm on are given to me by a Dr they have my name on it and I only use what is given to me methadone and mmj. Btw just recently went from 150mgs to 100 did it in less than. Two weeks it's the start of me stepping down. Wasn't recommended I do it that way but I knew I could handle it and it's been fine. These have been huge steps for me. Quality of life better than it has ever been.

  15. Glad to hear it man fr! My poison was some clean pharma pills for a bit and I would also get trippy a lot lol. Now a trip isn’t too bad on its own but I was doing it constantly and idk just always mixing in pills weed tripping and getting drunk or various other things here and there. And by the end of it it definitely wasn’t even worth it. Fortunately managed to quit that stuff before it caused any giant issues on its own so idk. Hell even as I did my daily dab when I got home from work today I just stared at it for a few baked af reflecting on how far I’ve come. Although I was doing it often tripping was the blessing in disguise as well bc it helped me through the hard time and now I feel content and at peace enough not to need anything other than getting stoned af lol. I definitely can’t say it’s super bad compared to what other people go through addiction wise though so yeah

  16. Im right there with ya all the way man it was pain killers in the beginning very easy to get from Dr as well as every adult I knew was on them sold them hell it's how alot of people lived was pain pills but it led to heroin as well as other drugs. But I am def ware I feel confident enough I won't go back to it my kids deserve better and they are getting it especially my daughter prison and all she had to wait six yrs for me to come home now ive been home two yrs and like I said confident enough I won't go back.

  17. How much did you pay for that bottle?? I’ve never seen Name brand isoI bet you paid 3x what you would have paid if you just bought some from a cleaning store still a cool ass bottle 🔥🔥

  18. It's a little more but not much. Better than one of the head shops around here they give u a water bottle of iso and acetone finger nail polish remover and charge 9 bucks lol.

  19. I don’t care for them. The battery is weird, it pushes the vapor into your mouth

  20. I'm sorry but your mistaken, I had made the same assumption but looked on there site and it vibrates to let you know it getting vapor and the vibration helps vaporize the oil evenly or more evenly. Imo it's just a gimmick to set them apart from the rest of anything it's just to let u know it getting vapor.

  21. Mephisto, alot of great crosses and if ur wanting autos def check it out. Amsterdam mj seeds, seedsman they have the most out of all the sites I'm giving u. Msnl, ministry of canna, weed seeds express, crop kings they do love chats and have quite a bit to pick from as well, Quebec seeds, growers choice, mj Canada and rocket seeds. These all are very good seed banks some have extensive information on al there strains and also grow guide with them as well not all the sites have this but a few do but these all are top notch company's I can't go wrong with any of these good luck.

  22. Ok tbh of I haven't had it way with a torch quartz banger and a nice little recycler rigs then ur prob gonna feel overwhelmed tbh if u got the money get a puffco I have one it's amazing use way les wax and it goes way further granted it's 400 dollar way more than. What you'd spend on rig and torch. I wouldn't recommend using the pax for concentrates I have a 3 and not bad for flower it's terrible for wax. Now if the puffco price is too much there are other alternatives to vapes for wax there are pend which of recommend the yocan evolve XL they are cheap.

  23. Gotta be Ohio resident to use it card bro I'd just wait to get out of start I'd if ur card expires soon I'd use it up they won't know it out of state if u still have it Ohio id

  24. How I've always judged when to harvest of it hadn't frosted yet. I look on the bottom part of the colas of there is three mature hairs it's time. As for cure when I was younger and impatient let it dry a week maybe little more and always had great bud. Now as I got older I learned the value of curing and I can't say for certain which really was better as it was long ago I can say that the weed I grew when I was older I put more time and effort into as well as what I was growing eventually getting into breeding and what not. Carrying good genetics along by breeding and doing it right. Even tho I grew good weed when I was young I usually used whatever seeds I had saved from home grown and import (commercial pot) and grew it, then my weed always tasted fruity. Never got the dank gas till I was older. Can't forsure say which is better I can say that I enjoy the bud I grow as a mature adult over when I was a teen.

  25. I'd would suggest not snorting this only cause they said it's made of some type of sweet or sugar like powder. If it spikes insulin on diabetics like real sugar, then my guess is if u snort it it will gum up in ur nose and most likely not drain and would pretty much be a waste also could cause irritation or worse polyps.

  26. Hey I get it my girl friend gives me shit cuz the of the rings and bongs I have I like to collect glass and I like to smoke bud and take fat dabs. She don't get it cuz she says hy spend hundreds on something that is going to just break lol. Ik right, but she still supports it even tho she don't get it. This I sortve get I have only recently got a pro it was a birthday gift. I couldn't see myself having thos many peaks but I def can see myself with this maybe glass tops for the pro, that's what sold me on the puffco was the pleat hora of glass available . Awesome bro I do admire a few of these.

  27. Thank you for the positivity bro! I have alot of friends with bong/rig collections and I wanted to have a collection that was different than everyone elses :)

  28. Most def is was different than everyone's and I like it fr, it's not what I'd collect but that's why I like it too. Having similar hobbies coupled with the fact I wouldn't collect it helps with the appreciation I have for the time money and effort to collect anything. Happy dabbing bro

  29. Def right now is the early bird special get there half's cheap and if it's the lighthouse ur after then anything from them u can't go wrong. Btw saw that lighthouse has all in one vape problem child x disco lemonade haven't had it yet it's but pricey 60 for . 5 cart gotta be special occasion at that price.

  30. I'm with you on Lighthouse's extracts, and their prices are relatively competitive.

  31. Yes I have had the honeycomb skyfire it comes in diamonds and sauce too haven't had it yet but def ready for it all.

  32. I loved this strain I'm huge OG fan o can appreciate the genetics here as with most of there flower blueberry cheesecake is very interesting considering it's a pheno of another strain that does not share the same name. Try the cheesecake my friend. You won't be disappointed.

  33. This shit is def hard to watch I was like whoa a big ass bong for dabs?? Then the ice shit was like oh no they gonna tear her a new ass. Y'all didn't hurt her thou def need to be on point if ur gonna post shit on here.

  34. Hell yeah man thats what I want to hear it is a new day. A new day to heal bro happy dabbing.

  35. Honestly it's a great thing that it doesn't reach 100%, it means puffco isn't pushing too hard with the trickle charging.

  36. Thanks that helps alot cuz I keep seeing guys say to let it fully die for longer life. Now it makes sense to let it die nice and a while, but nobody could tell me any other percentages to charge I've been charging mine at 15%-13% but think I will charge it up more often before it gets to that.

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