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  1. There should be a distinction made between current felons and ex-cons when it comes to voting. I don't agree that current felons should vote because they haven't fully rehabilitated.

  2. The “war on drugs” , in the Regan era, was a guise to fund a war against communism in Central America. And people still trust their government!

  3. It usually says it doesn’t exist for me. This time it actually said it is banned by the admins.

  4. Your state's legal aid chapters usually will have dedicated departments for landlord/tenant issues and they can evaluate your situation and advise you on your next steps.

  5. I think the person you responded to was hedging on the possibility of a jurisdiction where a manager couldn’t do this even with permission. There are jurisdictions where your employer can’t take you below minimum wage, even if you agree. I think they were thinking of potentialities along those lines.

  6. They can't, even with permission, if it drops the employee below statutory minimum wage

  7. So then where did the person you originally responded to err by asking Reddituser how they could be sure, without knowing the OP’s location, that what the manager wanted to do was legally permissible so long as the manager had permission?

  8. I was just thinking that kitty clearly didn't hear Jorts' Become Unbutterable message

  9. I pulled constantly last time Diona was available and got exactly 0 of her, so annoying

  10. Thanks. Do you think they can send this to a collection agency and hurt us in any way? They are no where to be found in our lease. Not sure how collection agency works.

  11. They can try and sue you for the money, or report it to a collection agency

  12. I have got my partner into watching DS9, I thought he'd hate it because he's not into Star Trek but he actually put it on again last night and my geek brain is going EEEEEEE

  13. Contact Texas Rent Relief and if you can't get in contact with them, will get you to your local legal aid.

  14. I'd say we should skip straight to Borg drone, but I bet there'd be a monthly subscription for the regeneration alcove and a tiered implant package.

  15. Well if they had got it up to 88 they could have gone back and avoided the whole thing

  16. Wait so is there a pandemic going on or no? Can’t have it both ways

  17. Not really. Luthor is legitimately a genius who invented his doomsday weapons himself. Musk follows the Thomas Edison method of inventing wherein he just buys the patents to things other people have made.

  18. I'm agoraphobic as well as autistic and I completely understand this. It doesn't help that my complex is owned by science denying people who refuse to use basic PPE when entering an apartment.

  19. I have 2 orange kitties, one does wha this depicted in the video, and every time it happens his brother runs over to help him cover it up. I have no idea why they are the way they are but it’s honestly so sweet and wholesome in a weird way.

  20. This is a very common scam; they send you a check and then have you send the money elsewhere, whether through purchases or direct cash transfers.

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