1. “Cassandra” was a weak and pointless episode, in my opinion. I just didn’t care that much about Glenda. I would rather have spent more time with Tony’s mom. She was so sweet and heartbreaking…… But, I really loved the finale. That baptism/solar eclipse scene plus everything leading up to it was interesting. It was kinda beautiful (in a twisted way) and just eerie. His whole confusion about whether or not he deserves to be forgiven made me think a lot about the nature of evil…… There was just so much foreshadowing his death (his early obsession with weight lifting) and his interest in God and forgiveness (his grandmother pressing him to go to church for so long)…. The ending is what made me go back and rewatch the earlier episodes to really appreciate the buildup.

  2. The final episode was thought provoking and has me questioning some things. As horrible things as Dahmer did, does baptism really mean forgiveness? I struggle with him being in heaven, but it is an all forgiving God. Is there things that shouldn’t be forgiven though?

  3. My parents raised me on old movies (and old tv). I was surprised how many people my age (mid 20s) didn’t know them. It makes me very sad because they’re missing out on so much!

  4. Since you mentioned old TV, I grew up watching several old black and white sitcoms. One that I think is very underrated is Dennis the Menace. If not familiar, I highly recommend it. The original Mr Wilson is great, but unfortunately he passes away in I think season 3 and it’s not as good after that.

  5. A lot of shows would be confusing if you skipped the first three seasons, but especially this one.

  6. I felt they could have just lied to Eagen and said he gets out for the information. It's not like they have to be honest to him.

  7. I agree. I was waiting for it to be revealed that the document was fake.

  8. I’m a big Weird Al fan, best concert I’ve seen (4 times), yet I have no memory of this show.

  9. Lol imagine comparing Kyrie with Kaepernick.

  10. Both athletes with Nike endorsements…not that big of a stretch.

  11. You aren't comparing their Nike endorsements though. You were comparing their actions. It is a stretch. One shared some anti-Semitic garbage and the other kneeled in protest of police brutality.

  12. I know you worry about it, but from what I can see, you don’t look flat. Nice cleavage.

  13. I haven’t learned everyone’s names, but the male team that finished first. I was confused as the team member who did the challenge, at first appeared to be way off course, and saw the names from somewhere far away while everyone else was right infront of them. Where was he?

  14. They all rappelled down whereas he walked down so he saw it from a distance. Presumably he figured it would be quicker to walk down than rappel.

  15. Have enjoyed your profile…Curious, how do you get the chance (privacy) to make such content at work?

  16. First, your views are biased and largely false. Yes, it’s true for some but not all. Believe it or not, but there’s women who are attracted to things other than admirable qualities and men who see beyond body parts too.

  17. Finally…Happy Birthday! Now I don’t have to feel so guilty.

  18. I knew she was going to be voted out as soon as that confessional was on.

  19. Some are suggesting movie, but though it’s unrelated, with a Karate Kid movie in the works I doubt Cobra Kai would go the movie route too.

  20. Who plays the wife of Bucks old room mate ? She looks so familiar and it’s bothering me !

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