1. I don't mind hard to acquire items, but FOMO sucks. If you join the game later, having some items you can never get sucks.

  2. My completionnist self adjusted by not playing such FOMO games.

  3. Sam Alvey is immune to cuts. He should become a swordsman.

  4. Literally wtf is Stipe up to? Like what is he doing is he semi retired?

  5. « En Asie et dans le Pacifique, ce n’est pas que la mortalité soit plus

  6. Check out Origine Bikes. You can customize them, including the paint.

  7. Did Pettis' voice get deeper? Am I way off base here or does he sound different?

  8. It's just the angle of your speakers, and they are huge.

  9. Taking bets on how long it takes mcgregor to get into a fight with Jake gylenhall on set. Over 2 weeks on set +150 Under 2 weeks on set -140

  10. Jake Gyllenhaal is apparently a very chill guy. For Conor to get into a fight with him, he would have to be quite coked up. I definitely see it happening.

  11. La France réclame l'abandon de Marine Le Pen qui ne sert à rien.

  12. L'avantage des médecins expéditifs c'est qu'ils ont vite fait de t'oublier parmis leur millier de patients.

  13. I'm gonna get down voted to hell for this but idc I think Nunes would beat Alexander "no power" Volkanovski she's got a size and power advantage and we've seen her slug it out with bigger power punchers like chris cyborg. I'm not saying Volk would get face plant KO'd but I can see a unanimous 50-44 Nunes with some close call knock downs in the 1st where Volk shows heart

  14. You heavily underestimate the power discrepancy between a male and a female.

  15. I've got a feeling Sam Alvey might lose, you know, based on his 8 previous fights. Call me Nostradamus.

  16. Meta ou pas, je réponds sérieusement : Avant ou 1h après. Il faut laisser la salive faire son boulot 1h, sinon tu brosses dans l'acidité, ça abîme les dents. Surtout si tu consommes un agrume ou son jus.

  17. I would like to know where the line between professional fighter/average Joe starts to meet. Like could an average guy that 225 pounds that is semi-athletic, defeat 125 pound male MMA fighter in a street brawl? What about a 225 pound male versus a professional woman fighter?

  18. Depends if they're located at the Lava Shack or not.

  19. Can you still fit a finger at the heel part of the shoe?

  20. Just checked with my Shimano SH-ME502, and I can indeed fit a finger.

  21. Thanks for the help! Did it slide in easily or did you have to force it?

  22. Deiveson is a strange dude. It’s like he can’t decide whether he wants to be a heel or be the respectful MMA guy.

  23. Deiveson wanted to go full heel but Moreno pulled a last minute wholesome on him, Deiveson couldn't resist.

  24. Bientôt les partis "Vous France" et "Moi Président".

  25. Check out Origine Trail (Aluminum) and Origine Graxx (Carbon) gravel models, you can fully customize them to your liking.

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