1. it's more racing management but have you tried Motosport Manager? Very fun game

  2. Is Soccer N' Chess new? I think it is and I've been really loving it. One to check out for sure.

  3. Yeah and may end up as a corner OF if we project further in the future. Especially if Kreidler and Keith work out.

  4. Not sure about his home defensively. But yeah if he hits he’ll get in the line up. DH Jung, Keith at 3B, Kreidler at 2B. Jung could still play 2B when he is in the field and the DH becomes more of a floating position. With Kreidler moving all over the field day-by-day since he’s got the most defensive versatility.

  5. Canadian Tiger fan here who just "enjoyed" watching us play at SkyDome on Sunday.

  6. Hoping someone can help me with two new (to me) games i can't figure out how to play...

  7. Weird how this same argument gets made to support every single development idea and yet the housing crisis keeps getting worse and worse. Almost like if you don't build affordable units you're just creating commodities for rich ppl to speculate with, not housing.

  8. In the long run any additional housing helps with the housing crisis. More housing = more vacancy, and vacant units drive down rent because lower revenue is better than zero revenue for the landlord. As rent comes down you'll see a gradual shift upwards on the scale which will open up more units of the low-cost end of the range. It's definitely not an overnight solution, but as people move to the nicest/largest/closest/etc. unit that they can find in their price range it will help to ease the pressure on low-cost units.

  9. I actually think the aesthetics of Organ Trail are perfect - the music and audio give it a lo-fi, creepy, retro vibe I really enjoy. I just find the game too dang hard!!

  10. It‘s a bit barebones atm, and not overly deep or complex, but I‘m enjoying it a lot nonetheless. Love the way it looks, sounds and plays. But there is room for more content for sure. And I‘m sure the dev is working on it.

  11. on a different tip, i recently received an unexpected check and wanted some thoughts on a few games on my "to buy" list... any of you played these?

  12. Shaolin vs WuTang is great; not sure if it has controller support tho

  13. It doesnt matter unfortunately. Kingston is a corporate entity thats serves as a division of the city of Toronto. So people with money will launder there way into being able to do as they please while we all get shafted indirectly funding it all. Look at the Tire Facility guy, hes been filling huge portions of his swampland with literal garbage, just so he can save money not having to use dirt or soil.

  14. Do you have more details on this you could share? Never heard about this before.

  15. Some old classics today :) Have you tried any of these already?

  16. Who will they be accountable to? Who is backing their campaign? These are two important questions that I think will tell you a lot about how they would be as a councillor.

  17. I am grateful to be supported by close friends and neighbours.

  18. I disagree. Being allowed extended unpaid leave is more common than a lot of people here seem to think and a good office understands that life is more important than work.

  19. I removed two posts earlier because one was a very bad title and the other inserted their own opinion before even saying what the news was. When posting Twitter links to news try describing the news as best you can in case someone doesn't have twitter and is unable to view the tweet.

  20. Woah! Just fiddling with it on my iPhone. Not ideal, but totally playable. This can become a huge time sink.

  21. One of the more famous and best traditional roguelikes.

  22. I live in Kingston, ON. Lifelong Tigers fan, visited Detroit often before COVID, did a lot of my grad school research at Wayne.

  23. I agree with your points. Avila’s failures are not in his top picks in the draft but rather in his track record of getting fleeced in most trades and mostly not being able to find talent in the later rounds of the draft. I don’t think he’s an AWFUL GM, but frankly he’s mediocre at best and this team needs better than mediocre.

  24. i agree. and at not finding useful major league talent that other teams aren't valuing

  25. Maybe Avila isn’t a moron or a genius… maybe he’s just mediocre?

  26. one i rarely see mentioned but is very fun and looks cool: Fisherman Cards

  27. just got an ipad from a friend so thanks for reccing Hero Realms, I'll check it out!

  28. Thanks again for such a detailed answer.. I am downloading NotFM right now.. I am surprised there arent that many RPG deck builders with a story campaign.. these seem so fun..

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