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  1. SN was my first thought- I see blunted angles in your bones albeit on the lighter side. You have more curve than what I’d typically characterize for. Classic - so I think loser clothes with slight boho edge would look great - but keeping some waist emphasis in your case would look great. Keep hair slightly tousled and free. All imho of course 😊

  2. A Natural of some kind - bones seem prominent but blunt

  3. Dramatic classic was my first thought - everything looks harmonious but lending a bit more edge and height - I don’t know your height but you don’t seem quite tall enough for FN imho

  4. Sorry 5’8” - yeah sticking with DC

  5. Sorry lol I’m changing you to FN actually- upon closer inspection like others mentioned lending more in that direction- but kinda on cusp with DC so I think that’s why the all black outfit looks so good on you 😊

  6. I’d say soft classic - you seem to have smaller bones looking at ankles and wrists - narrow neck which IMO knocks you out of natural territory. You definitely have softness so not dramatic despite angularity to your skeleton. Body is proportional so not gamine. Not quite tall enough for SD - so SC imho

  7. Everyone dopes - that's just how it is.

  8. You must be right! No other way for me to know. Ben Johnson, nah. Lance Armstrong - my imagination. Carl Lewis - not true!

  9. Riiiight. Or HORSES to trample little old ladies and a dude. Or rubber bullets. The cops are "peaceful" guys. Thank God for independent journalists who can cut through the noise of propaganda.

  10. CzechTV commentators repeatedly said that even kindergartener knows not to take anybody's random meds

  11. The coaches give it to them. You expect a kid to defy a coach? They are all doping. And it's probably happening in many places. Look at Lance many times did he DENY doping until it got out? Look at Carl Lewis - he doped and they said basically "whatever" yet stripped Ben Johnson of a gold medal. Look at Simone Biles - she was doping (despite what they claim). EVERYONE dopes at this level. It's just a question of what they're using, and who gets caught. There is so much money riding on these people that they do whatever it takes to get ahead. Is it right? Of course not. But you have to be super naive to think people aren't doing it - in all sports.

  12. I might be mistaken, but isn't the professor just playing the devil's advocate, since no one is willing to oppose our cultures views on rape? Most of us intuitively know that rape is wrong, sort of a gut feeling, but can't exactly articulate why it is.

  13. Because white man bad. It has to be a black man and a white woman.

  14. God will prevail. These evil b*ast*rds will lose - humanity wins.

  15. I hate that the article states”the benefits still outweighs the risks” Tell me what the risk of death from COVID was for the 13 and the 26 year old that died from the vaccine. The quote is true probably for a very low percentage of the population. It’s very easy to say this when it’s not your kid/family member dying from a vaccine that they did not need in the first place.

  16. Facts are benefits don't outweigh the risk as he likely wasn't at risk - 99.9% of humans are not at risk of dying - so when there is a risk of dying from the supposed "cure" then it makes ZERO sense to take the "cure."

  17. But..but... it’s not gene therapy!!! Lmao

  18. Uh.... cause the “tests” make the disease. And the jabs make the deaths.

  19. Israel has an incredibly low rate of fatalities and longterm covid-19 damage, I'm not sure what you thought you were proving. Or did you think that because it wasn't a perfect vaccine you were suddenly vindicated for being irresponsible and cowardly?

  20. How do you know I’m making anyone sick? You don’t. I could have already had Covid - I have full immunity. The fact is those recovered from Covid are better protected than those who had the jab and those are the facts.

  21. Right? It's like some people around here live in a binary world of absolutes. Try to explain to them the concept of risk reduction and they stare at you blankly.

  22. Right that’s why absolute risk reduction is more important than Relative Risk Reduction- it’s less than 1% absolute risk reduction if you take the vaccine.

  23. Modern science is a death cult based on entropy. All progress within this system Stems from the destruction of life.

  24. Exactly - and all our products are born of their sacrifice. I suppose the only way to get out of it is to consume less drugs. That would at least put a dent in the industry. Also avoid surgeries unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise we're all complicit in a sense.

  25. Yeah I hate to say it - but it's not just NIAID. This doesn't make Fauci any less of a monster, but these types of studies where infections are induced in monkeys, pigs, mice, rabbits, dogs, etc. happen the WORLD over and in labs the WORLD over under Pharma companies. It's how drugs are made. What they are supposed to be following, however are "humane" practices (I put that in quotes because many labs don't do this or cut corners due to $$$) which is supposed to limit the animals' suffering.

  26. Tell her you don't feel safe around her - with the vaccine you only get a 95% effective coverage (supposedly (which is let's face it folks - outright b*llcr*p but we'll play along lol)) at 2 weeks post and then it drops to less than 50% at 4 or 5 months. Say "what about that 5%!?? YOU COULD KILL MY SON!!!!" LMAO!!! Try it and see how it goes! Watch her brain explode.

  27. So I'll bring up the same issues since the last time this was posted.

  28. Do you know which study, this sounds like misinformation to me (I have read the same, not attacking you for saying it). What specific dosage level was used?


  30. I saw when the vaccines were first administered that in VAERS I’d wager about 20-30% of adverse events mentioned a metallic taste and in those cases it was immediately after the shot. I remember thinking that was weird but sometime people state a metallic taste in their mouths with heartburn... but I tend to think it’s something else going on.

  31. Just because some “news” agency or “fact checkers” say something is false, doesn’t mean it ain’t!

  32. Submission Statement: Also in R/politics are thousands of people wishing death on anyone that doesn’t get the vaccine. Seems like people are brain dead these days.

  33. When did people start infecting others? How does that work? Do you infect others with your conscience? Like a mind meld? Or is it like you’re merging with another human?

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