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  1. Good end to a solid run. I’m glad Duggan is continuing some plot from the series

  2. Phase 4 was good. Phases 1-3 just made expectations so stinking high. Phase 4 is my least favorite….. but I still enjoyed some of it, thought it was interesting etc

  3. Phase 1 is probably my least favourite phase but I agree with everything else you said

  4. I really liked the comic Axis. By no means do I think it’s good but it’s really enjoyable for me

  5. Well werewolf by night, gotg holiday special, and black panther Wakanda forever was good/great and they were all after she hulk and love and thunder and the future projects look good so marvel is not “basically dead”

  6. Only 1.6 billion more needed to turn a profit.

  7. 100% less then that I thought the break even was 700m or 600m.

  8. Not really. The break even point is estimated around 700m. I have no doubt it will turn a profit. But it’s not some runaway success, it’s not about how much you gross it’s about how much you net. I’m pretty sure all the phase 4 have made some money but they are struggling for sure.

  9. It’ll definitely hit 700m so there’s your profit

  10. Probably somewhere near 700m but it depends if it releases in China

  11. Why not? Still even if it doesn’t I still think this movie will make 700m+ because the previous film made 600m+

  12. You’d be surprised about what goes on in the MCU subreddit.

  13. Nice letter. Movie though…Black Panther was so much better. Wakanda Forever had some terrible cinematography and blaring music, bad corny dialogue in points. Just not as good as the first movie.

  14. Heavily disagree. The music and cinematography was amazing and the action imo was a step up from the previous film. Idk where the “bad corny dialogue” was considering there weren’t a lot of jokes in this film.

  15. Has this movie been earning more domestic or international? The first one had 55-45 domestic iirc, so if it's the case here as well, we could be looking at 800m

  16. I’m pretty sure it’ll pass 800m but stop near the high 900m. That’s just my prediction

  17. Or how about this idea and stay with me on this it may not be a good idea but it is an idea. How about Black Adam..... wait for it.... fights shazam. I know "WHAT" how could I ever think of that.

  18. I thought it was solid especially the beginning and it kind of sizzles out in the middle but the ending is pretty good.

  19. Yea it’s pretty good but if you don’t like it then you can just stop watching it

  20. It begins filming in about 6 months. Possibly a biggie.

  21. Most of the time movies or shows have rewrites before filming

  22. Iron man for my personal preference but Captain America was the one who was actually right

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