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  1. I'm infertile as a side effect of being transgender, and happy about it. Ever since I was young I never wanted to have my own genetic kids, I'd rather adopt/foster when I want to have kids.

  2. Keeping up with friends, content creators, and friends that are content creators XD

  3. Treat them like little kids that are teaching you something they just learned, but you already know.

  4. I'm 6'2" and love dating all heights. I've only dated one person taller than me, a 6'4" woman, and it was pretty cool seeing somebody eye to eye!

  5. I have a regular labret and snakebites, and so far not a single negative comment about my oral skills post-piercings. Just had to wait 2 weeks to let them heal a bit before I started going down again.

  6. Well so far my partners have done their best by wrapping their arms under my butt and lifting me a bit, then struggling to take a few steps. But I'm 6'2" and 200lb. One of my partners' goals is getting strong enough to bridal carry me, and she's only 5'4" so I'm looking forward to it, someday XD.

  7. Never thought about it honestly. So I guess no, doesn't matter at all to me.

  8. I keep asking her to stop saying she's sorry. She grew up with abuse and neglect, and her previous relationship had an abusive partner.

  9. I live in LA and work at a AAA video game studio, I make about $95k annual when including bonus.

  10. Gosh yes, it's so much fun! Also really fun way to share porn, or especially if we like the same pornstar or cammers.

  11. I've never heard of this, but considering the amount of trans women I know of all ethnicities and location, this sounds like something only a very small subset are doing. My friends that have that "barbie doll" arm look have it just from lucky genetics and taking really good care of their skin, and being incredibly thin.

  12. Highly suggest you google Barbie arms transgender , the results are shocking! It looks natural

  13. I dunno, looks really weird and unnatural to me. I much prefer how my arms are looking from going to the gym XD

  14. I am sorry but i am not in your shoes, so i can't experience it. But is it really that important that u feel ur life incomplete without it?

  15. To me yeah, I find love and a sense of family essential to life. Even when that sense of family doesn't come from relatives or children.

  16. I'm 37 and became infertile about 3ish year ago due to hormonal therapy (I'm trans).

  17. If I had to pick a single favorite thing, it would be that we share tips and secrets about style and notice the little details. Like when I do little patterns with my eyeliner, or they mix in some colored mascara, or cute details in clothing.

  18. No idea, currently in my training I'm only doing 1 mile runs. Almost 3 years ago was the last long distance run I did, a full marathon.

  19. My pet royal python I got about 2 months ago. Did so much research on getting his enclosure set up to be bioactive and have just the right temperature gradients, hot spots, and humidity control.

  20. Lol, yeah my little boy loves hanging out in the branches in his enclosure. More than once I've seen him layered up exactly like a tree python XD

  21. Nope, even though I have issues with some swimsuits and lingerie, I prefer being a woman with a dick.

  22. I just like it, I've never had any dysphoria around it and I think it's pretty cool. And sex still feels amazing with it.

  23. Of course, why wouldn't I? I also wouldn't describe myself as obsessed with any of my current partners though, obsession sound shella unhealthy.

  24. I've just heard people use "genderfluid nonbinary" to describe this.

  25. I guess us lesbians and lab rats have more in common than I thought

  26. Women are you still in the same room as a lesbian and I am so lucky that I am.

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