1. Those little fu kers are the bane of any infantry centric legion tbh.

  2. Well, Renault has a lot to prove with this one. Not just because the prototype had absolutely everyone raving in delight, but also because of how dreadfully outdated the Zoe is in this day and age.

  3. The megane makes me hopeful that renault is gonna pull through. Its a good EV by most metrics

  4. Ever been to Paris? They have suburbs there with highways.

  5. Have you ever driven on those highways, because the average speed you do there is less then the top speed by a solid margin.

  6. Pretty much once Russia mobilized before France, Germany’s whole plan was fucked. I would go even further and argue that Austria-Hungary taking it’s sweet-ass time declaring war on Serbia was what really sunk the SMS Central Powers.

  7. The war was effectively lost when the battle of the Marne ended. Despite massive losses incurred in the Battles of the Frontier, the French maintained operational integrity that allowed them to effectively counterattack.

  8. A reminder that this is the second such service. The first one was kicked off because the dude was allegedly laundering money for the North Koreans (and ohhhh did I get a lot of Well Akshully comments on that…). So this is the second one. And the only TLD they could afford was .limo

  9. Dear Leader loves crypto, he is truly the driving force in mass adoption. /S

  10. Guilleman; We are Surrounded by a terrifying Xenos threat. If only we had a commander with experience eradicating dangerous aliens and a hidden cache of Dark Age of Tech weapons designed with that in mind.

  11. Cameron will release this movie 5 more times, so it'll probably end up somewhere north of 2.5 billion, once everything's said and done

  12. The fact Titanics release does as well as it did is a testament to what kind of boxoffice magic Cameron has.

  13. It's funny how a LOT of the time if you scroll down a little bit you find someone saying "no they didn't in fact do the stupid thing you attribute to them doing , they did in fact the smart thing you wish they would do." and it make me feel like people skip page when they read lore or something.

  14. The OG iron cage had a dust cloud, which blocked communication. By the time the fists figured out that its a trap, the IW fleet is in full swing, meaning no orbital assets are available

  15. Also, combine this with a generally unhealthy idea that governments should act in the interest of rich people, and rich people only .

  16. Whereas a crypto DAO is more democratic as everyone gets a vote proportional to their wealth. Perfect!

  17. I'd be game for adding a few new weapons or vehicles (maybe the Type 63 107mm MLR) but otherwise no. They're a pretty good faction with a good balance between capable weapons/vehicles and lighter footprint/mobility. I hate the G3 but it's a capable gun. And the MG3 just absolutely fucks.

  18. tbh, i'd be down giving them the option to swap the T-72 for a Challenger (like the Jordanian ones) and the option for a light tank.

  19. The MEA is styled almost entirely after the Iranian Artesh (army) with some minor Saudi throwbacks. Down to the Samir being a one for one clone of the Iranian Safir (a domestically produced light vehicle) and the Iranian production rights for the G3, MG3, and Kornet (Dehlavieh). They're the Iranians in all but name, an amalgamation of Western European small arms and light weapons and Soviet vehicles and heavier weapons.

  20. In that case a chieftain and scorpion would be nice. It would be nice of MEA had a class that did will in close in fighting. Oh well

  21. Already way too many "SUVs" and "sporty" variants. Do the wagon stretch already, cowards!

  22. The first reputable brand that launches a Wagon EV at attractive pricing is gonna be set. Europe still loves its wagons.

  23. I wouldn't buy the first built EV of a company, especially not from a (former) ICE car maker. Their perceived experience makes them take wrong decisions. Obviously the BZ4X is a good example with its meagre charging capabilites and power.

  24. Toyota is a grade A car maker which has perfected its hybrid drivelines in the last 20 years.

  25. Honestly the only reason the French lost so quickly in WW2 was because of an incompetent high command, with that out of the way a recreation of WW1 trench warfare with neither side being able to push the other is very likely.

  26. Even if Trench warfare returns, the French are well equipped to deal with it, since breaking through the German fortress line would have been paramount in french strategic thinking, especially with the fact the the french have far less manpower to call upon. (Even though the quality of mitteleuropa armies would be akin to OTL ost truppen. means it will be done in the most efficient way possible.

  27. TPM did miles and miles of world building through off hand comments and implication.

  28. The dent in Boba Fett's helmet doesn't make much sense now. A rancor and a powerful droid couldn't dent Din's helmet, so any blow powerful enough to do that to Boba's helmet should probably have killed him with just the force of the blow.

  29. A retcon that can be easily fixed through the application of a hammer tbh.

  30. Crazy we haven't been given an older one like the Fagot or Malyutka. Only the BMP-1 has one, though with the hull down emplacements the BMP-1 will make a great static defence

  31. Give Militia a Konkurs ATGM, that system has been widely proliferated.

  32. I like PLA, but the general population absolutely doesn’t. They would rather leave or swap teams then play PLA, and server admins know this and try to keep the PLA layers low.

  33. You really want tropical, East/ SE asian maps, Taiwan, Korean peninsula, Myanmar and Northern Vietnam would be good candidates.

  34. I honestly think these as an emplacement are going to be pretty useless. Essentially SPG 2.0, getting instantly sniped by any ranged weapon.

  35. its a ZiS-3, so it should have a sight for indirect fire as well.

  36. Marvel dorks won the culture war but deep down still feel embarrassed for basing their lives around children's movies produced by an evil conglomerate with all artistic passion of a Big Mac. As such, they have to rationalize it to themselves via big-boy words and "subjective opinions" while externalizing it onto anyone who dares criticize Feige's latest abortion. This sad little essay reads like the OP is trying to convince himself more than anything. This is also why these man-children get so upset when an actual artist criticizes the MCU monolith.

  37. Also, hardcore MCU fans have a major financial and emotional investment in the franchise to the point that openly admitting its bad can be hurdle. This is especially prevalent in online communities since they tend to calcify over time.

  38. Given that somebody on the WT forums leaked the classified specs of the current 125mm AP rounds in use with the PLA, the chance of this ploy working is bigger then zero

  39. Be honest, these people never watch Dances with Wolves. It’s a 4 hour period piece set during civil war. I’m getting sleepy by just writing that.

  40. Its a classic bad faith argument which hinges on the reader being ignorant enough to remember the broad strokes of the plot.

  41. Avatar is about a dumb idiot loser who becomes friends with people that teach him to be less of an idiot. Then he uses his new knowledge to defeat the baddies at the end. It's the same plot as Star Wars A New Hope, or Matrix 1.

  42. Classic hero's journey, and a perfectly servicable plot for a 2 hour 40 minute movie.

  43. I like it, i'm a fan of the rocket techi as well. Looks like it will have more of a punch.

  44. I am more afraid of the range tbh. The IRL range is such that it should has no trouble camping form mainbase.

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