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  1. No, it isn't corruption (and there are a lot of misinformations about it). This is just

  2. Thank you for this! I have stated before I wasn't sure if it was the clean premade hood or not because it had been awhile sense I played last. I'm glad to know if fully was a clean premade

  3. Do you have Strangetown attached to Pleasantview as a shopping district? If you have a version of Strangetown as a subhood where there is another Bella as a townie, maybe he met that Bella and fell in love. Which is still really weird considering the whole situation haha.

  4. I have the shopping district Bluewater village as the shopping district for all the hoods

  5. Anders. I liked him Awakening but I couldn't stand him in the second game. I honestly tried to give him a shot but the whole lying to us to get us to help him blow up the chantry was a big turn off. I get that Mages are treated like shit in the games, I do, I often play as a mage but to hear someone complain about it every minute he's in my party, it gets to be annoying to me.

  6. Great the first time and absolutely amazing the second go around. Always gets me to crave a sequel. That's how good this is

  7. Update: When Dragon Age 2 just came out I never questioned because for some reason, rather I missed or was just stupid, I always chose Harromont because he was nice and for what Bhelen did to us in the Noble route. Thank you all for the advice. It sounds like Bhelen is the right choice to pick despite him being a asshole.

  8. A lot of these are helpful. Before dragon age 2 came out I used to only pick Harromont. It wasn't until recently I started to question which one was better to rule

  9. In my head canon Lilith didn't get a good thing growing up. Her parents gave Angela everything. Lilith meets Dirk sometime in highschool. Dirk is the only good thing she has in her life. Dirk makes her happy and feels wanted.

  10. Varric, Fenris and Dorian. It was a hard to think about this for myself. I always pick a warrior, Rouge and a mage when I play.

  11. You guys fought him with garlic? I wish I would of known that was a thing I could do

  12. You're gonna die in here. You hear that? The guards are coming, for you!

  13. Mine is from the Sims 2, Auto turn on music when they are near a radio. I get wanting to listen to music when you need your fun up but not every time you get near it.

  14. I've gone back to playing The Sims, The Sims 2 and the Sims 3. All keep me entertained with very little mods.

  15. I got some 3 from origin, I found copies of Sims 2 and the first one from my local goodwill. eBay or Amazon might be able to help you one and two

  16. Sims 2 does have a tutorial which is helpful for new players. To me the Sims 2 is more of a challenge then 3 and 4 but that's what I enjoy about Sims 2.

  17. Thank you, and it really is, it caught me off guard just how much xD

  18. You're welcome and yeah it can be a bit much when first playing but it's fun.

  19. Graphics aren't everything. As long as the gameplay and lore is good I'm happy. Sims 4 doesn't have enough good gameplay for me. I miss having cars or at least taxis to take my Sims places. I want an actual generations pack like in Sims 3.

  20. It's your opinion. You don't have to like the graphics for the game.

  21. Add more families to the mix. It's a way to prevent it. Rather you make those families or add them from the family bin.

  22. I need to know how to pair them two up. I am so shipping them at the moment!

  23. He appeared when I did the match maker services

  24. This is just amazing. Both the first one and this one. Your audios have been amazing. I hope you do a third sequel audio.

  25. I love this so much! You did great job with writing the script and researching the game and the character.

  26. It was amazing 😊! You did an amazing job with this. It's cute, hot, and campy. I loved it.

  27. Well I'm here if you need any ideas and a sequel would be nice.

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